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Creator: shawnee county
Material Type(s): Government Record
Descriptive Level(s): Series

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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
192442 Petition for Probate of Wills Shawnee County. Probate Court 1921-1940 Government record (Series) No
199285 Daily Attendance Registers Shawnee County. Kaw Valley School District 87 1921-1935 Government record (Series) No
192481 Shawnee County Medical Society Annual Meeting File Shawnee County. Health Department 1922S Government record (Series) No
192713 Warrants - Water Department Shawnee County. City Clerk 1922-1927 Government record (Series) No
191723 Benefit Districts - Street, Sewer, and Miscellaneous Shawnee County. City Clerk 1923-1937 Government record (Series) No
191949 Appointment of Guardians and Administrators Shawnee County. Probate Court 1923B-1942 Government record (Series) No
191733 Zoning Rulings Register Shawnee County. City Clerk 1923C-1932 Government record (Series) No
192485 Register Of Contagious And Infections Diseases - Childhood Diseases Shawnee County. Health Department 1924 Government record (Series) No
191702 Warrant Register - Park Department Shawnee County. City Clerk 1924-1927 Government record (Series) No
191710 Special Assessment Rolls - Illumination Shawnee County. City Clerk 1924S Government record (Series) No
191961 Guardian and Administrators Record Shawnee County. Probate Court 1924-1938 Government record (Series) No
192708 Bond Register - Miscellaneous Shawnee County. City Clerk 1925-1935 Government record (Series) No
216511 Miscellaneous Volume of Summaries Shawnee County. Health Department 1925 (Series) No
216481 Testimony of Subscribing Witnesses Shawnee County. Probate Court 1925 - 1933 Government record (Series) No
192401 Abstract of Tax Rolls Shawnee County. County Treasurer 1925-1931 Government record (Series) No
192438 Petitions for Appointment, Executor's Bonds, and Orders Appointing Guardians Shawnee County. Probate Court 1926-1941 Government record (Series) No
191378 Case Files Shawnee County. District Court 1926S Government record (Series) No
192423 Journal Entry - Annual Settlement - Guardians Shawnee County. Probate Court 1926-1937 Government record (Series) No
192440 Petition for Final Settlement and Bonds Shawnee County. Probate Court 1926-1936 Government record (Series) No
191718 Bond Register - Internal Improvements Shawnee County. City Clerk 1927-1936 Government record (Series) No
191728 Sewer Reports Shawnee County. City Clerk 1928-1929 Government record (Series) No
192424 Journal Annual Accounts Shawnee County. Probate Court 1928-1931 Government record (Series) No
192428 Letters of Guardianship and Account of Administration Shawnee County. Probate Court 1928-1935 Government record (Series) No
192488 Naturalization Record - Declaration of Intention Shawnee County. District Court 1929-1932 Government record (Series) No
192421 Inventory and Dependency Commissioner Record Shawnee County. Probate Court 1929-1944 Government record (Series) No
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