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Virtual - Kansas Museum of History - Museum After Hours

This virtual program is free. 100-person limit. Register hereIf the Zoom registration is full, you can watch it live on the Kansas Historical Society YouTube channel.

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"Langston Hughes: Born on a Troubled Road"

Dr. Carmaletta Williams

The man who was America's Negro Poet Laureate or "Poet Low-Rate" as he self-describes was born on a troubled road. Documents suggest that Langston's self-hating father was not in Joplin, Missouri when his son was born. His mother, Carrie, was born with what Zora Neale Hurston calls "traveling feet." She deposited her son in Lawrence, Kansas with her mother as she traveled looking for a better life. Dr. Carmaletta Williams examines how Langston survived, thrived, and rose to prominence on his own.