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Cemeteries in Kansas, 1906

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County: Douglas

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Cemetery Name County City or Township Acres
Appanoose  Douglas  Marion Township  2.25 
Baldwin (old & New)  Douglas  Palmyra Township  18 
Big Springs  Douglas  Lecompton Township 
Black Jack  Douglas  Palmyra Township 
Blue Mound  Douglas  Wakarusa Township 
Brune  Douglas  Wakarusa Township 
Catholic  Douglas  Lecompton Township 
Catholic  Douglas  Eudora Township 
Clearfield  Douglas  Palmyra Township 
Clinton  Douglas  Clinton Township 
Colored  Douglas  Eudora Township 
Davis  Douglas  Wakarusa Township  0.5 
Eudora  Douglas  Eudora Township 
Franklin (old )  Douglas  Wakarusa Township 
German  Douglas  Kanwaka Township 
German Lutheran  Douglas  Willow Springs Township 
Harbour  Douglas  Willow springs Township 
Haskell  Douglas  Wakarusa Township 
Hesper  Douglas  Eudora Township 
Horn  Douglas  Eudora Township 
Jewish  Douglas  Eudora Township 
Kennedy  Douglas  Wakarusa Township  1.5 
Lecompton  Douglas  Lecompton Township 
Maple Grove  Douglas  Grant Township  20 
Marshall  Douglas  Wakarusa Township 
Mound or Sconton  Douglas  Kanwaka Township 
Mount Oread  Douglas  Wakarusa Township 
No name  Douglas  Marion Township  17.25 
Oak Hill  Douglas  Wakarusa Township  40 
Pleasant Hill  Douglas  Willow Springs Township  1.5 
Poor Farm  Douglas  Wakarusa Township 
Richland  Douglas  Wakarusa Township 
Roman Catholic  Douglas  Wakarusa Township 
Stony Point  Douglas  Palmyra Township 
Sutton  Douglas  Willow Springs Township 
Swedish  Douglas  Clinton Township 
Twin Mound  Douglas  Marion Township 
Ulrich  Douglas  Willow Springs Township  1.3 
Vinland  Douglas  Palmyra Township 
Washington Creek  Douglas  Marion Township  2.5 
West Baldwin  Douglas  Palmyra Township 
Williams  Douglas  Willow Springs Township 

List of cemeteries published in the Transactions of the Kansas State Horticultural Society, vol. XXVIII (1906), pp. 325-377. No names of persons buried are included in the report.

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