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Cemeteries in Kansas, 1906

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County: Rawlins

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Cemetery Name County City or Township Acres
Achilles  Rawlins   
Pleasant View  Rawlins    10 
Fairview  Rawlins  Atwood Township 
Chardon  Rawlins  Arbor Township 
Enterprise  Rawlins  Beaver Township 
Eng.Swedish Lutheran  Rawlins  Laing Township 
Mission Friend  Rawlins  Laing Township 
Swedish Baptist  Rawlins  Laing Township 
Logan  Rawlins  Logan Township 
Rose Hill  Rawlins  Ludwell Township  10 
Herndon  Rawlins  Richland Township 
Catholic  Rawlins  Richland Township 
Lutheran  Rawlins  Richland Township 
Shuck  Rawlins  Rotate Township 

List of cemeteries published in the Transactions of the Kansas State Horticultural Society, vol. XXVIII (1906), pp. 325-377. No names of persons buried are included in the report.

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