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Cemeteries in Kansas, 1906

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County: Riley

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Cemetery Name County City or Township Acres
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran 3  Riley  Bala Township 
May Day  Riley  Center Township 
Winkler  Riley  Center Township 
Lasita  Riley  Fancy Creek Township  1.5 
District No 55  Riley  Fancy Creek Township 
Pleasant Hill  Riley  Fancy Creek Township 
Mill Creek  Riley  Grant Township 
Fancy Creek  Riley  Jackson Township 
Randolph  Riley  Jackson Township 
Manhattan  Riley  Manhattan Township  28 
German Evangelist  Riley  May Day Township 
Peach Grove  Riley  May Day Township 
Ogden Catholic  Riley  Ogden Township 
Valley  Riley  Ogden Township 
Ogden  Riley  Ogden Township 
Grant  Riley  Wild Cat Township 
Zeandale  Riley  Zeandale Township  40 

List of cemeteries published in the Transactions of the Kansas State Horticultural Society, vol. XXVIII (1906), pp. 325-377. No names of persons buried are included in the report.

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