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Kansas Counties

Madison County, Kansas [defunct]

Date Established: August 25, 1855
Date Organized:
Date Defunct: January 31, 1861
Location: Kansas map showing location of Madison County
Boundaries: "Beginning at the southwest corner of the county of Breckenridge; thence south 24 miles; thence west 24 miles; thence north 24 miles; thence east 24 miles to the place of beginning."
County Seat: Columbia
Origin of Name: Probably named for James Madison (1751-1836), the fourth president of the United States.
History: The county seat of Madison County was Columbia, situated one and half miles southeast of Emporia. The county was divided in 1861; the northern half becoming part of Breckenridge (now Lyon) County and the southern half going to Greenwood County.
Population: No Data Available.
Other Resources: Post offices in Madison County
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