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Kansas Counties

McGee County, Kansas [defunct]

Date Established: August 25, 1855
Date Organized:
Date Defunct: February 18, 1860
Location: Kansas map showing location of McGee County
Boundaries: The original statute bounded McGee as follows: "Beginning at the southeast corner of Bourbon County; thence south to the southern boundary of the territory; thence west on said boundary 24 miles; thence north to a point due west of the place of beginning; thence east 24 miles to the place of beginning." McGee comprised what are now Crawford and Cherokee counties.
Origin of Name: Named for Mabillon W. McGee (born 1818), a member of the Kansas house of representatives in 1855. As he was a pro-slavery man, the free-state legislature of 1860 changed the name to Cherokee.
History: McGee County was one of the original 33 counties created by the first territorial legislature in 1855. The county was attached to Bourbon County for all civil and military purposes, and was never organized.
Population: No Data Available.
Other Resources: Post offices in McGee County
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