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Kansas Counties

Peketon County, Kansas [defunct]

Date Established: February 21, 1860
Date Organized:
Date Defunct: February 26, 1867
Location: Kansas map showing location of Peketon County
Boundaries: Peketon included all territory west of the 6th principal meridian, and south of township 16 south, more than one-quarter of the state. The northeast corner was at the southwest corner of Dickinson County; from which point the northern boundary of Peketon ran west past what is now the Kansas/Colorado state line into southeastern Colorado, and the eastern boundary went south to the border of Indian Territory (now the state of Oklahoma).
County Seat: Beach Valley
Origin of Name: Possibly from a Sac Indian word meaning flat land, but no definitive explanation has ever been found.
History: Peketon County was never organized, and its territory became a part of Marion County in 1867.
Population: No Data Available.
Other Resources: Post offices in Peketon County
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