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Kansas Extinct or Declining Communities, ca. 1940

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County: Allen

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Name County Vol. # Notes
Allendale  Allen   
Altena  Allen   
Cement City  Allen   
Cofachiqui  Allen   
Cold Springs  Allen   
Cottage Grove  Allen   
Cremona  Allen   
Crittenden  Allen   
Edonia  Allen   
Elm  Allen   
Elsinore  Allen  Also known as Elsmore.  
Fairlawn  Allen   
Florence  Allen   
Fredonia  Allen   
Front  Allen   
Funston  Allen   
Fuqua  Allen  Also known as Fukeway;Funkeway;Funkle.  
Gomer  Allen   
Hendricks  Allen   
Jeddo  Allen   
Jonestown  Allen   
Kewanee  Allen  10   
Leanna  Allen  10   
Lima  Allen  11   
Magnolia  Allen  11   
Mantua  Allen  11  Also known as Mantan.  
Maplewood  Allen  11  Also known as Mapleton.  
Mildred  Allen  12   
Moran City  Allen  12  Also known as Morantown.  
Neosho  Allen  13   
Oclagon City   Allen  13  Spelling uncertain.  
Odense  Allen  13   
Orcuttville  Allen  13  County uncertain.  
Orel  Allen  13   
Osage City  Allen  13  Also known as Osage.  
Peru  Allen  14   
Prairie Rose  Allen  14   
Rocklow  Allen  15   
Sepo  Allen  16   
Sharon  Allen  16  Also known as Sheron.  
Sherman  Allen  16   
Sheron  Allen  16  Also known as Sharon.  
Union Settlement  Allen  18   
Urbana  Allen  19   
Vernon  Allen  19   
Wannersburg  Allen  19  Also known as Warnersburg.  
Watertown  Allen  19   
Wea City  Allen  19   
Wealthy City  Allen  19   
Wilsonville  Allen  20   
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The volume numbers given refer to the bound photocopies of the original collection that are available for reference use in the Research Room. The collection is also available on microfilm for interlibrary loan. See the finding aid for more information.

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