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Clark B. McClellan

Politician. Born: May 7, 1823, Wayne County, Ohio. Married: Mary Moore, October 1, 1850.  Died: 1910, Oskaloosa Kansas.

Born in Wayne County, Ohio, on May 7, 1823, C. B. McClellan attended the public schools and the academy at Xenia, Ohio, and in 1847 entered is brother's mercantile business. McClellan married Mary Moore on October 1, 1850, and the first of the couple's five children was born in Ohio in February 1852; their last two were born in Kansas, 1859 and 1863. They removed first to Iowa, where they resided for a couple years before settling in Oskaloosa, Kansas Territory, in 1857. There the McClellan's established a prosperous dry goods business-still working in that capacity in 1880-and became involved in local politics, being elected county treasurer in 1858. He was elected June 1859 as Jefferson County's lone representative to the Wyandotte Convention, where he served on the legislative department, and education and public institutions committees. Subsequently, McClellan served in the Kansas Militia during the Price raid of October 1864. The McClellan family moved back to Ohio for three years after the war but returned to Oskaloosa where he lived out his long life (living in Oskaloosa at age 87 in 1910).

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