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Edgar Watson Howe

Journalist. Born 1853. Died 1937.

E.W. Howe started his career as a journalist in 1873 when he and a partner began publishing the "Golden Globe" newspaper in Golden, Colorado.  Howe took over and then sold the newspaper a few years later. He moved to Falls City, Nebraska where he reentered newspaper publishing.

He ended up in Atchison where he published the Atchison Globe until he retired in 1911.  He also wrote novels and other works that were well received, even by the acerbic H.L. Mencken.

Entry: Howe, Edgar Watson

Author: G. Joseph Pierron

Author information: Judge Pierron serves on the Kansas Court of Appeals and has an interest in Kansas history.

Date Created: March 2012

Date Modified: March 2012

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