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Kansas Historical Society Secretaries and Directors

This page contains a listing of the secretaries and executive directors through the history of the Kansas Historical Society, 1875 to present.


Franklin G. Adams, (1824-1899), served as KSHS secretary 1876-1899

George W. Martin, (1841-1914), served as KSHS secretary 1899-1914

William E. Connelley, (1855-1930), served as KSHS secretary 1914-1930

Kirke F. Mechem, (1889-1985), served as KSHS secretary 1930-1951

Nyle H. Miller, (1907-1988), served as KSHS secretary 1951-1976

Joseph W. Snell, (1928-2011), served as KSHS secretary 1977-1988


KSHS Executive Directors

Ramon S. Powers, served as KSHS executive director 1988-2002

Jennie Chinn, interim KSHS executive director, 2002

Mary R. Allman, KSHS executive director, 2002-2004

Terry Marmet, interim KSHS executive director, 2004

Jennie Chinn, KSHS executive director, 2004-2022

Patrick Zollner, acting KSHS executive director, May-December 2022

Matthew Chappell, acting KSHS executive director, January-March 2023

Patrick Zollner, KSHS executive director, March 2023-present

Kansas Historical Foundation executive directors/CEOs

Kenneth Metzger, chief executive officer, 2000-2002

Wanda Arocho, chief executive officer, 2003-2005

Vicky Henley, CEO & executive director, 2006-2021

Derenda Mitchell, CEO & executive director, 2022-2024

Entry: Kansas Historical Society Secretaries and Directors

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Author information: The Kansas Historical Society is a state agency charged with actively safeguarding and sharing the state's history.

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