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Laura A. Gregg Cannon

Laura Gregg CannonLaura A. Gregg was born about 1869 in Garnett, Kansas, to Charles and Angeline Gregg.  She was educated in Anderson County and at a young age became interested in the issues of women’s suffrage that were being debated in the state.  

In 1895 she was hired as an organizer for the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA).  The association spent about $20,000 sending representatives to areas of the nation to promote its agenda. Gregg was sent to Oklahoma Territory to promote universal suffrage. As the representative for the organization she went on a six-week speaking tour of the larger towns in Oklahoma Territory, organizing suffrage clubs in 12 different communities. She returned to Oklahoma to continue her efforts from March through November 1904.

Gregg attended several of the national woman’s suffrage conventions. In 1909 she was sent as a field organizer to Arizona Territory to campaign for woman’s rights in the territory. There she earned a reputation as a lecturer and organizer. She married Joseph D. Cannon, also a well-known organizer, whose efforts were devoted to years to the interest of labor. She was credited with influencing public sentiment in favor of women’s suffrage. She joined other advocates in addressing the state legislature and securing its support.

In the 1930s and 1940s the Cannons lived in Queens, New York.

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