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Party Dress

Orange chiffon party dress worn by Stella Miller

Women trying to decide what to wear for any party may find inspiration in this fancy frock from the 20th century's first party decade—the 1920s.

Following World War I, many American youth embraced the roaring '20s new "eat, drink, and be merry" attitude. They represented the first unrestrained generation of the century.

Fashion reflected the decade's relaxed morals. Those women who could afford it opted for a sophisticated style reflecting wealth and romance. Sparkles and spangles called attention to the new short skirts that revealed shapely calves and ankles.

The ethereal frock pictured here was worn by Stella Miller of Topeka to her high school graduation in 1929. It is orange chiffon, with a narrow rhinestone belt at its tiny waistline. Layers of chiffon ruffles (with handkerchief hems) on its skirt probably floated gracefully with the wearer's movements.

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Entry: Party Dress

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