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Red Hills

Cattle in Clark County in 1897The Red Hills, also known as the Gyp or Gypsum Hills, are located mostly in Clark, Comanche, and Barber counties in southern and central Kansas. These hills gather their name from the red tint they have. The red color comes from oxidated iron within the soil. The area is also known for  its large gypsum deposits. Rainfall amounts are low in this region, so there are few trees and the air is dry.

The flat top hills in the area are more reminiscent of the mesas and buttes in Arizona and New Mexico. The elevation here disputes Kansas' reputation as “flat.” Mount Nebo is 2,441 feet (744 meters), Mount Jesus is 2,340 feet (710 meters), and Mount Lookout  is 2,320 feet (710 meters).

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Entry: Red Hills

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