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Samuel Ramey

Opera singer. Born: March 28, 1942, Colby, Thomas County, Kansas.

Samuel Ramey was born in Colby and then lived with his family in Winona and Quinter. He attended Kansas State University and Wichita State University where he studied to become a music teacher. He was encouraged by others to try singing professionally in opera. He pursued a theatrical course of studies and graduated in 1968. Over the next few years he started singing professionally part time. In 1973 he premiered as the leading bass soloist at the New York City Opera and his career took off. He began singing also in Europe and Australia. He soon became an international opera star, appearing on television and making many recordings for a number of recording companies. He was named the Native Sons and Daughters' Kansan of the Year in 1994. Ramey has been called the most-recorded American-born bass in history.

Entry: Ramey, Samuel

Author: G. Joseph Pierron

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