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Stanton County, Kansas

Stanton County was organized on June 17, 1887, by William H. Quick; Charles Sooper; Frank Woodruff; and A. N. Fisher. Named for Edwin M. Stanton, Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of War, the county contains the cities of Manter and Johnson City.

The first church was probably a rural Methodist church founded on May 2, 1887. The first school in the county was probably started in 1886 in the western part of the county. The first fair was held on October 21, 1916, was postponed for World War I, and never restarted. A 4-H fair began in 1936 and continues.

C. E. Van Meter, was a minister, editor, merchant, farmer, school teacher, railroad booster, and county official at one time or another throughout his life. He died in 1946.

For more information see the Stanton County website. The Stanton County Library has some county history materials.

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