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Valentine Diners - Colorado - Colorado Springs 02

King's Chef diner

Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Business name: King's Chef
  • Street address: 110 East Costilla Street
  • Open or closed: Open
  • History: This 13-seat custom-built Valentine opened in 1956 at the corner of Tejon and Costilla streets. Two years later it was moved to its current location. Sam Johnson ran it for 30 years. The current owner, Gary Geiser, purchased the diner from Merl and Sandra Moore in 1997. To join the diner's Clean Plate Club, customers must eat all of "The Thing"-- two pieces of Texas toast, choice of meat, a mound of hash browns, and two eggs, all covered in green chili and shredded cheese. The meal reportedly stands about six inches high.
  • Model / serial number: Unknown
  • Images:
    King's Chef Diner website

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Entry: Valentine Diners - Colorado - Colorado Springs 02

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