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Valentine Diners - Indiana - Fort Wayne 02

Cindy's Diner, Fort WayneFort Wayne, Indiana

  • Business name: Cindy's Diner
  • Street address: 830 South Harrison
  • Open or closed: Open
  • History: This diner was purchased for $6,000 in 1954 by Noah Clauss, and promptly named "Noah's Ark." Originally located at 1030 South Clinton, it was sold in 1960 to Paul Read and renamed "Paul's Diner." The name stayed unchanged when owned by Paul Dewood from 1964 to 1966. James and Betty Martz purchased the building and moved it to 444 East Berry Street. Jack Mossburg owned it from 1968 to 1971 under the name "Jack's Diner." Bob and Marge Goodman bought it and "Marge's Diner" opened in 1988. John and Cindy Scheele bought the diner in April 1990, restored and moved it, and "Cindy's Diner" opened on October 1, 1990 The specialty of the house is the breakfast entree, "Garbage."
  • Model / serial number: Unknown / 1657-1658
  • Additional images:
    Exterior before restoration
    Exterior after restoration
    Exterior at grand opening
    Interior after restoration

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Entry: Valentine Diners - Indiana - Fort Wayne 02

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