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Valentine Diners - Missouri - Columbia

Broadway Diner at nightColumbia, Missouri

  • Business name: Broadway Diner
  • Street address: 22 South Fourth Street
  • Open or closed: Open
  • History: This business has operated in two different Valentine diners. The original Minute Inn opened in 1949 on Providence Road and was owned by Hubert Blakemore. In the late 1950s he sold it to Rex Freemeyer, who replaced the original building in 1960 or 1962. Gordon and Fran Meridith acquired it in 1980 and renamed it Fran's Diner.
  • Current owner Ed Johnson bought the diner in 1989 and operates it under the name Broadway Diner. It survived a short move to its current location in 2001. The specialty at the Broadway Diner is called "The Stretch"-- a hash brown, chili and egg dish derived from the nickname of a 1970s University of Missouri women's basketball player.

  • Model / serial number: Double Deluxe / 2465-2466
  • Additional images:
    Exterior, moving onto site


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Entry: Valentine Diners - Missouri - Columbia

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