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Valentine Diners - Ohio - Canton

Merry's Dairy Barr diner

Canton, Ohio

  • Business name: Merry's Dairy Barr
  • Street address: 903 Wertz Ave. NW
  • Open or closed: Open
  • History: This building was purchased in April 2007 by Merry and Mike Blubaugh. Prior to their ownership it had been a hot dog stand called "The Dog House," part of a regional chain (Charlie's Restaurant in Cleveland was the first location in this chain). In 1956, it was located at 4760 West Tuscarawas Street in Canton, and owned by Arthur and Martha Carlson. Between 1964 and 1972 the building was vacant. In late 1972, Ronald and Jill Grant moved it to its current location and operated it as Granny's Dairy Barr until the Blubaughs bought it. The Valentine diner makes up the center section of the building--additions have been placed on either end.
  • Model / serial number: Master / 1786
  • Additional images:
    Interior, kitchen
    "Merry's" sign
    Valentine builders plate


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Entry: Valentine Diners - Ohio - Canton

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