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Marais des Cygnes Massacre, 1858

Like people everywhere, Kansas men, women, and children have suffered and died as a result of the country's all too frequent involvement in war. The ancestors of the state's citizens served in and were affected by the nation's earliest conflicts, including the Revolution and the War of 1812. Some served in the Mexican War before making Kansas their home in the 1850s and 1860s. Throughout the various conflicts in American history Kansas, has provided resources for war efforts. These are a few of the wars and conflicts that have impacted the state.

Bleeding Kansas

Civil War

Kansa-Pawnee War

Plains Wars

Spanish-American War

County Seat Wars

Populist War

World War I

World War II

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Author: Kansas Historical Society

Author information: The Kansas Historical Society is a state agency charged with actively safeguarding and sharing the state's history.

Date Created: November 2001

Date Modified: July 2011

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