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Cohn/Gardner-Hill & Company Store

Picture of property 714 Main St.
Eudora (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 2021-04-07

Architect: Aaron Hill, Penelope Gardner
Category: specialty store; commerce

The Cohn/Gardner, Hill and Company store is a two-story wood-frame commercial building located on Main Street in the center of the downtown business district of Eudora, Kansas. The existing building (constructed c 1860 and c.1880) is significant in Kansas history as an example of a late nineteenth-century wood-frame two-part commercial block. Part of the existing building in the northwest section includes the wood-frame structure, sheathing, and some interior features of a smaller building dating from the Territorial period (1854-1861).

Consolidated Barb Wire Company Building

Picture of property 546 New Hampshire
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in State Register 1990-02-24

Architect: unknown
Category: manufacturing facility

Double Hyperbolic Paraboloid House

Picture of property 934 W. 21st St.
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 2007-06-27

Architect: Dr. Donald Dean
Category: single dwelling

The Double Hyperbolic Paraboloid House was designed in 1956 by Donald L. Dean, then the associate professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Kansas. It is nominated for its Modern style that is described as a saddle-shaped surface, with alternating corners ascending and descending. The points that are low to the ground form the support bases. The Double Hyperbolic Paraboloid House proved its economical feasibility with a cost of $18,000 partly furnished. According to the February 1957 issue of Fortune Magazine, it had as much finished floor space as a conventional $36,000 house.

Douglas County Courthouse

Picture of property Massachusetts and 11th Sts.
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 1975-04-14

Architect: John Haskell
Category: courthouse

Duncan, Charles, House

Picture of property 933 Tennessee
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 1986-06-05

Architect: unknown
Category: single dwelling

Dyche Hall

Picture of property KU Campus
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 1974-07-14

Architect: Root & Siemens
Category: museum

East Lawrence Industrial Historic District

Picture of property See District Properties List
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 2007-12-11

Architect: unknown
Category: vacant/not in use; manufacturing facility

Eldridge House Hotel

Picture of property Seventh and Massachusetts
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 1986-12-01

Architect: C. Shepard, A. Wiser
Category: hotel

Eldridge, Shalor, House

Picture of property 945 Rhode Island
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in State Register 1981-08-10

Architect: Charles Shepard & Alben Wiser
Category: single dwelling

Elmwood Stock Farm Barn

Picture of property 571 E 1000 Rd
Baldwin City (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 2022-05-11

Architect: George W. Reynolds
Category: agricultural outbuilding
Thematic Nomination: Historic Agriculture Related Resources of Kansas

The Elmwood Stock Farm was owned by Mr. George W. Reynolds from 1898 to 1905. Mr. Reynolds was running a dairy operation that was supplying a substantial amount of milk to the Willow Springs Creamery in 1901.7 The barn was likely built before 1901; it’s milking parlor and processing room would have been integral to the dairy operation. Mr. Reynolds built the associated farmhouse in 1898.8 The barn is a good example a Midwest Prairie Barn. The barn is also important for its agricultural importance and reflects the rural heritage of Willow Springs Township.

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