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National and State Registers of Historic Places

Delaware River Warren Truss Bridge

Picture of property Coyote Rd., 190th St., 4.1 mi. S, 0.5 mi. E of Fairview
Fairview Vicinity (Brown County)
Listed in National Register Jun 9, 2004

Architect: Not listed
Category: rail-related
Thematic Nomination: Metal Truss Bridges in Kansas

The Delaware River Warren Truss Bridge was built in 1913 by the Missouri Valley Bridge and Iron Company of Leavenworth, Kansas. The bridge carries Coyote Road across the Delaware River. It is constructed of a concrete foundation and steel structural elements. The riveted pony truss of the bridge measures 66.5 feet long and the concrete deck is 14 feet wide. The paired parallel guardrails are angled and intact along the length of the bridge. The bridge is significant for its role in local transportation history and for its engineering.

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