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National and State Registers of Historic Places

French, Charles & Elizabeth Haskell, House

Picture of property 1300 Haskell Avenue
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register Oct 9, 2012

Architect: unknown
Category: single dwelling
Thematic Nomination: Historic Resources of Lawrence (2001)

Charles and Elizabeth Haskell French settled on the outskirts of Lawrence and built this house over many years beginning in 1869. The residence is one of three in a row along present-day Haskell Avenue that once belonged to the well-known Haskell family, which arrived with the town's earliest settlers from New England in 1854. Elizabeth's brother was architect John Haskell, and he may have played a role in the design and construction of his sister's house. This gable-front-and-wing dwelling reflects the National Folk house type that was popular in the mid- and late-19th century. National Folk houses descend from earlier folk building traditions in eastern and southern parts of the United States, but were constructed with industrially produced lumber, roofing, and nails which were transported on the railroad network. National Folk houses are further categorized by form and/or floor plan. In addition to the gable-front-and-wing, examples in Lawrence include the I-house, hall-and-parlor, and pyramidal house types. It was nominated for its local significance in the area of architecture.

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