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National and State Registers of Historic Places

Jenkins Culvert (County Bridge OFF-8)

Picture of property SW of Gove, east of intersection of M Road and 22 Road
Gove (Gove County)
Listed in National Register Dec 3, 2013

Architect: Tyson, Frank D. (Gove County Engineer)
Category: road-related
Thematic Nomination: Masonry Arch Bridges of Kansas

Jenkins Culvert is a triple arch limestone bridge that was built in 1938 as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project. The bridge's construction is typical of limestone structures built in this area during the early 20th century and is representative of the master stone builders and craftsmanship of construction workers trained by the WPA. In September 1937, County Engineer Frank Tyson announced an "extensive culvert campaign" and the use of WPA workers to quarry local rock and construct several similar bridges. The Jenkins Culvert - likely so called because it was near Harley Jenkins’s property - was opened to traffic on January 23, 1938. It is located southwest of Gove on a rural county road near the intersection of M Road and 22 Road. It spans a tributary of Plum Creek and water flows beneath the bridge only during seasonal rains. It was nominated as part of the New Deal-era Resources of Kansas and Masonry Arch Bridges of Kansas multiple property nominations for its local significance in the areas of social history, government, and architecture.

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