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National and State Registers of Historic Places

Maplecroft Farmstead

Picture of property 2957 KOA Rd.
Grantville vicinity (Jefferson County)
Listed in National Register Oct 4, 2017

Architect: Unknown
Category: single dwelling; Agricultural District
Thematic Nomination: Historic Agriculture Related Resources of Kansas

The resources comprising the Maplecroft Farmstead represent the agricultural development of Kaw Township, Jefferson County, Kansas. The earliest buildings also are associated with the earliest settlement of the township. Built in circa 1862 the western portion of the house is attributed to James Townsend, son-in-law of John Kuykendall who acquired the first patent for the land later to become Maplecroft. By the end of 1873, Hanson Frisbie was the owner of the land. This farm has remained in the Frisbie family for over 100 years, being the center of the family’s agricultural endeavors that included potatoes, apples, and livestock. Spanning from circa 1862 to 1967, the farmstead’s period of significance encompasses the years of its earliest settlement through to Hanson Frisbie’s great-grandson’s tenure.

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