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A Hoosier in Kansas: The Diary of Hiram H. Young, 5

1886-1895, Pioneer of Cloud County
Part Five, 1894-1895, Concluded

Ed. by Powell Moore

May 1947 (Vol. 15 No. 2), pages 151 to 185.
Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

January, 1894

1 Monday. Good day. John & Harry Thompson started for Kansas city Mo. to attend veterinary college. F. A. Thompson Mrs Thompson Jennie Thompson, Harry Thompson & school Father of Dis. No 56 Called this morning. Beautiful Day for the time of year. School commenced again this Morning, in Our Dis. no. 76. Answered labor commissioner letter.
2 Tuesday. Pretty Decent day went to town after Dinner. Broke Swingle tree for Buggy, cost 55¢. Received notice that my Pension claim was rejected. Tally one for Reble Hoax Smith. The time will come [when] the Rebels will not control this government.
3 Wednesday. Cloudy & cold in the morning. Threatened storm. But Broke away after noon & evening and night very Pleasant. Mother and I went to Aurora to Knights of Pythias installation and supper. Good turn out and Good Supper. After installation and supper, Dancing and High (5) were in order. Took 1 chance in a big cake but lost. Home 2 A. M feeling good.
4 Thursday Bright and clear George went to Mill. 6 Bushels of Wheat.
5 Friday. Cloudy & cold high wind North east. George visited at the center afternoon. H & George Snavely called & I sold them a load of straw for $1.00 Al Norton Called & I sold him 2 Stee[r]s for $30.00 He to take them Monday or Tuesday.
6 Saturday. Clear & cold 2 Degrees belo [w] zero. went to town after noon. John Swanson Paid me $15.40 on note. Balance Due $5.40.
7 Sunday Pretty fair Jim Bertram called. George went to town after Dinner a foot.
8 Monday. Clear & cold. Elder Dr Rev Bushong called to day also Dan. Empson & Lady.

DR. POWELL MOORE, of 444 Highland, Hammond, Ind., is assistant professor of history at the Calumet Center of the Indiana University Extension Division. His wife, a daughter of George A. Young, is a granddaughter of Hiram Young, the diarist.



9 Tuesday. Clear & cold. Down to zero Dan. & Mrs Empson, Hen. & Mrs Snavely and A. D. Goble Called. Went to Alliance meeting in the evening. Hom[e] 10:15 P. M. Freddie Staid at home to day too cold to go to school
10 Wednesday. Clear & cool. Hauled 1 load of corn for Jack Matthews to Aurora. 48.52 lbs. Sent Dr. John 0 Young cash $20.00 Home at dark.
11 Thursday Bully Day. Fine day Hauled 1 load of corn to Aurora for Colonel J. T. Henderson. Big Jo. Bertrams Daughter Buried to day. Lady Ward Called and Bought No 178 in cemetry Ou[r] School Mother Called this evening and Staid all night. Mother Mable and Miss Tiff Called on Dan. Empson this eve.
12 Friday. Good day. went to Rice in forenoon. Mother was at Dan Empson until 3 P. M. went to town Started 3 P. M. Failed to find George Staid in town with Dr McCasey. Attended chapter.
13 Saturday. County Alliance. was Re elected Co. President. Home a little after dark. Sold 2 Steers for $30.00 Friday. Charley came out home with me, also Frankie McCasey. Good county meeting to day.
14 Sunday. Good day. George went to town Ida Kellenbarge [rl went home. Charley is here to day.
15 Monday. fine day. warm and Pleasant. Charley went to town. I went to Rice this forenoon & to Jack Matthews in the evening. Jacks Kid is sick also Lady Empson.
16 Tuesday. Good day went to town. Paid Joe. Henley $1.00 for my subscription to the Voice for 1894 Paid Blade Cash $2.00 for Blade for 1894 for myself at Rice and V. A. Stewart Wolf Lake Indiana. Paid Alliant Cash $1.00 for Alliant for 1894. Home 4:30 P. M Gottlieb Husch[er] rode home with me.
17 Wednesday. cloudy & cold. Wash day. Jack Matthews Called this morning early.
18 Thursday. Fine day. went to Rice. John Campbell Called to Buy some Horses. Dr McDonald Called to see Charley. I went to Jakes this morning. Loaned Grand Pap our cart. Fred Ward Called to day.
19 Friday. Cloudy & Disagreeable. Ground covered with Snow this morning. Commenced to mist about noon and continued until dark. Went to town after noon for George. Home a little before Dark, very Disagreeable. Dark. George & Mabel went to Entertainment at the School house.

[portrait of Hiram Young]



20 Saturday. Pretty good day. Lady Matthews Called this morning George went to Aurora this morning Jim Shafer Called this evening. Mother & I went to Jack Matthews this evening.
21 Sunday. High wind north. F. A. Thompson & wife visited us to day. Jack Matthews Called and Borrowed our cart, and cough medicine for Charley.
22 Monday. Clear & cold high wind north. George went to town this morning. Came home in the evening.
23 Tuesday. Stormy Snowed a little last night. Blowing and Most Disagreeable. Genuine B[l]izzard 2 P. M. 4 Degrees below Zero, and still freezing. Old Man Goble watered his horses and went to Rice for coal. The worst day this winter. 6 P. M. 8 Degrees below zero. Fearful Stormy mean bad day. Grand Mother Pierce is very Sick. Heartfailure. George at home Did not go to town this Morning.
24 Wednesday. Clear & cold. 16 Degrees below zero. The coldest this Winter. Jim Shafer called to day. George went to town this Morning. Truman Pierce came last night, His mother being very sick, but little hopes of her recovery. wind turned to East & South east toward evening. 8:30 P M 2 Degrees above zero.
25 Thursday. Cloudy & cold wind South east. went to Rice after noon for coal 1500 lbs $3.50 one lb. Tobacco .45 = $3.95 The old Man under the weather. Grand Pap Groves Called.
26 Friday. Clear & cold 8 Degrees above zero. Dan. Empson Called Went to town after noon. Wash Day. George came home with team staid all night with Dr McCasey. Attended chapter. Confered the Past Maste[r]s Degree on H. W. Barber. Bought a hatchet .50, 2 cigars & Tobacco 10¢ Total 70¢.
27 Saturday. George came to town after me. Home 1:30 P. M Renewed my Policy in the Knight[s] of Columbia. Paid Dr Raines for examination 50¢, 70¢ & 50 = $1.20
28 Sunday. Cloudy & cold. High wind north west. George went to Rice and from there to town. Gave him $10.00 Dollars School Money to buy him self Shoes & pay on his board.
29 Monday. Good day. Mother & I went to George Lamans, town Board Meeting. Truman Pierce Called also Jack Matthews. 30 Tuesday. cloudy & cold. High wind north. Mother & I went to town, with Dick, Alex Flora & Mell [50] Was offered $40.00 for Flora $27.50 for Alex. A damed Shame Truman and Manley


Pierce called to look at our farm. Grand Pap Groves Called, and borrowed our cart. We had Dinner with Dr McCasey. Home at dark. Feodore Loeffler Called to day.
31 Wednesday. Clear & cold High wind north. Grand Pap Groves Called. Also Fedore Loeffler and Paid $60.00 on his note. Balance Due $53.00 There is a credit now on his note of $90.00 The old man on the lift.

February, 1894

1 Clear & Pleasant. Wash day. Charley went to Rice after noon. The old Man indisposed. Lady Empson Called. Paid her Cash $2.28 for 51 lbs beef at 42¢ in full for all demands
2 Friday Good day. Went to town after noon. Deposited $130.00 in Cloud co Bank. George Came home with me attended Alliance at the center in the evening. Was elected Pres. for the 3rd time. Home 10:20 P. M.
3 Saturday. Cloudy & cold. Went to town with Goble. High wind N Bough [t] over coat and Hat $13.00 Home 5 P. M. Sawdy and wife here. Staid all night.
4 Sunday George took Sawdy & wife to Mat Wilcox. Jake Matthe[w]s & wife Called, also Dr. McCasey & family and old Man Groves. Pretty fair day.
5 Monday. Pretty cold Started for Topeka. Walked over to Soonover. Went to Concordia from there To Topeka Rail road fair from Soonover to Topeka and return $5.25 Arrived in Topeka 3:15 P. M.
6 Tuesday. Attended national alliance met many Southern representative men.
7 Wednesday Went to Asylum and vis[i]ted Dr. [J. H.] McCasey [51] and staid all night at the asylum. Poor place to stay. Succeeded in getting places for Charley and Bently and Jennie Ward.
8 Thursday Still in Topeka
9 Friday. Genuine B[l]izzard Started home. train 1:15 late Arrived in Concordia 7:15 P. M. Staid all night with Dr McCasey.
10 Saturday. Cold & cloudy. Home at noon. All well but Charley & Lottie Shook up by a runaway, and buggie Smashed.
11 Sunday. Blizzard 6 Degrees above zero. The following callers yester day Goble, Dan Empson Grand Pap Groves, Mr.


Lewis & Fulferd. This is a fearful bad day. Stormed all day. High wind north. Fearful Storm. Snowed all day. Drifted badly.
12 Monday. Clear &cold Zero this morning. I took George to Rice this after noon.
13 Tuesday. Clear & cold. Just zero, this morning. Pleasant Mrs & Dan Empson called. Ike Reeves brought our mail
14 Wednesday Pretty good day. Dan Empson brought our mail
15 Thursday. Clear & cold 2 Degrees below zero. Henderson & Jo LeClare Called also a peddler. Mother visited at Jack Matthews.
16 Friday Clear & cold high wind South. Gottlieb Huscher Called this morning to buy our farm but could not agree on the price. Wash day. The Old Man on the lift.
17 Saturday Warm & pleasant George & I went to Rice this morning for coal of [for] School house. Roads bad Could only bring 1500 [pounds] George Went back after dinner for the balance 500 lbs. Snow about all gone. Roads fearful. Dan Empson called this morning Warm & Pleasant, clear & bright.
18 Sunday. Warm & Pleasant Snow about all gone. Grand Pap Groves Called to day.
19 Monday. Pretty Decent day
20 Tuesday. Fearful cold. Stormed Snowed & Blowed. Went to town from Soonover. Bad day. Co. Alliance. Slim crowd. Professor Gain[e]s [52] spoke in eve. Staid all night with Dr. MeCasey. Saw O W Hendee.
21 Wednesday. Came home on train to Soonover. Charley went to Rice after noon. I went to Jakes after dinner.
22 Thursday Washingtons Birth Day. 162 years old to day May God continue to bless him. High wind north and cold. Killed 2 Hogs. Dan Empson and wife helped us. Charley Started for Topeka. Dan & wife here this eve to help us make Sausage.
23 Friday cloudy & cold. went to Rice. Expected 0. W. Hendee but he failed to put in. Bought coal $3.05 coffee 55¢ Total $3.60 Jack Matthews called Also Hen. Snavely and sold him 5 Bus wheat = 2.00 Ladies Bell & Empson called. George came home this eve.
24 Saturday. Pretty good day. George went to Rice for our mail. Mother went to old man Pierce's. George and I went to Alliance meeting at the center.


25 Sunday. Good day. Jack L Matthews Called early. Dr. McCasey & family visited us to day. George went to town this after noon. 26 Monday. Good day. Wash day. Mother & Lottie Called on Martha. & Jack [in] after noon. Goble called in fore noon.
27 Tuesday. Pleasant Went to town. Sold 6 Hogs weight 1350 [@] 41/4 Total $57.37 Gifford paid me $60.75 Returned to him $3.30 = $57.45 Henderson helped me load Paid M. V. B. Sheafor Cash $3.00 for lodge Dues for 1894 Gave Mother $20.00 Paid Mrs. McCasey Cash $5.00 on Georges board. Home in good season. Mother, Freddie & 1 called on Bolens in the eve. Jack Matthews moved on to his own farm. Bolen took his place on the Slutman farm.
28 Wednesday. Cloudy & muggy. town Kids at school. A D Goble Sold him a load of Straw, cash $1.00 tendent Called and staid all night Mother & Lottie went to called Also Hon. Snavely Lady Bales Co. Superin

March, 1894

1 Thursday. Good day. We all went to Goble to an Alliance oyster Supper.
2 Friday Good day. went to Aurora. Knights of Pythias Lodge $1.25 Bought Martin $1.05 George came home this evening. Paid my Dues to lumber. Owe Fred Sent John $15.00
3 Saturday. High wind South. Shelled 400 bushels of corn. By Davis & Cross Paid Jim Shafer cash 75¢.
4 Sunday. High wind South. Cloudy Rained a little. Thun dered. Stormy. George went to Bolens this mo[r]ning Paid him his check $35.00 Lady Empson called. She was afraid of the coming Storm. George went to town a foot this after noon.
5 Monday. Cloudy Disagreeable Rained & Misted & froze Bad day wind North. Went to town. Took Cultivator shovels and Buggy Wheel. Infernal Shame that it was broken. Bought young Calf from Decker. Paid him $2.50 [?] for it. Brought Stalk cutter from Stillingers. Hauled 2 loads of Straw.
6 Tuesday. Cloudy & cool Went to Rice in forenoon. Commenced to cut stalks after noon. Cut 3 acres J. T. Henderson called in the evening for instruction about assessing
7 Wednesday. Cloudy & cold & Disagreeable. Cut stalks, 51/2 acres. Old man Newingham called. & Loaned him my wagon.
8 Thursday. Clear & cold in the morning. Wash day. Cut 6 acres of stalks. Newingham returned my wagon. Price Bros. &


Morgan Called in the evening. Sold them Dick for $55.00 Too infernal cheap.
9 Friday. Good Day. Cut stalks. Sold Flora for $50.00 Too cheap. Hen & George Snavely Called and I traked [traded?] Jumbo for Hen Snavely's 3 year old Gray Mare. It looks like giving Something for nothing. The man that bought Dick Called and paid for him & took him away. Loaned him bridle circingle and Rope. Loaned Snavely collar & rope. Lady Bolen Called. Also horsemen from Concordia Gave Mother $50.00
10 Saturday. Fearful wind & Dust from west & North west Awful wind & Dust. John came home this morning. George cut stalks in forenoon. John went to Rice for our mail. George & I attended Alliance in evening. Home 11:15 P. M
11 Sunday. Decent Day. Boys Drove Eli this morning for the 1st time went to Rice for our Mail. Mother & I went to Kellenbargers.
12 Monday. High wind west & North west. Harrowed. John George & Lottie went to town and to Mill 6 Bushels. Did not get Buggie wheel. Warm. F. A. Thompson Mrs. & Jennie Thompson called in the eve.
13 Good day. J. T. Henderson Called this morning. John went to Bertrams also Fred Koester's. John & I went to town after noon. Drove Eli Paid for sharpening cultivator shovels 2.80 Halters & Rope 2.00 Axel grease 35¢ 1 Bottle Beer 25¢ Total $5.40 Burned part of South Road in the evening Onion set 60# = $6.00 Brought Huschers Drill home with us.
14 Wednesday. Good day. John Drilled in Oats. I went to Aurora in evening. Attended Knights of Pythias lodge. Benoni Ledoux took second Rank of Esquare [Esquire?]. Home 11:40 P M Bolen called. Got Whiskey & Rock Candy for him.
15 Thursday. Good day. John finished drilling oats. Dan Empson called this morning. Sowed 20 acres of Oats with seeder after noon. Returned seeder to W. A. Pierce's. A D Goble Called twice During the day.
16 Friday Fearful wind South. Commenced to cultivate in Oats. Mother went to Rice this morning to meet Madam Child A woman Sufferageist who spoke at the center this evening. House full. Considerably Disgusted. Had I remained at home I would not of changed my opinion. Home 11 P M George Came home this evening. Mother was called to Ike Reeves about midnight. Mrs Ike being very sick.


17 Saturday. Fearful wind & dust South. Mrs. Lady Child went to Rice this Morning with Neighbor Henderson. Boy cultivating in Oats Mother Home a little after noon. Bad Bad Day. Disagreeable Lewis & Daughter stop[pled in during the storm. Also Dan Young and Mr Johnson The most terrific Storm of wind and Dust I ever Saw. Terrible Storm, wind & Dust. Between 5 & 6 P. M Awful Storm.
18 Sunday. Cloudy & cool Rained a little early this morning Boys went to Rice this morning for our Mail. Mean Disagreeable day. John Bought a pair of Shoes
19 Monday. Cloudy & fizzled a little in forenoon. Finished cultivating in Oats at noon. John Harrowed after noon. Old Man Spargur called this afternoon. Also W. H. Bolen. & loaned him our Iron Kettle.
20 Tuesday. Rained a little & cloudy all day. finished harrowing Oats ground. Returned Bolens Harrow. John, Mother & Lottie went to town. Lottie started for Topeka. Bolen brought Our Mail from Rice, John Drove Mary Ellen to Rice this evening
21 Wednesday. Pleasant in forenoon. Mother & I went to town after noon. A little after we started the wind came up and blowed fearful. Wind changing to west. Toward evening turned cold. Drew $62.50 School money Deposited it with $90.00 of my own money in cloud co. Bank. Left $1.40 at C. A. Betournays for Huscher for use of Drill. Home before dark & still getting colder. 9 P. M. very cold. High wind west.
22 Thursday. Cloudy & Disagreeable. High wind west and North west. Cold. Old gentleman [Matthew] Naillieux Buried to day. Age 63 years 6 months & 5 days old. Bolen & wife Called this morning. Returned our Kettle. Bad Disagreeable day. Cold.
23 Friday Pretty Decent day. Helped Goble take up & put down his pump. Went to town after Dinner. Attended Chapter. N. B. Brown took Mark Master Degree. Staid all night with Dr. McCasey.
24 Saturday. Cloud[y] & cold. Wind north. Came home with W. H Bolen. Gave Dr McCasey check for nine $9.00 for John a watch. Home Mother & I went to town. Started at 5:30 P. M Forgot my over alls left them at Fred. Grunwalds Found them there. Attended lodge Chapter. Earl V. D. Brown received Mark and Past Master Degrees. We staid all night with Dr McCasey. Eli Covered Maud. Time Feb 24, 1895
25 Sunday. Easter. Home 11 A. M. Mother & I went to Thompsons. Clear & cold. Home 5:30 P. M.


26 Monday. Clear and cool Plowed Potato Ground. I went to Bowlens after noon. Hon. Snavely called this evening. Wash day. 10 Degrees above zero this morning.
27 Tuesday. Clear & cold wind south. Dusty. Bad Disagreeable day. John hauled Manure. Bill Pierce brought our mail. Cold. John went to Rice in evening. A. D. Goble & W. H. Bolen called to day
28 Wednesday. Here is another . . . day. Cold & Fearful wind from the north. Dusty and Disagreeable day. John took the Kids to School this morning. Awful wind & Dust. John Brought the Kids from School. Wind abated toward evening. Sousie Bulled by Jims Black bull. Time Dec 28, 1894
29 Thursday. Clear & cold. F. A. Thompson & Lady Called this morning. John went to Aurora Drove Mell & Eli.
30 Friday. Clear & cold. High Wind South. Hauled a gag [jag?] of hay. Eli Covered Maud this morning. Last day of Our School Mother & I attended school. Had big dinner. John went to town after George. Fearful Wind & dust after noon. Awful Dust. Good attendance at school. Made a little speech to the Kids.
31 Saturday. Pretty Decent day. Mother sick. John went to Aurora for Dr McDonald. George went to Aurora in evening for Medicine the Dr did not have with him. Also a cyringe. Lewis Lawrence Called to get colts for Pasture. at 50¢ each per month. Engage 4 for his pasture.

April, 1893 [1894]

1 Sunday. Good day. Mother better. John took George part way to town. Gave Mrs Dr McCasey check for $5.00 for Georges Board. I went to Aurora after noon to consult Dr. McDonald. Cloudy and wind East and South east. John took George part way to town. Dr McDonald's Baby very sick. Met Dr Priest of Concordia Also Dr [S. V.] Fairchild of Miltonvale at Dr McDonalds. John & Mabel went to the center to church this evening. Mollie Goble and Mrs Henderson Called Mother Better Paid C M Troup $1.25 Knights of Pythias dues.
2 Monday. High wind South. Dusty and Disagreeable. Went to Aurora after dinner Commenced to plow for corn. Used Eli 1/2 day. Dr McDonald Baby a little better. Ladies Thompson & Bolen called.
3 Tuesday Wind north & fearful Dust. Mean Disagreeable day. Went to Bolens and helped take up his pump Bolen E. P. Reeves and A. D. Goble helped me take up our pump and put it


down. Hen Snavely Called. Also Will Walno, and Peddler. John Plowed.
4 Wednesday. High wind north. Freddie & I went to Rice after Dinner. A D Goble. Received a letter from Virge Stewart. John & I went to Aurora in the evening
5 Thursday Good Decent day
6 Friday Fearful wind & Dust Freddie & I went to town after noon & brought George home Threatened rain but all blowed away. Home a little before dark. Dr McDonalds little Girl died this morning. C. F. Roger & Don. Atwood called this after noon. John got his watch to day. A gold watch for nine Dollars
7 Saturday. Fine day. Planted Potatoes Peas & Parsnip[s]. Attended the funeral of Dr McDonalds little Girl, at Sulphur springs. Larg[e] funeral Precession. Home Just before dark. Dr Rev. Bushell preached the funeral Sermon, & a good one.
8 Sunday. Cloudy. Rained & Hailed a trifle. wind changed to north west and Blowed a fearful gale of dust & wind.
9 Monday. High wind N. W George Drove to town and back in evening Lizzie Bertram called also one Straw buyer and one Beggar Eli covered Mary Ellen in the evening
10 Tuesday. Pretty good day. Wash day. Went to Rice [in] after noon. F. A. Thompson Called this evening
11 Wednesday. Pretty good day. Ladies Kellenbarge[r], Reev[e]s & Miss Huscher, Grand Pap Groves called. Dr John Had a call to Waltons.
12 Thursday. Wind East & N. E. John Plowing.
13 Friday. Rained a little last night and this morning. Mother went to town with George. Leoffler Heifer Bulled by little Peter Bull. John plowing. I went to town after noon. Rained good. Attended chapter. N. B. Brown took Past Masters Degree Rained good during the night. Staid all night at Dr McCasey. Had Brexfast with Democrat Smith. Had our plow sharpened. Bought George Suit of clothes, Saturday morning.
14 Saturday. Home 11 A M cloudy. John went to Aurora. George went to Rice for our Mail
15 Sunday. Good day. Kids went to Sunday School. and church at night. Charley Pierce was here also George Reeves Kids. Dan Empson and Lady Called. Wrote a letter to William Lochran commissioner of Pensions in relation to my claim.
16 Monday. Pretty good day. plowed and Planted Onions. Eli Covered Mell. Time March 16, 1895


17 Tuesday. warm & cloudy threatened rain. Sowed Lettuce Seed. Made Fence. High wind. S. 8:15 P. M commenced to rain and hailed a little. Grand glorious good rain. Thank God for it.
18 Wednesday. Clear & Pleasant 10 A. M All bustling around getting ready for the wedding at Thompsons. Good Rain last night. Henderson & Bolen Called this morning. Mother, John, Mable Freddie and the old Man went to Thompson's to the wedding of Miss Jennie and Alvin Wilkens Grand good dinner Home 5:30 P. M Rained a little. Henderson was here.
19 Henderson brought his cattle here to have them De Horned. Went with Henderson to town Rained a little Had a round up with George Marshall. J J McFarland of Clyde and Brother Hull. visited the Boys at the court House. Home just before dark High wind North west & cold. John had a call to Gardener's
20 Friday. Cold mean day.
21 Saturday. Pretty fair day. Planted Potatoes. John had a call to Gardeners. John went to Rice in evening. George & I went to Alliance in evening.
22 Sunday fine d[ay]. John was called to Thompsons. Mother & Mabel visited Bolens in evening. Freddie visited at Pierces. Dr Thompson called this eve.
23 Monday. Good day. Wash Day. John called to Gardner's I plowed in his absence. E. P. Reeves called this eve, brought our Mail.
24 Tuesday. Good day. Commenced to plant corn. George sick. Dr. McCasey Called in evening and had Supper with us. Representative of Topeka Press Called to day.
25 Wednesday. Good day. John Planted corn. the old man plowed-, cloudy & misted a little.
26 Good day. Thursday
27 Friday. Good rain last night. Kit Goble Called to day. Boys attended the woman meeting at the Center.
28. Saturday. went to town with Thompsons. Attended County Alliance. Good meeting. Home 6:30 P M. High wind and Dusty, Disagreeable day.
29 Sunday. High wind W S E Cloudy. John called to G. L. Reeves. Little Jersey Heifer calved 25 Days before time Bull calf.
30 Monday. cloudy & high wind South east. Disagreeable


Attended town Board meeting at Henderson after noon. Plowed in forenoon. John cultivated. John Planted after noon.

May, 1894

1 Pretty decent day. Cultivated all day. fearful tired. Bolen called this eve & John cut Phelix.
2 Wednesday Mother & Mabel went to town. Frankie MeCasey Came home with them. Fea[r]ful wind & Dust. Wind South west John cut Maginty this morn [ing] Bolen came before Brexfast. Lewis got seed corn But no pay. Luney called for Straw to fill his beds. Charley Pierce came to play with Fred. 2 Ladies stop[p]ed for water. Black Sow Piged. Eli Covered Mary Ellen. Commenced to rain 10 P. M Good rain
3 Thursday. fine day. Grand glorious good rain last night. Everything looks encouraging this morning. A D Goble Called this morning for water.
4 Friday. Cloud[y]. Good rain. Hailed Hard for awhile. Mrs Bolen called this morning
5 Saturday. Cloudy. otherwise Pleasant. Worked at Grave yard in fore noon. After noon Boys took 4 colts to Lewis Lawrence pasture Maud, 3 years old, Bay. Sall, 3 years old Bay. Maggie 1 year old Brown Lucy 1 year old Brown 50¢ per month each. I went to town with Gardner and Woolard. Home in good Season. Received a letter from Nellie & Virg with note to J. C. Zimmerman give[n] April 10 1882 for $150.00 Said note Paid in full May 2nd 1894 Daniel Ward Called.
6 Sunday. Good day. Boys went to Sunday School. Judge Stoner stop[p]ed this morning. Dan Empson & family visited us to day. Dr. McCasey Called and took Frankie home Mabel went with them
7 Monday. Good day. John cut stalks. I went to town to Mill. 6 Bus. wheat 2 of corn Home 2 P. M. Freddie went with me. Mabel came home with us.
8 Tuesday. Good day. the old Man cut stalks. John commenced to list corn. Elmer Henderson Called in the evening. John Called to Woodruffs to castrate a colt.
9 Wednesday. Good day. John listing the old Man shelled seed corn & Plowed potatoes & Planted melons & Beans. Gardner brought old Lady Reeves here this eve. Bolen Brought our mail. Commenced to Rain about 7 P M and rained good, and still raining at 9 P. M
10 Thursday. Clear & cold. High wind North. Good rain last


night. Lewis called this morning for seed corn. Everything looks promising
11 Friday. Good day. Finished pla[n]ting corn. Planted Sweet corn. John went to Rice this after noon. John cut Eli this morning. Bolen & E. P. Reeves Called this morn[ing]. Wash Day. Wind South & cool. Delforge Called also Bill & Henry Price. Loaned our Lister to Price Bros. Salvation Army Sufferagists meets this evening [at] the Center. Fine Weather.
12 Saturday. Good day. Went to town. Bought Potatoes Peaches and Beans. Home 7 P. M John went to Aurora and sold one load of corn, 47 Bus [@] 30¢ per Bushel = $14.10
13 Sunday. Clear & high wind South. Children went to Sunday School in fore noon. After noon John Mother went to Stoners place to Singing. George went some place. I dont know where. Young Cole Called to See George after noon. Charley Pierce came home with Fred from Sunday School.
14 Monday. High wind South Commenced to cultivate corn. The old man Petered out the 1st day.
15 George quit school Boys cultivated corn 13 acres. Cleaned House yesterday & to day. Mollie Goble the Boss. Show at the School house this evening. The old Man on the lift. Awful & fearful tired stiff & sore. Horse Buyer called. Henderson sold one of his mares for $70.00 awful cheap.
16 Wednesday. High wind South west Boys cultivating Corn.
17 Thursday. High wind North west. Wash day. The old Man on the lift went to town with Goble Bought Hats and Socks $1.20 cigars 10¢ Beer 25¢ Dinner 25¢. Total $1.80 Home in season. Boys cultivated corn.
18 Friday Fearful cold. Clear & cold. Boys went to town with corn. Sold for 30¢. George Bought shoes.
19 Saturday Big Frost this morning coocked [sic] Tomatoes Beans, Corn and weeds. Something Most extraordinary such a frost so late in May. Mother, Mabel & Grandmother Reeves went to town this afternoon. Boys made fence around the orchard. Clear cold. Slight wind North East.
20 Sunday. Clear & cool. Kids attended Sunday School. Mother & I visited after noon with Hendersons also called on Gardners. Kids attended church in th [e] evening at the Center.
21 Monday. Clear & cold. Boys cultivating corn. Mother & the old Man went to town after noon. Mother Staid to take in the woman sufferage Meeting for 2 days. Had bottle Beer with Carnahan & Dave Turner. Dr Pigman called this eve.


22 Tuesday. Cloudy & cold. Finished plowing checked corn the first time. John & I went to the Caucus and Both of us elected delegates to the co. convention J. T. Henderson Called in the eve. Mother still in town.
23 Wednesday. Cloudy & cool. John & Freddie went to town after Mother. Plowed our Potatoes. Judge Stoner Called this morning Boys took Maginty & Phelix to Lawrences Pasture this after noon. Mother went to D H S Lady S-- S being very sick nervous Prostration. Getting Married did not agree with her. John cut Two colts for Woolards. The Kids went to Singing in the evening at the Center. Freddie and the old Man at home alone.
24 Thursday. Pretty good day. John & I attended P. P. Co. convention. John came home in evening. I staid and attended Knights of Pythias Lodge, where there was a second & third [degree] confered. Afterward Banquet at Colsons. visitors from Clyde & Aurora. I came home with the Aurora Boys Home 2:30 A. M Good time at lodge
25 Friday. Pleasant & cool. Wash day. wind north west. Good dew last night first for a long time. Nice Pleasant day. George went to town after noon to Buy supplies for oyster feast. John Freddie, Mabel & Mother & George attended the stew at the Center. The old Man at home alone.
26 Saturday Clear & warm. Mother & I went to Aurora. It being Phil Millers birth Day. Also that of Bill Durkee. Miller 76 years. Durkee 58. about 50 ate Dinner there. Good time all around. Came home by Davy Secrists. . . . Home 6 P. M
27 Sunday. Good day. Kids went to Sunday School. and church at night. Clear & cool.
28 Monday Cloudy & cool wind North East. Mother & Mabel went to town after noon. John Harrowed 20 acres of listed corn. Mean day. Dusty. George went to Rice after Dinner
29 Tuesday. Cloudy & warm. High wind South east. Boys commenced to Cultivate checked corn the second time. Disagreeable Day for corn plowing. the old Man Howed weeds. 30 Wednesday. Cloudy & cool. Decoration day. John & I went to town. Surprise party this eve at Bolens. He being 27 Grand good time. Grand glorious good rain last night. A god send to us. Big flood in town last night
31 Thursday. Clear & cool. John went to town with 5 Hogs weigh 1200 [@] 4.17 1/2 = $50.10 Home at noon. George cul


tivated Corn. Boug[ht] 100 lbs Sugar $4.75 Axel grease 25¢ Total $5.00 Wash day

June, 1894

1 Friday Clear & hot, wind South South west & west. Ida Kellenbarger & Gib Slater were here Sold John Kellenbarger 30 bus. Shelled corn. 30¢ = $9.00 not Paid.
2 Saturday. Pretty good day. Mabel & the old Man went to town after noon. Frankie McCasey Came home with us.
3 Sunday. Cloudy and hot Childrens Day in Henderson Grove. Big Dinner. All round good time Mrs. Kellenbarger over come with heat. George brought two Ladies from town and took the [m] back in after noon. Dr McCasey & Family visited us to day. After noon wind changed to north. and got cooler.
4 Monday. Cloudy and fearful hot. wind South. Boys cultivating corn. Dr Pigman stop[pled for Water. The old man on the lift.
5 Tuesday. Clear & cool. Hig[h] wind North east. Good rain last night fearful wind last night. George took three head [of] cattle to Sam Naillieux Pasture. one yearling steer red & white spotted. Horns Sawed off. One Roan 2 year old cow with horns on. one red & white spotted heife [r] 2 years old. 40¢ per month for pasture. A. D. Goble Called this morning. Mother and the Kids Picking Cherries at Bolens. Boys cultivating Bolen Brought our Mail this Morning.
6 Wednesday. Clear & cool. Went to town with Henderson. The Roan cow & yearling Steer we took to Sam Naillieux Pasture yesterday Came home to day. Dr McCasey Called to day
7 Thursday. Clear & cool Finished cultivating listed corn 1st time. John Plowed Potatoes after Dinner. George went to Sam Naillieux Pasture. Failed to do his duty Came home without Knowing
8 Friday. Cloudy and cool. John & Mabel went to town in forenoon. George mulched Potatoes. Jim Bertram cut our alfalfa. John Raked it up in evening and hauled in a jag. Lady Bolen Called this morning. Sold W. H. Bolen 4 Bus. wheat $1.60. 6 P. M. High wind Thundering and threatening rain. Hope it will. The old Man on the lift. Rheumatism
9 Saturday. Big rain last night. Best Rain this Summer. Best rain this year. Everything looks fresh and good this morning. W H Bolen & Elmer Henderson Called this morning. George helped


Henderson take up his pump this morning John went to Rice for our Mail this morning I went to Henderson in the evening to help him take up his pump.
10 Sunday. Cloudy & cool. Mother was Called to George Snavelys. Baby case. F. A. Thompson & family visited us to day. Boys went to Ames this afternoon. 11 Monday Good day Plowed &c Loaned Lewis 20 bushels of shelled corn. Loaned him 4 bushels of seed corn in May. Due me from Lewis on account of 24 bus. Corn to be paid for or return the Amount of corn 24 bushels Present price 32¢ Per Bus. 24 Bushels [@] 32¢ [Total] $7.68
12 Tuesday. Plowed Potatoes and Millet Ground. John went to Sam. Naillieux pasture & to town. Bought Millet seed. Sowed Millet Spectable [spectacle] . . man called and Goosed us out of $10.00 for three Pairs of glasses. We were Hansomly taken in by the Sharper.
13 Wednesday. Cloudy & cool. Wash day. Boys went to town and to mill. Drove Dudley. Wind South east & looks like rain & we can Stand a good rain. Sold one Dozen chicke[n]s $3.76 Boys sent Charleys trunk to him, at Topeka. Paid $1.00 to redeem it. Paid Jim Bertram Cash $1.00 for Mowing Our alfalfa. George went to Rice in evening for mail.
14 Thursday. Warm & Pleasant. Pulled artichokes out of the corn. John went to Rice in evening. Received a letter from Charley.
15 Friday. Cloudy & cool. Mother Mabel, and Fred went to town. A D Goble brought a cow and Bulled by Ezekiel. John Kellenbarger Called. Boys Pulling artichokes Grand Good Rain. Reached the Potatoes
16 Saturday. Cloudy & warm went to town with Henderson Henderson Brought a cow to my Bull Ezekiel in evening. John Campbell Called in evening to buy corn.
17 Sunday. Good Day. Everything looks promising since the rain. Kids attended Sunday School. Ira & Charley visited with us, to day. Boys attended Services at the center this evening. Tom Cole Called this evening.
18 Monday. Cloudy and cool. Wash day. John went to Rice in Morning. I helped Henderson take up his pump. He had to go to town. I helped him put it down after Dinner. It would not go. he had to go to town again. John helped him put it down after Supper. Bays commenced at noon to cultivat[e] checked corn the third time.


19 Tuesday. Clear. High wind south East & Dusty. Boys Plowing corn. Mrs Smith & McCasey Called. Mrs Smith Staid all night.
20 Wednesday. Mrs Smith here Boys plowing corn. Commenced to Rain 10 to 5 P. M. and rained near an hour. Grand Good glorious Rain. Reached down for the potatoes. Heavy thunder & Sharp lightning. Best Rain this Season.
21 Thursday. Cloudy & rained Good Shower in forenoon. Ground full of water, well soaked. A D Goble and old Gentleman Spargur called Spargur had Supper with us. John took Mrs. Kentucky Smith home. Washed the buggie this evening.
22 Friday. Good day. George went to Rice in morning. John in the evening. Boys went to "Hen" (Sufferage) meeting in the evening. This is the longest day in the year. Planted cucumber seed.
23 Saturday. Cloudy. Good rain in the forenoon. Ground full of water Cool. Wind in early morning, north later, South east. George went to Rice for our mail. Bolen brought our mail. 8 P M Cloudy & threatening rain. Thundering & lightning, looks Threatening Storm. A. D. Goble Called to day figured out his load of corn for him. 8:30 P M Commenced to Storm and rain. Rained and blowed furiously. Big rain.
24 Sunday. Cloud[y] & clear and fearful hot. I went to John Stillingers in evening. Boys went to church in eve.
25 Monday. Cloudy & warm. Boys Brought Gobles Seed Hog and turned him with our Sows. J. T. Henderson called twice to day. Elmer Henderson brought our Mail. George on the lift this evening. 26 Tuesday. Clear & hot went to town with Fred Keoster. Home 2 P. M. George & Freddie went to Rice in evening.
27 Wednesday. Clear & warm. Wash day. Tried to cultivate after dinner, but it was too wet. John went to Rice in evening. Harvey Clev[e] land Called in eve. and informed us that Mrs [Helen Adelaide] Sawdy [53] was dead. will be buried at 40 tomorrow at 12 noon.
28 Thursday. Clear & hot. Mother & I attended Mrs Sawdy's funeral. Sermon preached at Ames, by Anniversalists [Universalists?]. Boys cultivated corn. Used Eli. Mrs Sawdy Born Dee 6, 1826 Died June 26, 1894 67 years 6 mo. & 20 D.


29 Friday. Clear & fearful hot in forenoon. Mabel and I went to town in forenoon. Subscribed for The New York World $1.10 Also the Topeka Daily Press $3.00 Home for Dinner. Boys commenced again to cultivate in checked corn. H. V. Spalding Called for our school went to town in evening with Denny Davis staid all night with Dr McCasey. Attended Chapter. Col. Brown Earl Brown & Hursey Barber took Most Excellent Master.
30 Saturday. in town all day. Came home with Goble F. A. Thompson & wife stop[p]ed with us for supper and then attended alliance. Delegates elected. To wit Mr & Mrs Bolen. Mr & Mrs Pierce Mrs Thompson G L Reeves, G. A. Young J. T. Henderson.

July, 1894

1 Sunday Clear & warm. Kids attended Sunday School I went to Stillingers in eve. Boys went to church in eve.
2 Monday. Clear & hot. Old Lady Hoffman Buried to day age 741/2 years. Laid by 65 acres of corn. Checked, finished up sweet corn. Returned Gobles Seed Hog.
3 Tuesday. Cloudy & cool. Rained a good Shower in forenoon. George plowed corn for Goble. John went to town after noon for binding twine. Bought 62 lbs 71/2¢ per lb = $4.65. George Came home from Goble this eve.
4 Wednesday. Glorious 4th of July. Good rain last night Cloudy & cool. Went to Feifs Grove where the French had a big blowout. John went to Feifs grove after noon. George went in the evening.
5 Thursday. Pretty good day. Wash day. George working for Goble. Henderson & family Goble and family, Bolen & wife ate Ice Cream with us this eve.
6 Friday Cloudy & Pleasant. John & Mabel went to town in forenoon. John went to Rice in evening. Good Day. wind South east.
7 Saturday. Clear & warm. George went to town early in the morning to have a tooth pulled. Mother Mabel and Freddie went to Kellenbargers after Dinner. John cultivating corn for Goble. Lewis Lawrence Called to day. Bolen finished cultivating corn to day
8 Sunday. Clear & warm. Al. Norton was here for Dinner, also Charley Pierce. A D. Goble called this after noon. Hon. W. H. Savary Called this morning to water his Horse. Boy went to Dis 40 to Baptiseing. Dull and lonesome.


9 Monday. Clear & Pleasant. Boys cultivating corn. I went to town in forenoon with Henderson. Home at noon. Kit Goble brought our Mail. Received a letter from Dr [J. H.] McCasey at Topeka. Stephen Gennette & Fred Taylor Called.
10 Tuesday. Good day. Finished Cultivating corn for this year at noon. Commenced to cut oats. George went to Rice in evening Received a letter from sister Millie. Awful strike in Chicago.
11 Wednesday. Cold morning with appearance and indication of hot winds. Freddie and the old man went to town. home 10:30 A. M. Pretty near hot winds after noon. Lady Bolen Called this after noon. Jim Broke his Sickle. Fearful strike going on. Fearful Poor strikers will in the end be beaten. Attended Knights of Pythias at Aurora. Paid my dues from July 1st to October 1st 1894 $1.25 Home midnight.
12 Thursday. Clear & hot 99 in the Shade. No harvesting to day. Goble called to day. John went to town with Jim Bertram this after noon. Marble man Stone Cutter called. P. M. Gates.
13 Pretty good day. went to town after noon. Staid all night with Dr [T. C.] McCasey. Attended Chapter. N. B. Brown Earl Brown & H W Barber took R. A. Banquet at Colson.
14 Saturday. Cloudy & cool. rained a little Bought 6 Balls twine. Frankie McCasey came home with me. Sent Dr Bigelow $5.00 Finished Cutting oats. John went to town in evening. George went to Rice for our Mail.
15 Sunday. Good day. George went to Rice in morning to meet 0. W. Hendee. He failed to come. But came in afoot in evening. Staid all night.
16 Monday. Good day. I took 0 W Hendee to Rice this morning Boys hauling manure. went fishing after noon. Elmer Henderson called for our Ice freezer. Ate Ice Cream at Henderson in eve.
17 Tuesday. Pretty decent day. Mabel & I went to town. George went with wagon. Bought lumber for hay Rack. Home at noon. John went to help Delforge thresh after noon. H. F. Rogers & J. T. Henderson called. George went to Rice in evening for Our Mail.
18 Wednesday. Clear & hot wind South. A hard day on Our Corn. J W Campbell & Elmer Henderson & Jim Bertram Called. John went to Rice in evening, for Mail.


19 Thursday. Cloudy & cool. Dr McCasey called in the morning Jim Hagaman & Frank Holcomb stop[pled and had dinner with us. Also Dr McCasey Called Second time and had dinner here. Dr [John] Young went to town in forenoon, and went to town after Dinner with Dr McCasey. 4 P. M cloudy & thundering and threatens Rain. We need it awful bad. hard on our corn. wind changed to North cool in evening
20 Friday. Cloudy & cool in forenoon, but clear & cool after noon. wind north. Mother & Freddie went to town. George helped Henderson stack. John in town Mabel went to Bertrams after dinner. Jim Bertram called for John.
21 Saturday. Clear & hot. Hard day on our corn. George helping Henderson stack. John helping Ewingham [Newingham?] thresh. Freddie & the Old Man went to Rice in eve. Jack Matthews & Minzy Empson were here for dinner.
22 Sunday. Clear & hot wind South west. fearful hard day on our corn. John went fishing and lost a call for a sick horse. Mother & I went to Goble after dinner. Had lee cream & cake. John Caught one big Cat fish.
23 Monday. Clear & fearful hot. wind changing all day. I helped Newingham finish Threshing. Boys Stacking Oats. Bill Savary and John Sheridan Called to day, Also Elmer Nutting for our school, 104 Degrees in the Shade, Fearful hot. Awfully Hott.
24 Tuesday wind north East. The first time on record we had hot winds from North East. Fearful day on the corn Begins to look as tho the corn was gone. Mabel & I went to town. Boys stacking Oats. A few days like to day will do us in good Shape. God help us.
25 Wednesday. Cloudy & hot Hot winds from South East. The First on record from that direction. Milt Maddox & Daughter [May] calle[d] to see about our school. Movers from Chase co. Neb. Stop[p]ed for water, with 20 Head of Horses. They report terrible times in the north west. Boys stacke[d] Oats. Awful day on our Corn. Just about Petered out. One day more will do it. God help us Poor Devils.
26 Thursday. Clear & hot. High wind South. Fearful day on our corn. Corn most of it Killed to day. God help us. Boys stacked Oats. School meeting. W. A. Pierce elected Clerk, voted 81/2 Mills for school purposes. $19.64 Balance in Treasure. Selected May Maddox for Teacher. Fearful Day. Awful Day. Bad Day.


27 Friday. Cloudy & hot. wind South. George went to town after noon. Finished Stacking Oats this noon. Pierce Borrowed my well tools
28 Saturday. Cloudy & hot. John and I went to town and Staid all day. Went to Alliance meeting in evening.
29 Sunday. Mother, Freddie, Mabel and I went to Thompson visiting. Goble & family & Lady Clevland were there. Gobels spring wagon broke down coming home. Goble and I footed it 11/2 miles. Boys at home all day alone. Came home after dark.
30 Monday. Clear & hot. Town Board meeting. John helping Bolen stack. Henderson & Laman were here. Sam Townsdin Called. George Snavely cut our Alfalfa. Corn Petered out. Lady Roach called George went to Rice this morning for Our Mail. Paid George Snavely Cash $1.00 for cutting Alfalfa. Poor job.
31 Tuesday. Cloudy & hot. wind South & South East until about 6 P. M then changed to north east then South east. Thun dered & lightened & threatened rain. But all passed away. Hauled in our Alfalfa. 6 good loads The best crop in two years John went to Aurora this morning. George got Gobles Rake. Hen. Snavely got water here to day.

August, 1894

1 Wednesday. Cloudy and warm threatened rain all day. but failed. I went to town after noon with Henderson. George went to town after noon. Wash day. Judge Stoner Called this evening 2 Thursday Pretty good Day. George & I attended co. Alliance at Wilcox School House. Good turnout. John went to Mill Delia Smith Came home with John & Mabel.
3 Friday. Cloudy & cool. Mother and the Kids went fishing. The old man at home alone.
4 & 5 is for Saturday & Sunday. . . . Pretty decent day. went to town with Hebert. Staid all day. Boys went fishing Caught a fine Mess. Grand Pap Miller . . . and wife visited us to day [Sunday]. Mother, Freddie & the old man visited Bolens in evening George went to town. John Someplace else. John went to Church in evening.
6 Monday. Clear & warm. wind S. George helped Ike Woodruff Thresh John went to Rice in morning. Freddie & I went to Woodruffs after noon to look after Threshing Machine.
7 Tuesday. Clear & hot. High wind South. Lady Snavely Called and went with Mother to Dan Empson's after noon. John Helping Jim Bertram thresh after dinner. A. D. & Mollie Goble


Called. went to Bertrams to See them thresh. John went to Rice in morning for Our Mail. Received letter from Sister at Wichita. Mother & Lady Snavely went to Dan Empsons & Kellenbargers
8 Wednesday. Clear & hot wind South. Freddie & I went to Rice in evening. George helped Pierce Thresh. Freddie & I went to Henderson in evening.
9 Thursday. Hot wind South. Mother Mabel Freddie Delia Smith and all went to Soonover to meet Sister. Fred[d]ie & the old man went to Rice in evening for coal.
10 Friday. Clear & hot Went to town and home til noon. Boys helped Bolen thresh. Machine came 2 P. M. commenced to thresh 3 P. M. threshed out 404 bus. Oats. Fannie came 5 P. M.
11 Saturday. Clear & hot. Hot winds. Finished Threshing Had 943 bushels of Oats at 2¢ = $18.86 . . . Went to town after dinner Henderson went with me. Home a little after dark.
12 Sunday. Clear & hot. John and Ira Pierce went to Rice in the morning.
13 Monday. Clear & hot. John and I helped George Laman Thresh. Old Bushe's Team ran away with water wagon. George went to Sam. Naillieux Pasture for our Heifer. High wind South West. An awful day. every thing drying up.
14 Tuesday. Rained a small bit. Cloudy & cool in forenoon, hot after noon. George helped Shafer Thresh after noon. Sheriff arrested C C this evening.
15 Wednesday. Clear & hot. Sister & Mother went to town. Grand Pap Groves called, and had dinner with us. George helped Shafer thresh. John helped Goble thresh after Dinner. High wind South East. Sister's Beau Came this evening Mr. House.
16 Thursday. Cloud & clear & hot. High wind South and West & north East, then north. Boys helped Goble & George Snavely & G. L. Reeves thresh. Mrs Dr Else Died to day. Bolen & wife Called to day.
17 Friday. Clear & hot. Awful day. George helped Reeves thresh. John went to town & had a call to Henderson. A sick cow. Lady Swope called and visited us all day. I went to Jo. Alexanders, Ladeaux and F. A. Thompson's. Home 9:15 P. M
18 Saturday. Clear & hot. Boys went to town with 4 Hogs weight 875 [@] 4.90 = $42.87 Paid Jim Bertram $20.75 for Har vesting George Staid to help Dr. John Brough [t] a calf from Smiths. Mother, Mabel & Sister went to town. Mabel and Sister Staid Mother brought Hellen McCasey Home. Fred & I re-


paired fence. John & I went to Caucus at the Center. Good Stout Caucus. Favorable delegates were elected. Dan Empson & Dick Reeves Called. also baby Empson.
19 Sunday. Clear & hot until 5 P. M The [n] cloudy & cooler. Grand Pap Groves Called & was here for dinner. Sam. Naillieux Called. George went to Sunday School. Charley Pierce was here
20 Monday. Cloudy & fearful hot. George worked for Dr McCasey in forenoon. John went to town in morning. Grand Pap Groves went with him. Mabel came home with John also Frankie McCasey. John, Freddie and I went to Lawrence's Pasture for our colts. Henderson got his at Same time. I Paid Lawrence's Boy Cash $10.00 for Pasture. Henderson Paid Same Boy $10.50 Cash for Pasturing his colts. Grant Davis Called Also Bill Price. May Maddox Called to have Contract Signed. Fearful wind and dust sprung up about 7 P M from North East.
21 Tuesday Wash day. Cloudy & warm. Boys cutting corn. Sam Magaw and Son Called for our Cider Mill.
22 Wednesday. Some clouds and hot. Boys working on the road. 5 Dagoes stop[p]ed and eat their Dinner. They are a happy Set. Wind South Big Blowout at Henderson's Mrs Hen derson's Birth Day. 62 neighbors & friends present. Grand Good Supper. Sister & Hubby among them.
23 Thursday. Cloud[y] & hot. Boys working in the hay. The old man & Fred went to Rice after noon. Paid Grant Davis cash $16.95 in full for threshing as per order from Bush and Goring. Mother & Sister went to Thompson's in the evening. Hot fearful hot.
24 Friday. Fine day for hay. Got in a good lot of hay. Rained a little in the evening. I went to town in evening. Attend[ed] Chapter. Staid all night with Dr McCasey.
25 Saturday. Clear & hot. Peoples Party Convention. Big crowd. 135 delegates. H H Young nominated for Probate Judge on First ballot N Nadeau for Clerk of District clerk [court]. J. E. McCallister [McAllister] for co Superintendent. Pierce E. Butler for co attorney. Robert Hanson for Representative. Sam Mad dox for Commissioner for Second District 54 Fearful Hot. Great 4. T. A. Sawhill, editor of the Concordia Empire, a Republican paper, had the following caustic comment on this Populist slate, in his issue of September 20, 1894: "The pops are preparing to open their campaign in this county the 1st of October and then they expect to round up the voters after the manner of a circular hunt. Noah Nadeau will be the orator of the outfit, Pierce Butler will carry the supply of liquid refreshment, H. H. Young will furnish the calamity and Robert Hanson, in addition to furnishing the necessary funds by means of his patent bank will supply wheels enough from his head to get the party from place to place."


enthusiasm during the convention. C W. Vandemark [55] made chairman and proceeded to Skin [T. A.] Sawhill [the Republican editor]. Rained a little Shower this evening
26 Sunday. Cloudy & warm. Co. Attorney Savary Called this morning. Went to Bolens in the morning.
27 Monday Went with Bolen & wife E. Gardner & wife A. D. Goble & family to Delphos. Stop[p]ed at Meredith on Pipe creek for dinner. Re union at Delphos.
28 Tuesday. Had some Beer at Delphos. Received a message from N L Nadeau to come to Concordia at once. Started at one oclock Arrived in Beloit 2 P. M. left Beloit 3:33 P M Arrived at Concordia 6 P. M. Staid all night with Judge Stoner.
29 Wednesday. Came down on the Santa Fe and home for dinner. Boys making hay. Mother & sister went to town.
30 Thursday. Hauled hay. Hot. Thundered a little. Sold a way faring man a bushel of oats 35¢. Bolen, Goble and Gardner Came home this after noon. Mother and Sister in town.
31 Friday. Clear & hot. finished mowing. George Snavely helped us haul 1/2 day. Jim Shafer Called and returned oats borrowed of me. Also returned Oats for Swope borrowed last year. Shafer brought our mail. Received a letter from H. M. Spalding S C Moore and Dr [J. H.] McCasey.

September, 1894

1 Saturday. Went to town with McRea. Boys finished stacking Hay. Attended coin. meeting in town. Came home with Henderson. 2 Sunday. Cloudy & cool. Rained a good rain last night F. A. Thompsons visited us to day Also Dr [T. C.] McCasey & family. Milt Maddox brought his Daughter Our School Mother here. Dan Empson & family ate supper with us. Cool this evening.
3 Monday. Cloudy & warm. Went to Aurora. John went to Rice School Mother went home with her Bro. 1st Day of School.
4 Tuesday. Pretty decent day. Boys cut corn awhile. Sister and Mother went to Kellenbargers. Gave Snavely order for 4 tons coal at Aurora $4.40 per ton.
5 Wednesday. Cloudy and Pleasant. Boys finished cutting corn fodder. Ladies Bolen and Henderson Called this after noon. A. D. Goble Called this after noon. George went to Rice this eve for our


Mail. Sowed a bushel of wheat for Hog pasture. Plowed a fire guard in Orchard. Put tools away
6 Thursday went to town and to the fair staid all night with Kentuck[y] [Smith]
7 Friday Pretty fair day. went to town with Thoms Debook Attended fair Dinner with Dr McCasey. Staid all night with Kentucky Smith. Clear & hot. Mother and sister came to town Sister staid and will start for Wichita tomorrow evening. Mother & I came home. John took Dr McCaseys machine home
8 Saturday. Cloudy & cool rained a little. May Maddox went to town with Ike Woodruff. Mother & John went to town after din ner. George went to town after Supper. The kids and old Man at home alone this evening.
9 Sunday. Cloudy & warm. Rained a littl[e]. Gave George $2.00 to pay tuition at school. George went to Maddox and will board there this season.
10. Monday. Pretty cool in the morning. Went to Aurora. Paid William Key $17.60 for 4 Tons of coal $4.40 per ton. George Started for School. Bolen & wife Called.
11 Tuesday clear & cool. Wash day. John went to town after noon to Mill. Al Therian Called Also Jo LeClare.
12 Wednesday. Clear & cool. Big Pop Rally to day at Concordia. Gov. Lewelling and [Mrs. Annie L.] Dig[g]s [56] spoke to the multitude of People. Grand good time. The crowd of people estimated at from 3000 to 5000 people. [57] Mr Sawdy Came home with Mrs Young I came home with Goble. Sawdy Staid all night with us. Liz cow calved. Heifer.
13 Clear and high wind & fearful dusty. Grand Pap Sawdy and I went to Dug Thompsons, from there to F A Thompson where we had dinner. Home 2 P. M Awful dusty and Disagreeable. George Townsdin Called to buy cattle.
14 Friday. Cloudy & cool. Rained a little. Bononi Ledoux returned our cider Mill. John had a call to Lewis Woodruffs. Sold 2 Heifers and one steer for $45.00 to Jo LeClare John helped


drive them home. School Mother Drove Mell home. & George returned with her.
15 Saturday. Clear & cool. I went to Miltonvale. John went to town. Henderson borrowed our wagon & returned it. George Came from town.
16 Sunday. Cloudy & rained a little. School Mother Came this eve and George went [to] town to school.
17 Monday. Went to Rice, McCallister and to town. Staid all night with Stoner.
18 Tuesday. Started for Glasco. Took dinner with D. S. Steele. Visited Cap Potts and Jim Collins. Staid all night with Garret Davidson.
19 Wednesday Dinner with Phelix Grundy Staid all night with Jimmy Flynn
20 Dinner at Miltonvale. speaking there by W. H. Carpenter Started home 3:30 P M. Caught in a big storm of rain & hail. Fearful storm. Got wet and mud all over. Home 7:30 P. M. Big rain.
21 Friday At home all day. Cloudy and cool. John went to Rice in the Morning. Mrs Woodruff call [ed] this after noon.
22 Saturday. Pretty good day. Went to town with Dug Greathouse. Mother & Mabel came to town after noon. Came Home with them.
23 Sunday. Cloudy & cool Went to Henderson & Pierces. George went to town after noon.
24 Monday. Clear & cool Spent the day in Clyde.
25 Tuesday. Cloudy & cool. High wind South. Disagreeable. Mother, John & I went to Kellenbargers. Ida Huscher and Gibson Slater were married, by Rev. Peter Bushong. About 40 being present. Grand good Dinner. Cigars passed after dinner.
26 Wednesday. Pretty decent day. Went to Aurora after noon. Mother went as far [as] Greathouse. Came home by D H Secrists. McManimies & Woodruffs. Home Just at Dark. John to 40 to church this evening. Old Jim Collins and Tom Clegg Called this after noon in my absence. Paid my Dues to Knights of Pythias lodge No 256 Aurora $1.25
27 Thursday Pretty fair day. John went to town.
28 Friday Went to town with School Mother. George brought team home. Fearful bad day. Wind High South & Dusty. Disagreeable. Attended chapter. I worked the 1st vail. Had Supper at Mrs Hagamans.
29 Saturday. Cloudy & cold Wind north Rained a little last


night. Democratic Convention. Placed full ticket in the field except for county Superintendent. A scheme to elect Mrs Dr [M. L.] Brierly [Brierley] Repub I will remember those Democrats in the future. John & Freddie Came to town after noon. Attended Alliance at center. Boys went to church at 40
30 Sunday. Clear & Pleasant. Big frost this morning. the first this fall. Mother & the Kids attended church at 40 after noon. Very pleasant.

October, 1894

1 Monday. Cloudy & rained nearly all day. Examined co Treasure[r's] Books. Frank McVey and Noah Nadeau Called. then went back to town. No speech.
2 Tuesday. At home all day. Pop meeting at Aurora in the evening. Good turnout.
3 Wednesday. Clear & cool. Mother and I went to Meredith. Big meeting. John Davis spoke to the multitude. Free dinner. High wind north W
4 Thursday. Clear & cool. John Davis spoke at Concordia Pop candidates spoke at Macyville in Arion Township. Clear & cool. went to town after noon. John Davis spoke in courthouse, 4:30 P M started for Fair View School house Dis 67 John Davis spoke there. Staid all night with Andy Driscoll.
5 Friday Went to High Land Church where John Davis spoke to the multitude. Bad day. Rained and Blowed. Had dinner with Frank Hart. Staid all night with George Teazely. Rained Bad cold night
6 Saturday. Pretty good day. went to Glasco. Staid there all day. Spoke at Dis No 105 in Solomon Township South of the River. Good meeting. Staid all night with Phelix [Grundy]. Rained a little
7 Sunday. Clear & cold. High wind north. Came from Phelix Grundys Home Distance 30 miles Home 2 P. M. J. E. McCallister with me all the time. John took him home after Dinner. Boys Dug Potatoes yesterday Had 20 Bushels in South patch.
8 Monday. Clear & cold. Went to town and from there to Buffalo Dis no 99. Good meeting. Staid all night with Robert Ha[n]son
9 Tuesday. Clear & cool. Came from Hansons to Concordia. Had Dinner with Judge Stoner. McCallister with me on the trip Home 3 P M Made speech at Rice in the evening. Home 11:45


P. M Clear & cool. John Mabel & School Mother at the meeting Good meeting. House full.
10 Wednesday. Hanson & Butler Had dinner with us. After noon we all went to Coalfax where we Spoke in the evening. Mc and I staid all nigh [t] with M. D. Horn. Good meeting.
11 Thursday. Clear & cool. Went to Miltonvale, where we had dinner. Horse feed 35¢ dinner 25¢ from there went to St Joseph where we spoke to a full house. Supper 25¢ House Rent $1.00 Incidentals $1.25 Total $2.50 Staid all night with L. O. Fuller. Took Severe cold. On the lift.
12 Went to Clyde. Dinner 25¢ Horse feed 50¢ Incidentals 50¢ Total $1.25 spoke at Dis no 14 Join [t] Dis. Poor turnout. The old Man still on the lift Got Medicine from Dr Jeannotte. $1.00 Started home 10 P. M. Home 1 A. M Saturday.
13 Saturday. Clear & cool. The old Man on the lift.
14 Sunday. Clear & Pleasant. At home all day. George Washington Huscher Called this eve. to take our School Mother to church. George went to Mladdoxs this eve. John went to 40 to church. A. D. Goble Called. Also Charley Pierce and Judge Stoner.

[Entries immediately following apparently were written by Young's family.]

[15] Monday Pleasant. John picked apples and Papa went out canvassing.
[16] Tuesday. bright and clear. baked bread and washed.
[17] Wednesday. mother went to the reunion [58] with Mr. Gobles.
[18] Thursday dismissed school. school mother and all went to the Reunion. Mr and Mrs Bolen called in after noon. bringing cider mill home. Mrs Bolen Helped Mother with quilt. Mothers birth day also wedding anniversary. Had a fine large time in Concordia. Lulu Maddox Came home with us.
[19] Friday. The regular routine, of business carried on.
[20] Sat[urday]. Mean day the wind blew from South. Kansas is at home to day John husked corn George picked apples in after noon. Mother finished quilt. [Young resumes his entries here.] Arrived in Miltonvale spoke there in evening. Hard storm. Good crowd. Staid all night.
21 Sunday. Pretty Good day. Home at 1 P. M. Dr McCasey


& family here. Frank and Florence Ellison of Topeka here. Boys went to 40 to church in evening.
22 Monday. At home. went to Dis no 74 Center. Enterprise. Lizzie cow Bulled by Ezekiel. Time July 22, 1895 The old man on the lift home from enterprise 1 A. M sick.
23 Tuesday. Clear & cool. Went to concordia and to East Sibley Minersville. Mrs Maddox Called to day. Wash day. The old man Sick. Staid all night with Dr McCasey
24 Wednesday. Staid in town all day. Spoke at Joint Dis No 1 Sibley. Staid all nigh [t] with Jake Matthews.
25 Thursday. Came to town and then took train for Clyde, where Mrs. Lease spoke to the multitude. Came back to Concordia and spoke in the evening at Dis 93 Buffalo Township. Staid a11_ night with R. Hanson.
26 Friday spoke in the eve at Jamestown Staid all night with R. Hanson
27 Came to town and staid all day. spoke in the evening at Dis No 17 Wilcox Saturday evening cold storm and Disagree able Staid all nigh [t] with Mat Wilcox. Home Sunday noon.
28 Sunday. Cloudy and cold Disagreeable. Home at noon. Prof Sawdy and 0. T. Ames here for Dinner
29 Monday. Cloudy and cold. High wind North west. Started from Home after Dinner Staid in town until 4 P. M. then started for The Man school house in Summit Township 19 miles from Concordia. Drove 6 miles out of the way. Staid all nigh [t] with Bro. Gates
30 Tuesday. High wind & cold. Came from Gates in Summit Township to Concor[dia] and then home where the Candidates [spoke] to a full house.
31 Wednesday Clear & Cool. Went to Rice in fore noon to Aurora after noon.

November, 1894

1 Thursday. Cloudy and cool. Went to Clyde. Rained after noon and stormy & Disagreeable. Stop[p]ed at Ames in the evening. But no speaking. Home at 8:30 P M
2 Friday Clear & cool. Went to Concordia in forenoon. Started [at] 2 P. M. for Range line School house with J. E. McCallister. Spoke there. Staid all night with Thomas Vass.
3 Saturday fine day. Big Rally at Concordia Prof. Gaines State Supt. about 5000 People present. Home 6:30 P. M. Tired and worn out. The Boys went to Hen Peck in the eve.


4 Sunday. Cloudy & cool. Dr. McCasey & family and W. B. Smith & family visited us to day. George went to town. John made a call Professionally to Lewises, Repub.
5 Monday. Pretty fair day Went to town. Repub. Rally. Small crowd. Home 6 P. M. John set up at Moor[e]'s Charles being sick. Drew Township funds $150.00 Deposited it in cloud county Bank. At this time it looks like a knock out for the Pops.
6 Tuesday. Election Day. Fine day, Complete victory for the repubs.
7 Wednesday. Repubs. Happy. C. Muller called. Paid him Township order $4.00 Dr McCasey Called after dinner, and reported my election. John came home from town I went to town with Dr. McCasey. The repubs Celebration their great victory. They had the Devils own time. Staid all night with Dr. McCasey. Our county and state ticket lost. Only for Probate Judge which the Pops claim by 18 majority.
8 Thursday. Came home with John after noon. Ike Woodruff Called. Also Lewis
9 Friday Cloudy and cool. High wind north & dusty. Went to town. Official count of election returns which gave me 20 plurality my opponent congratulated me and gave up the contest, while I received the congratulations of my friends. A victory of which I am proud. John went to town. George Came home with me. Home at dark
10 Saturday. Pretty cold day. Co Alliance. Came home with John. Borrowed from Charles T. Pierce $150.00 One hundred and fifty Dollars.
11 Sunday Pretty good day. School Mother & Bro. Came this evening George went to town with him. John went to Kansas City to day. to attend veterinary college
12 Monday. Cloudy and Dusty Wash day. Went to town with Jim Shafer. Came home with Goble. Bad Mean Day. 13 Tuesday. Bad Mean day. Went to Rice. George Husked corn. Went to Aurora in the evening. Had a big blowout. Made a little speech. Home at midnight. Paid for 1 case of Beer for the Boys, $3.50 Jim Shafer Returned Our cider Mill. finished digging Our potatoes.
14 Wednesday. Clear & cool George Snavely Husked corn H. W. Bolen Called this morning. High wind & Dusty. George Snavely finished husking corn. Paid Cash $1.00 he owed George Young 50¢, Which he paid.


15 Thursday. Warm & Pleasant. Went to F. A. Thompson's in forenoon. John Kellenbarger & wife Made cider and were here for Dinner. Jo LeClare here for Dinner. Sold him 6 Head of cattle for $45.00 Cash down. Fine day. Cloud [y], Hazy and warm. Wind changed to north west Middle of after noon. F. A. Thompson & Alva Wilkins Called in the evening. Wind Howling at 7:30 P. M. fearful Dusty and Disagreeable. Threatening Storm.
16 Friday. Clear & cool. Wind North west. Went to town after Dinner. Home 6:30 P. M. George Came home and John Maddox Came with him.
17 Saturday. Cloudy & cool. Dusty and disagreeable. Goble & family Called this after noon. Also Mrs W H Bolen. John Swanson Called and looked at a span of Horses & Harness. Sold him Eli & Dudley for $65.00 and harness for $10.00 on One Year's time at 10 Per cent [59]
19 Monday. Clear & cold. High wind South. Went to town with Goble. Mrs Kellenbarger & Daughter Mrs Slater Called and visited us to day. L. D. Lewis Called this evening and wanted to Rent our farm.
20 Tuesday. Cloudy & Pleasant. Wash day. Lady Snavely Called. Turned our hogs out. Abel Ledoux Called to Rent our farm. Wind changed to north west & North east and Dust came with the change. Cooler in evening.
21 Wednesday. Pretty Good Day. Went to town with F. A. Thompson. Home 5:15 P. M. Filed my Bond for Probate Judge. C. C. Stoner & J. T. Henderson Signed my bond. Had Dinner with Dr McCasey.
22 Thursday. Cloudy & High wind north west. John W Swanson Called and took Eli & Dudley Sold them one years time at 10 Per cent Also Harness. Horses & Harness $75.00 A. S. Herrington signed his note for security. May went to church with Clithro.
23 Friday Pretty decent day. Mother and I went to town, looked at several Houses but none suited. Home 4:40 P. M. Drove Fan and Mell.
24 Saturday. Fine day. warm and pleasant. Grave yard meeting. W. H. Bolen elected. G. L. Reeves Treasure[r]. J. T. Henderson Sec. The old [man] Sick last night and to day. Rheumatism being the cause. W. A. Pierce & A. D. Goble Called this


morning. Signed Johns note to C. T. Pierce for one hundred and fifty Dollars, at 10 per cent interest from Date Nov. 10, 1894 Note Due Nov. 10, 1895
25 Sunday. fine warm day. George did not come home to day. Dull and lonesome.
26 Monday. Cloudy & pleasant. went to town with Oats 59 Bus [@] 27¢ =$15.95 Paid Cobb & Lamb 3.75 for George Settled in full with Dis school No 76 Owed the Dis $4.79 Paid in full. J. T. Henderson W. H. Bolen & W. A. Pierce Called in the evening, Representing the School District No 76
27 Tuesday. Cloudy & cool. wind North east Went to town with Oats 2 loads. I had 62.20 Bus. Jim Shafer 52.24 lbs Total 115.10 at 27¢ = $31.15 Dinner &c. 75¢ Paid Jim Shafer for Hauling Oats $1.25 Mrs Shafer Visited Mrs Young all day Jim stop[p]ed on his way home and had Supper School Mother went to Gobles this evening
28 Wednesday. Cloudy & fearful cold. High wind South east. Went to town. Had dinner with Dr McCasey. George came home with me.
29 Thursday. Cloudy & pleasant. Mother Mable Freddie and the old Man had Dinner with W H Bolens family. We met there Gobles family, Hendersons family and Sam Ball. Ellegant Dinner and a nice Social time. George went to town, Clyde to foot fool Ball. Kit Goble Staid all night Also Earnest Maddox.
30 Friday. Cloudy Misty Rained a little. Wash day. Bad Disagreeable day. A. D. Goble, Vigil Feife & wife Called.

December, 1894

1 Saturday. Cloudy and frosty. George took load [of] Oats to town. A. D. Goble Called
2 Sunday. Mother & I went to Thompsons. Cloudy & cold wind north. School Mother Came this evening.
3 Monday. Pretty good day. Isaac Wilson Called.
4 Tuesday. Good day. Wash day wind South west. Henry Snavely and Tom Travis Called. Fine weather for the Season. G. I. Clithro Called this eve.
5 Wednesday. Good day. Went to Aurora in forenoon. and Rice after noon. Bought Beef of Ike Woodruffs Sent John fifty $50.00 Dollars Paid Lawrence township 14.10
6 Thursday. Cloudy & cool. High wind South Mother & I went to town. Bought suit of clothes $16.50 under suit $2.50 White shirt $1.25 Total $2.25 [?] Fearful Dusty. went with


Dr to R. Coughlins. Filed my Expense Statement $30.75 Home 6 P.M
7 Friday Pretty decent. went to town with Isaac Woodruff. Mrs Woodruff visited with us to day. Mrs Young on the lift. George Came home this evening Our School Mother went home this evening. Tried hard to find a house in town to day, but failed. went to Hendersons in the evening and Settled with the township, and turned over the town Treasure [r'] s Book and gave my check for $43.81
8 Saturday. Cloudy & cool. High wind North west. Dusty. Dud [Dug?] Thompson & son Called and looked at our Shoats, Wilkins & wife hauled cobbs. Big Surprise to us in the evening Our friends Came in on us in such numbers that we were Swamped for room and a place to put our friends. Grand royal good time all around. Such Kindness and good will Shown us will long be remembered. Good friends we appreciate you [r] good will toward us.
10 Monday. Cloudy & misty. Went to town after Dinner with Old Man Spargur. Rained a little, and Snowed about an inch during the night. Took the Red Cross Degree in the commandry. Staid all night with Fred Grimwald.
11 Tuesday. And misty Disagreeable. Came from town with Old Man Spargur. Home 1 P. M Snow about all gone this eve. Muddy. Bad Disagreeable day.
12 Cloudy and frosty. Sold chickens in Aurora. $9.28 cash. Dug Thompson Called for his hogs and I refused to let him have them because he failed to come to time. Churned. G. I. Clithroe Called and had Supper with us. Delightful evening. Clithroe visited our school mother.
13 Thursday. Fine bright clear day. Light wind west. Wash day. Jo Goodreau and his Son in law called to rent our farm.
14 Friday Cloudy & high wind south. Big Blow out at Georg[e] Reeves. It being her 40th Birth day. She was taken completely by Surprise. About 45 ate Dinner there, besides the Kids. Pleasant time all around. School Mother went home this evening with Old Fan and the Cart.
15 Saturday. Cloudy. Misty Rained Muddy Disagreeable. George went to Rice for our mail. Wilkins brought a load of cobs. I started to town but came back. Rained. Fedore Leofller Called and Paid $10.00 on his account. (note)


16 Sunday. Bright and clear. Pleasant. George went to Maddox. School mother came here.
17 Monday. Fine day. Butchered 3 Hogs. A. D. Goble and Mollie helped us. Mollie Goble & Mabel went to church School Mother went away this evening with Clithroe.
18 Tuesday. Cloudy & Pleasant. Went to town. Mother & Mollie Goble washed and made soap
19 Wednesday. Fine day. Salted our meat. Went to Aurora after noon. Paid my dues to K. P. $1.25 in full to April 1st 1895. 20 Thursday. Cloudy & fearful wind south. Dusty. The old Man's Birth Day 52 years old. Big blow out at Fred Thompson's it being his 58 mile stone in the battle of life. Good orderly crowd.
21 Friday Pretty good day. went to town after noon. Attended Lodge. Staid all night with Dr McCasey.
22 Saturday. Fine day. Mother and Fred Came to town with Henderson. Sold Old Man Newingham 40 bushels of oats. Paid cash on oats $5.00 to be delivered in the Spring. George went to Clyde. School Mother Came home with George.
23 Sunday. School mother went to town with Clithro Kids went to church also the old Lady.
24 Monday. Cloudy and cold. George and I went to town. Sold Turkeys & chickens. I staid in town F Sawdy came, and went to Soonover George met us there.
25 Christmas. Prof Sawdy with us. Roast turkey for Dinner.
26 Wednesday. Cloudy & cold. High wind north west. Wash day. Alva Wilkins & wife visited us to day. Sold him old Mell for $20.00 Dave $20.00 Wagon $20.00 1 cultivator $5.00 1 Harrow $5.00 60 Bushels of corn at 45¢ Per Bus. = $27.00 Total $97.00 and lister for 8.00 providing lister wheels is returned home from Price's. $35.00 of the above to go on taking Care of our stuff at $15.00 per month. Grand Pap Groves Called. Sawdy & George went to Dug Thompsons after noon. W H Bolen & wife Called this morning. Cold this evening.
27 Thursday. Clear & cold 2 Degrees below zero wind north. Prof Sawdy still with us.
28 Friday. Clear & cold. Mother & I went to town after noon. Staid all night with Dr. McCasey. Mother & I was at Masonic Supper. George went to Aurora in forenoon.
29 Saturday. Home 3 P. M Mr Sawdy Still here. J. T. Henderson Called in the evening. Wilkins & wife called.
30 Sunday Clear & cool. wind north John Kellenbarger, wife,


and Gib Slater & wife here for dinner. George took Prof Sawdy to Ames. Charley Pierce was here for dinner. Suffered terribly with rheumatism in my arms & shoulders. This Rheumatism is killing me.
31 Monday. Clear & cool. Wash day. Suffered awfully with rheumatis[m] in my Arms and Shoulders. Dam the rheumatism. Mother & I went to Bolens in the evening. I am full of rheumatism, this evening and all day.

January, 1895

1st Day New Year. Tuesday. Clear & cool. went to town and came home mad. Cannot move before Monday. Tramp Called for dinner. More repub prosperity. A. N. Wilkins Hauled wood & cobs. Sold 4 pig[s] for 5 Dollars.
2 Wednesday. Clear & cool. Went to town. Was examined for Pension. Saw Dr John McCasey, Frank Ellison of Topeka. Cuss the rheumatism.
3 Thursday. Cloudy & cold High wind north. Snowed a little. went to town with Henderson. Home 1 P. M. George helped Henderson put down his pump, after Dinner.
4 Friday. Cloudy & cold wind South E. Blustery. old man Abiel & Benoni Ledoux Called. Sold them Sousie cow for $26.50 on one Year's time at 8 Per cent. Cold & disagreeable.
5 Saturday. Cloudy misty snowy, and cold. George and Elmer Henderson took load [of] hay to Concordia. I & Fred took wood & chickens. Bad day. fearful rheumatic pain last night in my arms.
6 Sunday. Fine day. Clear & warm. May & Earnest Maddox called. Ira Pierce called. Detrixhe's Kids & Kit Goble were here for dinner. Rheumatism is killing me. Fearful Pain in my left arm & shoulder. Everything tore up and packed & ready to move tomorrow.
7 Monday. Cloudy and cool. Moved my household good[s] to Concordia. Bad cold high windy day. W H Bolen J. T. Henderson, John Kellenbarger and Jim Shafer also A D Goble helped us. Terrible Job never want to Move again. A. N. Wilkins moved on to our farm.
8 Tuesday. This is my first day in the city. A N Wilkins and wife called and paid me by check. 74.00 for 1 Team 1 wagon 1 cultivator 1 Harrow 1 Lister and 4 Pigs.


50. Dick, Alex, Flora and Mell were horses.
51. Dr. J. H. McCasey was superintendent of the state hospital for the insane, Topeka, in 1894 and 1895.-Kansas Historical Collections, v. 16, p. 689. He previously had been a practicing physician and surgeon at Concordia.-Concordia Blade, January 26, 1894.
52. Henry N. Gainer was state superintendent of public instruction.-Kansas Historical Collections, v. 16, p. 662.
53. Mrs. Sawdy was an early settler in Nelson township and the wife of Festus "Proff" Sawdy. She was the mother of Mrs. Simon Farnham of Lyons and Mrs. Will Brower of Clay Center.-"Kansas State Census," Cloud county, Nelson township, 1875, p. 7; Clay Center Dispatch and The Farmers' Voice, Clyde, June 28, 1894.
55. C. W. Van De Mark, a Free-Silver Republican, was chairman of this Populist meeting. he was the father of the present state senator from Concordia, M. V. B. Van De Mark. Though Senator Van De Mark bears the name of a Democratic President, Martin Van Buren, be has been a lifelong Republican and next year will have completed sixteen years in the state senate. Senator Van De Mark is also a director of the Kansas Historical Society.
56. Next to Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Lease, Mrs. Annie L. Diggs was probably the best own woman in the Populist party. She was both a speaker and writer. In 1880 she was a silk-worm enthusiast. Mrs. Diggs served as state librarian from March, 1898, to March, 1902.-William E. Connelley, Kansas and Kansans (Chicago, New York, 1918), v. 2, pp, 1152, 17.53; John D. Hicks, The Populist Revolt (Minneapolis, 1931), pp. 165, 166; Concordia Blade, September 14, 1894; Kansas Historical Collections, v. 16, p. 691.
57. The Republican newspaper replied to these estimates: "Pops have been estimating the crowd that attended Gov. Lewelling s meeting here last week at from 2,000 to 15,000. That's all bosh. 600 is a good liberal estimate and a goodly portion of that number were republicans. The pops gathered m all they could get to escort Lewelling from the Barons house to the grove and there were but 205 in the procession as counted by different persons while they were marching. Pops don't spring up out of the bushes now by the thousand as they did three or four years ago."-Coneordia Empire, September 20, 1894.
58. An encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic was held at Concordia October 16 to 19.-Concordia Empire, October 4. 18, 1894.
59. Young disposed of most of his stock and farm equipment preparatory to moving to Concordia to take office as probate judge.