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All That Glitters - Introduction

Exhibit logoDressing Up and Stepping Out

Everyone enjoys dressing up and stepping out to parties, balls, and celebrations.

Through good times and bad, Kansans have followed changes in fashion. These trends are reflected in clothing worn for special occasions.

This online exhibit features 28 of the best party dresses in the collections of the Kansas Museum of History. These dresses were made to sparkle!

This online tour is divided into five sections.
Select the first link below to embark on your tour, or visit them in any order.

  1. Hoops & Bustles: 1860s-1880s
  2. Turn of the Century: 1890-1910
  3. The Party Decade: 1920s
  4. The Honor of Your Company: Inaugural Ball Gowns
  5. Dressed in White: Wedding Gowns