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Cecil Howes Collection, 1833-1967

Collection MS. Collection No. 393



The Cecil Howes collection was donated to the Kansas State Historical Society in 1975 by Charles Cecil Howes. It contains original and copies of family correspondence, genealogical materials, diaries, and the writings of Cecil Howes and others. It is arranged by document type, and either chronologically or alphabetically within each series. There are no restrictions on use of the collection.


Cecil Howes was born on January 9, 1880 in Jefferson City, Missouri. His family relocated to Kansas when Cecil was ten years old. Howes began his journalism career in high school in Wichita, continuing through his college years at Friends University (Wichita) and the University of Chicago. Following a stint as city editor for the Wichita Eagle he became the Topeka correspondent for the Kansas City Star in 1906, a post he held for 43 years. He also wrote a column, “This Month in Kansas History,” for Kansas Teacher magazine from 1942-1950. Howes was recognized as an expert in the field of Kansas history and was a founder of the Shawnee County Historical Society. He married Bernice Vreeland by whom he had one son, Charles Cecil.

Scope and Content

This small collection contains personal and family materials including correspondence and genealogical material, historical and expository writings of Cecil Howes, and miscellaneous writings by others. A large number of photographs of family members have been removed to the photograph collection.

Contents list

Box and Folder Listing

Box 1 Folder 1: Typed copies of correspondence: Blaisdell family, 1833, 1838,
    1846, 1859, 1861-1865, 1938. Howes family, 1857, 1859-1866.
  Folder 2: Correspondence, 1857-1865.
  Folder 3: Correspondence, 1866-1900, scattered.
  Folder 4: Correspondence, 1903-1929.
  Folder 5: Correspondence, 1937-1940.
  Folder 6: Correspondence, 1941-1945.
  Folder 7: Correspondence, 1946-1949.
  Folder 8: Correspondence, 1961-1967.
  Folder 9: Correspondence, undated.
    Writings by Cecil Howes
  Folder 10: "Jayhawk Sketches", historical sketches on various Kansas topics, undated.
  Folder 11: "The Man with the White Hat: Cyrus Kurtz Holliday", undated.
  Folder 12: "Paddy: An Autobiography of a Dog, Compiled and Edited by
    Paddy's Ghost Writer", undated. 209 pp.
Box 2 Folder 1: "Pistol Packin' Pencil Pushers", undated. 45 pp.
  Folder 2: collection of brief sketches of Kansas town, monuments, and
    historic sites, undated.
    Family History Materials
  Folder 3: genealogical papers, undated.
  Folder 4: genealogical papers, continued, undated.
Box 2 Folder 5: Vreeland, Grace, diary, 1946-1947.
  Folder 6: Vreeland, Grace, diary, 1948-1952.
  Folder 7: Vreeland, Grace, diary, 1953-1957.
Box 3 Folder 1: Vreeland, Grace, diary, 1958-1959.
  Folder 2: Vreeland, Grace, diary, 1960-1964.
  Folder 3: Vreeland, Grace, diary, 1965-1966.
  Folder 4: Vreeland, Grace, diary 1967-1968.
    Miscellaneous Writing
  Folder 5: Albrecht, Abraham. "The Mennonite Settlement in Kansas", 1925.
  Folder 6: Anon. "The Committee on Skulduggery Reports", undated.
  Folder 7: "County Names of Kansas".
  Folder 8: Harris, Fred M. Statement of Fred M. Harris Before the Legis-
    lative Investigating Committee, 2 October 1933 regarding
    the Finney bond scandal.
  Folder 9: Howe, Mrs. Chloe. "Our Peerless Pawhuskan", the life story of
    Charles Curtis, 1930. [oversized. Stored in oversized box
    following collection.] Huggins, William Lloyd.
    Biographical Sketch, undated.
  Folder 10: Lapsley, Larry. Autobiographical sketch, undated. "An
    Adventure in Freedom”, paper read before the Saturday Night
    Club, undated.
  Folder 11: McCoy, M.E. Brief History of Agency House, Kansas Indian
    Agency near Silver Lake, 18 May 1940.
  Folder 12: Martin, George D. Brief narrative regarding his experiences in
    Alaska, 1903, running dispatches, undated.
  Folder 13: "Research and Education Foundation of Kansas", brief plan
    regarding prohibition, undated.
    "Record of Prohibition in Kansas", undated.
    Record of vote on constitutional amendment, 2 November 1880,
    prohibiting intoxicating liquors in Kansas.
Box 3 Folder 14: Price, James F. Biographical sketch, undated.
  Folder 15: Root, George. Paper read before the American Pioneer Trails
    Association, 30 September 1946, regarding trails.
  Folder 16: Smith, F. Dumont. Brief biographical sketch, undated.
  Folder 17: Smith, William A. "A Kansas Tragedy of the Eighties", the
    story of Charley Cobb, undated.
  Folder 18: Stone, Robert. "Life", paper read before the Saturday Night
    Literary Club of Topeka, 22 December 1945.
  Folder 19: Stubbs, Gov. Walter R. Statement before the state senate
    regarding the accomplishments of the current session,
    ca. 1910.
  Folder 20: Wise, Bishop James. Biographical sketches, undated.