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Classroom materials

Find materials that explore the rich history of Kansas that you can use in your classroom, home, library, museum, or meeting.

Read Kansas! - award-winning curriculum for primary through high school, with ready-to-use materials for students and educators

Traveling resource trunks - learn about Kansas by exploring artifacts, available online are materials allowing trunk lesson to be adapted for use without the physical objects

Virtual and video - explore Kansas's rich history with virtual tours, videos, and Nearpod lessons.

Kansas Day in the Classroom - make and Take activities, videos, sing-a-longs, and much more to use in creating a unique Kansas Day experience. Check back for new additions.

Student photo contest - Happy Birthday, Kansas! Photo Contest (primary, intermediate, middle school, and high school) Entries due by December 15.

Lesson plans - find a variety of lesson plans for the classroom from the Kansas Historical Society

Enrichment activities - find a variety of standards-based, make and take, and worksheet activities students can do to explore Kansas history

Sources for Student Research - find a variety of online Kansas primary and secondary sources

Textbook - find more information about The Kansas Journey, a textbook for seventh grade, produced by the Historical Society and how to purchase them