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E. P. Lamborn Papers

Manuscript Collection No. 156

Boxes 2 and 3 of the Lamborn correspondence are available on Kansas Memory.


This collection reflects E. P. Lamborn’s life long interest in crime, criminals and law officers. It offers a unique look at the often romanticized periods of violent crime of this country in the late 1800s and early 1900s plus the roaring twenties and thirties. Much of Mr. Lamborn’s collecting centered on these notorious periods of crime. But, in general, the material spans a life time of collecting from 1913 to 1970. It would seem Mr. Lamborn spent a great deal of time as well as money to indulge his passion for knowledge of crime and the criminal element. Maybe the letter head of Mr. Lamborn’s stationery sums up his life and collecting best: “Historian of the Middle West, also collects miscellaneous books and photos of noted bandits-noted peace officers-famous detectives-buffalo hunters.”

Scope and Content

The majority of the collection consists of newspaper clippings dating from 1915 to 1976. They are arranged under several major headings: Bank Robbery, 1915-1970; Obscure Crime, 1913-1976; and Crimes and Individuals. Crimes and Individuals is a major category that is arranged in alphabetical order by person or general topic and the clippings in this category date from 1913 to 1970.

Smaller in bulk than the newspaper clippings but of great interest to the researcher are the “Correspondence and Research” and “Transcriptions and Research” sections.

The “Correspondence and Research” section should be noted because it contains a great deal of information about outlaws and peace officers at the turn of the century. Much of this information is from friends, relatives, companies, law officers, etc., who had some connection or dealings with these individuals. The arrangement for this section, generally, is alphabetical by last name of the correspondent.

The second of these sections, “Transcriptions and Research” is material that was copied from books in libraries and private collections. Mr. Lamborn’s notes from interviews with law officers and prison officials are also in this section. This was accomplished on several trips taken by Mr. Lamborn to Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Of general interest to the researcher is the “Personal and Family” section which contains letters from family members and friends. Also of some note are early records of Mr. Lamborn’s employment with the Santa Fe Railroad. In connection with his railroad experience, the collection shows he was with the U.S. Army Engineers stationed at Fort Leavenworth during the last part of World War I. Tax records, personal loans, and land sales records indicate Mr. Lamborn remained on the farm at Leavenworth until his death in December 1978.

A large number of photographs collected by Mr. Lamborn have been transferred to the Society’s photo division. Most of these photographs are of outlaws and peace officers of the last half of the 1800s. Some of the photos were obtained from retired peace officers, prison guards, or company detectives. A large percentage are in the biographical section of the photograph division of the Kansas State Historical Society. It should also be noted that in the “Correspondence and Research” section there are a number of letters exchanged between Lamborn and Noah Rose about these photographs.

The donation of Lamborn material to the Historical Society included a large number of books. The majority of these books deal with late nineteenth and early twentieth century outlaws and peace officers. The collection contained an equal mix of fiction and non-fiction. A list by author has been compiled and is available in the Society’s library.

Collection processed and finding aid prepared by:

Waldo Koop
Art DeBacker

Contents List

Box 1


Personal and Family

Folder 1

Phyllis Porter

-1921-1931 Letters from Phyllis Porter of Denver, Colorado, to Lamborn of Leavenworth, KS. Lamborn and Porter were married June 6, 1929.

Folder 2

Porter and Lamborn

-Marriage Certificate.

Folder 3

Lamborn, E. P.

-Tax records, personal loans, land sales, and internal revenue statements.

Folder 4

Lamborn, E. P.

-War Department draft notice WWI, Army discharge, Veterans Administration War Claims, War Risk Insurance papers.

Folder 5

House, E.

-Six 1919 letters to Lamborn from E. House regarding sale of goods of Lamborn to House. House was from Topeka.

Folder 6

Atchison, Topeka &Santa Fe Railway

-Records of apprenticeship as freight car carpenter for Santa Fe Railway system from Sept. 2, 1914, to May 19, 1917.

Folder 7

E. P. Lamborn

-Miscellaneous letters and cards from family and friends.

Box 2


Correspondence and Research

Folder 1

Abell, Mrs. Henry

-Mar. 2, 1944 - Provides date on husband's death, volunteers information and miscellaneous on train robbery at "Grants."


-Postmarked March 11, 1944, Alberquerque, NM.


Ackenhausen, Charles

-Mar. 30, 1939 - from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Says knew most of Wild Bunch, but knows of no photos.


Adams, Andy

-Nov. 20, 1915 - Says date in Log of a Cowboy not reliable as "book is largely fiction." Gives short sketch of Sam Bass and acts of gang. Includes 2 undated clippings in reference bank robbery at Fort Gibson, I.T.


-Nov. 29, 1915 - Disclaims knowledge of Bass Gang.


Adams, Ramon F.

-Postmarked July 15, 1926 - Asks to buy books.


-Aug. 5, 1926 - Asks book information.


-Aug. 15, 1926 - Transmits 2 page list of books in his collection.


Adams, Ramon F.

-Aug. 30, 1926 - Discusses book availability.


-Sept. 20, 1926 - Discusses book "wants and haves."


-Sept. 26, 1926 - Book discussion.


-Oct. 17, 1926 - Tells Lamborn of transmission to him of book "The Twenty-Fifty Man."


Agee, G. W.

-Jan. 15, 1931 - Disclaims knowledge about unidentified book written by father.


Alabama, Birmingham

-Dec. 6, 1930 - Mr. Hogan of that city.


Alabama State Historian

-Aug. 14, 1947 - Disclaims possession of photo of Rube Burrow.


Alkire, Frank [?]

-Mar. 10, 1942 - Disclaims specific knowledge, generalities only.


Allen, Esther (Mrs.)

-Sept. 5, 1964 - Says "Mr. Allen passed away Sept. 29."


Allison, W. D.

-Feb. 20, 1923 - Tells Lamborn of pursuit of bank robber (alleged Black Jack) after train robbery at T & P in Martin County, Texas on July 1, 1898.


American Express Agent Pay

-Feb. 2, 1925 - Disclaims agency possession of requested photos of Logan, Curry, or Carlisle.


American Railway Express, Agent Steve Roemer

-Apr. 1, 1925 - refers Lamborn to Jeff Milton at Fairbanks, AZ


Agent Applegate

-Apr. 8, 1925 - Disclaims agency possession of train bandit photos.


Anderson, Wyatt

-Feb. 4, 1926 - Las Animas, NM. Claims brothers were Hugh and Rich Anderson. Says Hugh killed a man in Newton in the 70's, Rich killed a man in Wichita in 70's. Says Hugh and Rich with the Taylor Gang. Rich badly shot up. Rich killed a man in Texas.


Andrew, Nell (Miss)

-Dec. 21, 1925 - Discusses book availability and prices at her book shop.


Apache County, [AZ] Treasurer

-Oct. 30, 1943 - Disclaims knowledge about "Mr. Scarborough."


Arizona Pioneers Society

-Apr. 22, 1942 - Provides date and references to "Pay Shooting."


Arizona Pioneers Society

-May 4, 1953 - Mentions possession of miscellaneous by Ben Clark on "Black Jack" Christian [restricted], offers transmission of photo of Black Jack Christian.


Arizona State Historian,George Kelly

-Nov. 26, 1923 -Says no photos in possession.


-Dec. 28, 1931- Provides date of Gabriel-Pay Fight.


Arizona State Prison Official *Superintendent, R.B. Sims

-Sept. 24, 1923 -Provides prison records of Billy Stiles and Albert Alvord, sends photo of Alvord, etc.


-Nov. 13, 1925 - Says cannot transmit photos of former inmates.


*Scott White

-Feb. 24, 1928 - includes photos of prisoner George Edgar Scarborough, #4787 and escape and reward information.


-Feb. 24, 1931 - Asks Lamborn's reasons for desiring photos.


Arkansas, Fort Smith

-Dec. 12, 1928 - John Gannaway of that city.


Aten, Ira

-Sept. 22, [1939] - Disclaims recollection of specific dates. Includes letters from "Capt. Brooks" and "Capt. Hughes."


Austin Chief of Police, J. H. Rogers

-Oct. 15, 1923 - Disclaims knowledge of photos of outlaws, includes religious tract.

Folder 2

Baca, Elfego (office of)

-May 16, 1930 - Explains ownership of book Law and Order LTD, includes literature on it.


Balch, Charles T.

-Feb. 6, 1931 - Describes his adventures briefly, said he was known as "The Kid Bushwacker" and "Cherokee Charley."


-Also see letter postmarked Feb. 2, 1931.


Baldwin, Lee

-Mar. 23, 1933 - Disclaims knowledge of photos.


Barnard, Mrs. E. G.

-May 22, 1940 - about husband's book and people he knew


Bartholomew, Ed

-Nov. 7, 1952 - Offers to buy books.


-Nov. 30, 1956 - Discusses possibilities for book on


J. Selman and J. Miller.


-June 1, 1959


-June 30, 1959 - Discusses Bronco Bill (Walters).


-Sept. 19, 1959 - More on Bronco Bill.


-Apr. 21, 1960 - Offers to buy books.


-May 22, 1960 - Mentions recent move to Ruidoso.


-May 25, 1960 - Some data in reference Patano Train Robbery April 27, 1887.


-Feb. 24, 1963 - Promises Bronco Bill notes when located.


-Mar. 8, 1963 - Summarizes career of George Musgraves, et. al.


-Dec. 27, 1965 - Says has Oklahoma material on Black Jack Christian.


Bates, Joe W.

-Apr. 18, 1924 - Offers to sell or buy pictures.


-May 1, 1924 - Offers to buy pictures he wants to copy.


Includes assorted literature and notes (4 pieces).


-May 11, 1924 - Offers to sell unspecified pictures.


Beeson, Merritt

-May 21, 1933 - Lists available pictures and the studios that own them.


-Apr. 10, 1933 - Includes list of pictures in current possession. Includes"Spearville Bank Robbers #3" and "Prairie Dog Dave #27.


-Apr. 23, 1933 - Lists available pictures.


-May 1, 1933 - Offers various pictures including Belle Masterson, Bat's "wife" while he was in Dodge City.


-May 21, 1933 - Transmits pictures of Cowboy Band and identifies members (George Horder in 3 pictures).


-Nov. 13, 1933 - Lists available pictures.


-May 6, 1934 - Lists pictures in possession, including Billy Brooks. No numbers on list.


Bell, Ham

-Undated - Invitation to Boot Hill Round-Up Nov. 4 and unveiling of O. H. Simpson Cowboy Statue.


Belle Fourche, S. D., official

-July 17, 1933 - Promises information in short time.


-July 21, 1933 - Informs Lamborn about early sheriffs.


Bell Fourche, S. D., Chamber of Commerce

-Oct. 12, 1944 Refers Lamborn to local sources.


Berky, Mrs. George

-Aug. 12, 1933 - Disclaims knowledge of any photos of men captured by Sheriff Berky.


Beverly, Bob

-Oct. 29, 1941 - Knew all the Ketchums. Tells of Jim Miller's hanging. Alludes to knowledge of Fountain Murder, but prefers not to discuss, and to lack of coopertation from officials, prefers to stay out of further investigations.


Billings, Montana, Commercial Club

-July 15, 1933 - Transmits address of widow of former sheriff George Berky.


Blake, HBT Cody

-Nov. 9, 1927 Discusses ownership of pictures published by R. W. Thorp, of whom he is bitterly critical. Makes some positive statements about real ownership; many photos.


Blish, M. S.

-Nov. 25, 1918 - Discusses Reno Brothers and locality.


Booher, O. R.

-Jan. 10, 1931 - Refers Lamborn to heirs of Railway Express superintendent G. W. Agee.


Breakenridge, W. M.

-Nov. 18, 1929 - Refers Lamborn to L. D. Walters for photos.


Breihan, Carl W.

-Aug. 21, 1964 - General comment about his publications.


Briant, E. S.

-Dec. 16, 1922 - Says he shot Will Carver April, 1901, while Carver was resisting arrest. (Briant was sheriff of Sutton Co., TX).


Brininstool, E. A.

-Mar. 22, 1924 - Letter refers to sell, buy, or trade books, photos - 3 inclusions from book trader.


-Mar. 31, 1924 - Letter offers to sell rare book, asks bid.


-Mar. 24, 1925 - Quotes price on a book on criminal cases.


-Sept. 25, 1926 - Offers to sell books.


-Oct. 4, 1926 - Letter offer to sell books.


-Oct. 6, 1926 - Postcard offer to sell book about Vasquez and his alleged bowie knife.


-Oct. 19, 1926 - Offers to sell books and photos.


-Oct. 19, 1926 - Two postcard offers to sell books.


-Oct. 27, 1926


-Sept. 1, 1928 - Offers to sell books.


-May 17, 1932 - Letter offer to sell books.


-Apr. 4, 1934 - Letter offer to sell books.


-Apr. 4, 1934 - Postcard offers to sell Brininstool publications.


-Apr. 13, 1934 - Letter offers "rare bargains" in books.


-Feb. 15, 1936 - Postcard offer to sell Siringo pictures.


-Feb. 16, 1936 - Letter responds to Lamborn. Appears to spurn photo collection Lamborn claims belonged to Siringo.


Britton, F. L.

-Nov. 11, 1924 - Writer was sheriff of Gaines Co., TX. Says Ross and Milt Goode still in jail in Dallas.


Bronaugh, W. C.

-Dec. 5, 1917 - Quotes price on Bronaugh book - 2 inclusions, includes envelope.


Brooks, B. B.

-Apr. 2, 1931 - Disclaims photo possession.


Brooks, J. A.

-Jan. 1, 1936 - Short recap of law career.


Brown, George A.

-May 2, 1926 - Disclaims photo possession.


Burke, F. A.

-Feb. 17, 1925 - Disclaims photo possession by Railway Express Agency.


Burnett, J. H.

-Oct. 31, 1933 -Disclaims Railway Express agency possession of photos.


Burns, Rollie C.

-Sept. 10, 1931 - Offers to collect and compile data on Jim Miller for $10, says knew him and some of the men he was alleged to have killed.


Bursum, H. O.

-Apr. 12, 1933 - Discusses early (1890's) experience with Bronco Bill Walters and on "Kid" Johnson.


Bushick, Frank

-July 5, 1930 - Disclaims knowledge of Billy Thompson's fate.

    -Apr. 2, 1932 - Disclaims knowledge of Billy Thompson's death. Includes long excerpt (typed) from Lake's book on Wyatt Earp.
Folder 3 Cade, C. M. -Dec. 18, 1939 - Tells about experiences with Jennings Gang. Some details of Jennings Family; Burt Casey Gang.
  Caldwell, Frank -June 28, 1924 - Mentions photograph[s] of Wes Hardin in [Life of] Being photo of Joe.
    -July 28, 1924 - Offers photos.
    -Aug. 10, 1924 - Mentions account of Sam Bass death fight July 21, 1878,recently seen in Williamson County paper.
    -Sept. 6, 1925 - Says large photograph of Ben Thompson just bought by Gammel Book Store.
    -Aug. 20, 1926 - Describes photograph seen of B. Thompson in formal dress and explains about Wes Hardin book with photograph of Wes and cut of Joe.
    -Sept. 12, 1926 - Explains about cuts in Hardin autiobiography.
    -Oct. 10, 1926 - Says he will send Wes Hardin photograph extracted from his book.
    -Nov. 14, 1926 - Offers trades on books and Hardin and Thompson pictures.
    -Dec. 5, 1926 - Transmits photograph of Ben Thompson.
    -June 6, 1927 - Talks about "first flight" covers for stamp collection.
    -Aug. 1, 1927 - Asks for book wants. (2 inclusions)
    -Sept. 25, 1927 - Miscellaneous book data.
    -Mar. 24, 1928 - Says Frank Jackson has asked Governor of Texas for apardon.
    -Apr. 8, 1928 - Includes typed excerpt from Burnett paper in regard to death of outlaw Bill Whiteley.
    -Nov. 25, 1928 - Still wants Dodge City (Wright book).
    -Feb. 10, 1929 - Asks for Jennings Texas Rangers, one inclusion from Gammel Book Store.
    -May 27, 1929 - Offers to pick up material for E. P. Lamborn.
  Caldwell, Frank (cont.) -July 19, 1929 - Asks about progress on Lamborn's book.
    -Dec. 29, 1929 - Offers to send copy of clipping.
    -Nov. 25, 1931 - Transmits book wants.
    -Mar. 13, 1932 - Offers to buy books on B. Thompson and Clay Allison. Includes literature on book about A. S. Spradley.
  California State Library -Feb. 11, 1916 - Transmits known information in regard to Sontag-Evans Band.
    -July 7, 1930 - Encloses photostat news clipping on Gates Brothers capture and death Apr. 11, 1905, at Lordsburg, NM.
  California State Prison -Aug. 5, 1916 - Warden refuses request for photograph of George Sontag.
  Callahan, L. D. -May 23, 1925 - Writer and agent for C. F. Colcord, directs E. P.
    Lamborn to "That Man Stone Co.," Oklahoma City photographer.
  Campbell, W. P. -Nov. 12, 1919 - Postcard response to request.
  Carey, Henry -Oct. 12, 1939 - Writer, Dodge City publisher and distributor, offers to sell Earp book, Wright on "Dodge City" and "Last Battle" statuette.
  Casper, WY,Chamber of Commerce -May 5, 1932 - Provides addresses
  Chandler [OK] Editor -Oct. 25, 1915 - Provides address of Henry Starr's mother.
  Clark, L. G. -Oct. 25, 1927 - Writer in Cow Business since 1885 but disclaims direct knowledge of various outlaw bands.
  Clark, O. S. -Oct. 18, 1921 - Wants Wright's book on Dodge City.
    -Dec.24, 1921 - Says preparing to re-issue book on Clay Allison.
    -Jan. 5, 1922 - Discusses Wright's book on Dodge City and omissions.
    -Feb. 7, 1922 - Thanks Lamborn for loan of Wright's Dodge City;
    was disappointed in it. Comments that Wright omitted gunfights
    and gunfighters. One inclusion, a clipping calling attention to projected
    series to appear shortly in Attica, IN, Ledger-Tribune on "Scouts."
  Clark, O. S. (cont.) -Sept. 8, 1922 - Says mailed Lamborn a reprint of Clay Allison of the Washita.
    -Oct. 24, 1922 - Discusses background items on Clay Allison.
    Oct. 29, 1926 - Tells of "Croppy" Daniels killing Ed Julian at Dodge, called him cowardly. Says Dutch Henry was at battle of Adobe Walls.
    -Nov. 15, 1926 - Discusses tracking down old trail map, enclosures notfound.
    -Apr. 23, 1927 - Includes note on back of ledger explaining joshing of Will Roger's personal appearance at Lafayette, IN.
    -Sept. 1, 1928 - Says Siringo had difficulty with Pinkertons in regard to latest book and had to change title to Riata and Spur. One enclosure, a photograph of Clark.
    -Sept. 28, 1933 - Refers to "Croppy" Daniels as part of Dodge City crowd; provides many other details on Clay Allison.
  Clary, R. F. -June 30, 1933 - Disclaims knowledge in regard to photograph of Lonnie Curry.
  Coggins, J. S. -Nov. 5, 1924 - Discusses existing photographs of Jennings Gang, also Bill Taylor, Pearce Keeton. Discusses current hold-ups still working on. (Writer is Supt. Special Service for G.C. & S. F. Railway).
  Colcord, C. F. -Apr. 29, 1930 - Disclaims knowledge of photographs.
  Coleman, Max -Sept. 3, 1931 - Writer claims to have written, cited magazine article about Clay Allison.
  Colliers Magazine -Feb. 26, 1926 - Cites several articles by Owen P. White appearing in the magazine in 1925.
  Colorado State Prison Warden Official -Jan. 19, 1915 - says Henry Starr did not write autobiography in Colorado State Prison.
    -Oct. 4, 1923 - Refuses to provide copies of photographs of former inmates.
  Colorado State Historical Society -Sept. 22, 1917 - Provides some information about outlaws in Colorado in 1839-1840.
    -Sept. 17, 1930 - Refers Lamborn to Clark's book on Clay Allison for material.
  Connelly, W. E. -May 12, 1926 - Thanks for loan of book on life of Ben Thompson.
    -Sept. 24, 1926 - Discusses work in progress on Wild Bill. Asks information on book about Hardin.
  Cosner, Harry -Aug. 30, 1943 - Reports unable to find trace of Landusky Family.
  Cook, James -Oct. 17, 1929 - Unable to recall date Doc. Middleton died, found no trace of his children. Says photograph of him taken on writer's ranch in 1900, published in Cook's book 50 Years on Old Frontier.
  Cooper, Gerald -Nov. 25, 1916 - Transmits some Doc. Middleton information.
  Cooper, Perry -Jan. 13, 1919 - Transmits current address of Joe LaFors.
  Crabb, Edw. L. -Oct. 22, 1928 - Transmits information to help Lamborn track down information on Cassiday, Tom O'Day, Currie, and Logan. Says the last two cleaned out his sheep camp in 1897.
    -June 18,1943 - Gives whereabouts of Walt Puteney. Some comments about Lay (Leay) family.
    July 23, 1943 - Says Leay known in Wyoming as Maginnis. Makes some pithy comments in regard toWyoming outlawry.
    -Mar. 9, 1945 - Transmits some data in regard to Elza Lay (Leay). Crabb's evaluation of existing literature.
  Crane, R. C. -June 16, 1927 - Wants photograph of Butch Cassiday.
    -June 24, 1927 - Thanks Lamborn for offer to allow copy of his Cassiday photographs, writer promises cooperation and help to obtain copy of Scarborough photograph; also offers other photographs.
    -July 1, 1927 - Describes Ben Thompson photograph offered.
  Crane, R. C. (cont.) July 2, 1927 - Postcard passes on to Lamborn existence of "Harry Logan" story in June issue of Frontier Times.
    -Sept. 10, 1927 - Unable to obtain photographs of Hardin or J. Selman, encloses letters from W. Burges and J. Hughes on similar efforts.
    -Sept. 11, 1931 - Refers Lamborn to Stuart Lake as offering information on Sergt. King death in Saturday Evening Post story. Says another Fuller story available in Saturday Evening Post about two years before the Lake publication in 1930.
  Creede, Colorado, Mayor -June 22, 1945 - Encloses postcard pictures of Bob Ford funeral at Creede. (2 inclusions).
  Crouch, Carrie -Oct. 31, 1927 - Encloses two page sketch of Marlow Brothers. Indicates that Clay Allison's widow is refusing information to Lamborn.
    -Jan. 22, 1930 - Transmits a copy of National Republic with an article written by Mrs. Crouch.
    -Nov. 25, 1930 - Asks for data on female outlaws and characters for projected story.
  Cunningham, Eugene -Sept. 27, 1927 - Comments on Owen White history in regard to Bass outlaw (not Sam Bass) by John Selman.
    -Sept. 2, 1929 - Comments on magazine articlesrecently published.
    -Feb. 12, 1936 - Transmits information in regard to killing of Barney Mason by son-in-law in Pecos.
Folder 4   Courts and Clerks
  Arkansas State Prison Warden -Nov. 5, 1924 - No early photographs.
  Austin, TX, Court of Criminal Appeals -June 30, 1951 - Disclaims records prior to 1919.
  Chaves Co., NM, Court Clerk -Jan. 29, 1924 - Transmits trial data in regard to Geo. Musgraves.
  Cheyenne, WY, Court Clerk -Mar. 6, 1918 - Transmits trial data on Robert E. Lee.
  Frio Co., TX -May 25, 1935 - Transmits trial data on Alfred Allee.
  Grant Co., NM, J. P. -Sept. 27, 1929 - Relates no data available on death of Gates Brothers in c.1905.
  Grant Co., NM, Court Clerk -June 15, 1942 - Says no data available on of Charles Brown, William Walters, Bronco Bill, or William Cheney.
  Humboldt Co., NV -May 7, 1942 - Relates trial data on Charles Barr, alleged killer of William Stiles.
  Lawrence Co., SD -Oct. 4, 1955 - Returns letters requesting information about a bank robbery at Spearfish, S. D., no date available.
  McCulloch Co., TX -June 12, 1951 - Clerk says no record of trial for-James B. Miller.
  Missouri State Prison -Oct. 15, 1923 - Transmits photographs of numbered prisoners and recorded fates of various individuals.
  Oregon State Prison -Nov. 15, 1924 - Transmits photographs of Harry Tracy and David Merrill.
  Reeves Co., TX, Court -May 14, 1928 - Transmits information on death of Clay Allison.
    -June 19, 1951 - Transmits docket data in regard to Barney Riggs.
  South Dakota Courts -No Date - Letter or note of Court Clerk Myrtle Arnold, transmits docket data in regard to Walter Putney and Tom O'Day.
  South Dakota State Prison -Apr. 15, 1928 - Warden refuses photograph request.
  Tarrant Co., TX, Clerk -Sept. 5, 1939 - Transmits court data in regard to trial of James B. Miller for killing of Frank Fore.
Folder 5 Cummins, Jim -Nov. 7, 1917 - Lamborn asks for information on availability of book Jim Cummins. Cummins refers him to book store of Bill Sisk's at Excelsior Springs, MO.
    -Nov. 19, 1917 - Discusses availability of book.
    -Feb. 11, 1920 - Suggests Lamborn contact Mrs. Frank James at Kearney, MO., for photographs of James boys. Says he (Cummins) has a lot of his own photographs Lamborn can have at twenty-five cents each.
    -Feb. 15, 1920 - Passes on some Dalton information.
    -Feb. 20, 1920 - Tells of pneumonia illness, includes highly illegible attachments.
    -Feb. 21, 1920 - Transmits photographs [unidentified].
    -Mar. 4, 1920 - Asks Lamborn to contact theater manager in Leavenworth for potential engagement. Passes on address of survivor of Bill Anderson's company [Alfred Corum].
Folder 6 Dahlman, James C. -Oct. 22, 1928 - Transmits some Doc. Middleton information.
    -Dec. 19, 1928 - More Doc. Middleton information.
  Dealey, E. M.- -Apr. 12, 1922 - Offers trade of books and photographs.
    -May 27, 1922 - Offers trade of books and photographs.
  Deming, NM, - Chamber of Commerce -Jan. 25, 1923 - Response to Lamborn inquiry about photographs.
  Denver Post official - -Jan. 13, 1917 - Transmits train hold-up data.
  Derr, Mrs. Frank -Feb. 1, 1944 - Expresses desire not to break up collection of apparently deceased husband.
  Detective Publishing Co. -Feb. 11, 1920 - Offers to extract specified photographs from files.
    -July 19, 1921 - Offers to sell Oct., 1899 issue (Ketchum photographs) for $1.00.
  Detective Publishing Co. (cont.) -Sept. 22, 1921 - Offers to sell Dec., 1901, issue containing photographs and record of Ben Kilpatrick and others. Group of five men.
    -Aug. 31, 1923 - Says all broken files of detective magazine sold but offers to sell complete files.
    -Sept. 21, 1923 - Says back files 1885-1901 not available.
    -Apr. 8, 1924 - Quotes ad cost.
    -May 5, 1942 - Says no photographs of George Musgrave available.
  Devine, Henry -July 12, 1943 - Cannot recall details of incident requested.
  Dibell, Hohn -Apr. 2, 1934 - Transmits general data in regard to Texas incident and characters.
  Dixon, Olive K. -June 12, 1923 - Regarding Billy Dixon book.
    -June 24, 1923 - Regarding Billy Dixon book.
  Dodge, F. J. -Dec. 2, 1924 - Indicates he intends to use photographs and material himself.
    -Mar. 14, 1925 - Says he has 42 year daily diary and must reserve for his own plans.
  Duke, Ella -July 13, 1930 - Says husband Thomas died 11 years previous and she cannot help.
  Duke, Thomas -Aug. 8, 1916 - Disclaims knowledge of whereabouts of Sontag.
  Dunlap School of Finger Prints -Jan. 15, 1924 - Inquiry regarding lessons on finger prints.
Folder 7 East, James -Jan. 5, 1920
  Edington, J. M. -Nov. 1, 1920 - Postcard says has photographs of Black Jack but wishes to keep them. Refers him to dealer in El Paso.
  Edington, J. M. (cont.) -Nov. 24, 1920 - Describes photographs he has, says "Sending You 2."
    -Dec. 10, 1920 - Gives brief history of Black Jack career with datesfor events. Some information on fates of others of the gang.
  Eklund, Carl -Aug. 20, 1924 - Says has track of pictures he once had of Black Jack.
  Elks Magazine -Apr. 29, 1931 - Transmits copy of magazine having story of Butch Cassidy by Arthur Chapman. No photographs available.
  Ellensburg, WA, Chamber of Commerce -July 28, 1939 - Transmits information that one H. G. McNeil once County commissioner there.
  Ellison, R. S. -Nov. 13, 1926 - Discusses book collections.
    -Feb. 27, 1934 - Discusses book collections.
    -Apr. 10, 1934 - Discusses books.
  El Paso, TX, Chamber of Commerce -Dec. 12, 1944 - Mentions Ben Williams, Sr. as deceased.
  Evans, Chester -June 3, 1947 - Discusses early residence at Dodge City. Tells a story about Ben Daniels killing several cowboys and getting lobe of left ear shot off.
  Evans, George L. -Nov. 4, 1924 - Says U. P. does not have pictures of WilliamCarlisle in files. Same in regard to William Canada.
Folder 8 Finan, Tom - -Feb. 16, 1919 - Tells about Black Jack Gang robbery at Folson, NM, posse chase and gun battle. Says Dan Ketchum wounded in shoulder, walked 15 miles to ranch and died on his way to Santa Fe. Capture of McGinnis.
  Forman, Grant - -Mar. 6, 1934 - Says Lamborn's requests were about subjects prior to his experiences.
  Fornoff, Fred - -Sept. 24, 1922 - Introduces Lamborn to B. Williams of El Paso and Charlie Ballard.
    Postmark 1924 - Provides some information for tracing to Lamborn. Suggests he can get photographs from N. M. Pen.
  Forrest, Earle R. -June 9, 1936 - Says Dusha's big mouth was real cause for Tom Graham's death in Tewksbury feud.
  Fort Benton, MT, Chamber of Commerce -June 2, 1933 - Provided Lamborn with potential sources of information.
  Frans, W. H. -Oct. 10, 1924 - Says Clate Taylor killed in street car hold-up in company with Pat Crow[e] at Aurora, IL.
  Freeze, Alys -Sept. 19, 1959 - Includes list of books recommended for Lamborn's request for information.
  Frio, Co., TX, Sheriff -Oct. 12, 1939 - No records prior to 1900.
  Fullen, L. O. -Apr. 5, 1923 - Disclaims possession of outlaw pictures. Suggests C. Stewart of Carlesbad, NM.
Folder 9 Gale, John C. -Aug. 29, 1923 - Says U. P. Special Agents Office does not have photographs of Lonnie Logan.
  Gammels Book Store,Austin, TX -Jan. 20, 1924 - Offers photographs of J. W. Hardin.
  Gannaway, J. M. -Mar. 11, 1932 - Disclaims possession of requested photographs.
  Gardner, John E. -Mar. 19, 1923 - Offers to sell requested photographs.
    -Apr. 28, 1923 - Offers to send photographs of Joe and Joel Collins, Sam Bass, identifies each.
  Gardner, Mattie -Mar. 28, 1923 - Says John out at ranch, when home he will send photographs and identify Bass and Collins boys.
  Germain [unidentified] -Apr. 7, 1925 - Disclaims possession of outlaw photographs after R. R. retirement.
  Ganini, Charles -Apr. 24, 1933 - Says writes professionally on occasion and discusses French book published by Stokes.
    -Feb. 16, 1934 - Disclaims knowledge of whereabout of "Capt. French"or his book.
  Gianini, Mrs. Charles -July 6, 1936 - Offers to sell books by French and James Cook. Includes list offered for sale.
  Gildea, A. M. (Gus) -Oct. 20, 1923 - Has "bad nervous condition" but responds to Lamborn's question about knowing certain badmen. Still hoping to compile own book. does note in regard Ad to efforts to sell land in NM, 320 acres with $1,000 in improvements. Overlooks Deming and promises Lamborn commission if he finds a buyer. Jan. 9, 1924 - Mentions photographs of several he says is saving for his own manuscript.
  Gillette, J. B. -May 18, 1923 - Reviews career of Sam Bass.
    -June 25, 1923 - Comments on books "wants and haves."
    -Aug. 11, 1923 - Encloses pay for McIntire book.
    -Oct. 19, 1923 - Includes sales pamphlet on Jim Cook's book.
    -Oct. 14, 1924 - Disclaims existence of photographs of Bass and Barnes.
    -Sept. 15, 1933 - Requests stamps for replies. Comments on son's marriage at Kansas City, MO. Suggests swap of books to read. Says Barney killed by son-in-law, Billy Chadbourn. Comments in regard to Stuart Lake and Wyatt Earp.
  Glynn, John T. -June 9, 1922 - Solicits Lamborn's assistance in Republican nomination for sheriff at Leavenworth. Reverse side of stationery carries reproductions of clips on Glynn's career.
  Glynn's Detective Service -Mar. 28, 1924 - Offers single issues or bound book of Detective magazines.
  Gordon, Mary E. -Oct. 28, 1915 - [Henry Starr's mother] offers to sell Stock of his book.
    -Oct. 30, 1915 - Sends two books to Lamborn. Offers to provide more on consignment. Says Henry Starr's photograph taken one year ago last May.
  Griffith, W. J. -Feb. 21, 1925 - Suggests several potential photograph sources.
  Guyer, George W. -June 2, 1921 - Writer is abstracter in Clayton. Comments on evidence at trial and echoes opinions of John Guyer about trial. Strong comments in regard to "social system."
  Guyer, John R. -Mar. 10, 1917 - Says he was Tom Ketchum's lawyer at Clayton, NM, trial. Gives some details about gang and family.
Folder 10 Hadsell, Kleber H. -Aug. 15, 1947 - Is son of Hadsell and involved in capture of Bill Carlisle. Has no objection to inclusion of father's name in Lamborn's book if treated fairly but not in the way he was included in book on Carlisle.
  Hancock, J. C. -June 6, 1935 - Comments in regard to train hold-up by Grant Wheeler and others near Wilcox, AZ. Also comments in regard to Phy. Gabriel Duel. Was in Galeyville in 1881 and Burns-Lake writing all bunk. Comments on Earp-Behan Feud. Good comments in regard to Johnny behind the Deuce Lynch trial. Says Earp story was bunk.
    -Aug. 23, 1936 - Comments on Burt Alvord and others. Says he has names of all in Adobe Walls fight in 1874. Comments on Earp, Lake, and Burns. Comments about Fred Sutton.
  Harlan, J. G. -Jan. 31, 1944 - Disclaims knowledge of event at "Prison Mine."
  Harlow Publishing Co. -July 12, 1932 - Describes their book Outlaw Days In Oklahoma as coming from records of Bill Tilghman.
    -July 20, 1932 - Transmits copy of book Outlaw Days in Oklahoma.
  Hathaway, D. E. -Jan. 18, 1923 - Comments on efforts to get photograph for Lamborn.
    -Aug. 27, 1923 - Was with Billy Dixon for some trips out of Ft. Elliott.
  Hiestand, Margaret -July 21, 1942 - Says husband Oscar had photographs Lamborn requested, but had given them to "the library" from whence they later disappeared.
  Hinkle, Milt -Nov. 7, 1961 - Discusses his father and wives. Includes Rodeo clips and other Hinkle publicity.
  Homsher, Lola -Apr. 14, 1947 - Directs Lamborn to Rosenstock Book Store for copy
    of Malcolm Campbell, Sheriff.
    -July 16, 1945 - Disclaims knowledge in reference to Lamborn's requests.
  Horna, James -Jan. 5, 1953 - Offers to buy Lamborn's collection.
    -Sept. 23, 1953 - Offers to buy pictures.
  Hoy, J. S. -July 21, 1915 - Tells of death of brother, Valentine S. Hoy Mar. 1, 1898, at hand of Harry Tracy.
  Hoyt, F. A. -May 20, 1929 - Refers Lamborn to Jim Cook of Agate, NE.
  Huffman, Ruth Scott -Nov. 13, 1925 - Encloses circular of L. A. Huffman's collection of photographs.
  Hughes, John R. -May 28, 1918 - Informs Lamborn in regard to Dan Roberts, N. A. Jennings, and other Rangers publications.
  Hunter, J. Marvin -Nov. 5, 1923 - Transmits copy of Frontier Times.
    -Apr. 4, 1924 - Quotes ad costs.
    -Dec. 24, 1925 - Discusses plans to republish 1878 book on Sam Bass.
    -Feb. 12, 1926 - Asks Lamborn for publication dates of books on Bass.
    -June 21, 1927 - Discusses relationship to George Scarborough and data relative to obtaining photograph of George Scarborough.
    -Dec. 9, 1929 - Asks for date of Bud Newman's jail escape at Coleman, TX.
    -Dec. 4, 1930 - Tells of efforts to locate newspaper files at Sonora.
    -Mar. 11, 1937 - Disclaims knowledge about Brock Connett, Jim Miller, and Al Allee. Includes photograph of Hunter Museum.
    -Dec. 6, 1943 - Describes Hendrick's book, contents, and recommendations.
    -July 6, 1954 - Explains delay of Frontier Times issue.
  Hutchins, J. R. -Feb. 15, 1924 - Comments in regard to planned publication of book by himself.
Folder 11 Idaho State Historical Society -May 14, 1920 - Disclaims knowledge in reference to Teton outlaws.
  Indiana State Library -Mar. 6, 1917 - Disclaims knowledge of Reno Brothers.
    -Jan. 24, 1919 - Transmits typed transcript of Reno news story, Indianapolis News, Dec. 14, 1868.
  Indiana State Prison -Jan. 22, 1924 - Disclaims prison possession of photographs.
Folder 12 Jenkins, R. C. -Oct. 22, 1943 - Says he has bought gun collection of Fred Sutton.
  Jones, Thomas R. -June 14, 1943 - Directs Lamborn to source of information on Malta hold-up Nov. 29, 1892.
    -Aug. 17, 1943 - Was engineer on train held up by Butch Cassidy July 3, 1903. Tells story of hold-up (3 page report).
Folder 13 Kansas Farmer -Dec. 10, 1940 - Transmits reward for Coen thief apprehension.
  Kansas State Prison -Aug. 11, 1925 - Transmits photographs of Eddie Estell, Eddie Adams, Ben Cravens, and Emmett Dalton.
  Kansas State Historical Society -Sept. 20, 1915 - Informs Lamborn that he (Connelly) has secured book Lamborn wanted.
    -Oct. 16, 1916 - Connelly disclaims knowledge in reference to Medicine Lodge bank robbery.
    -June 9, 1923 - Connelly acknowledges receipt of book list.
    -Apr. 30, 1926 - Connelly asks to borrow book on Ben Thompson.
    -Feb. 3, 1927 - Connelly returns borrowed book.
    -May 2, 1933 - George Root invites Lamborn to visit-Kansas State Historical Society facilities.
    -Apr. 16, 1942 - H. McFarland informs Lamborn in regard to library facilities and book and newspaper holdings.
    -Sept. 29, 1943 - Responds to Lamborn's requests for newspaper items.
    -Nov. 12, 1946 - Root invites Lamborn to visit Kansas State Historical Society facilities for research.
  Kelly, Charles -Feb. 3, 1934 - Discusses possibility Butch Cassiday still living.
    -Sept. 30, 1940 - Comments about Matt Warner's anger at Kellybook publication.
    -Nov. 3, 1940 - comments in reference to Lamborn's collection of photographs in Rose collection. Acknowledges Lamborn's suggestions of fact corrections.
    -May 22, 1948 - Says Elza Lay's widow had threatened to sue him and discusses possession of Lay's own manuscript in Lay family.
    -Dec. 4, 1949 - Postcard thanks Lamborn for clippings.
  Kemper, Charles T. -Jan. 26, 1942 postmark - Discusses mutual acquaintance Matt Kenney; death of Lonnie Logan; Pike Landusky says knew many of the "Wild Bunch," later life of Harvey Logan.
    -Apr. 21, 1947 - Discusses fates of "Hole in the Wall" gang, many with whom Kemper claimed acquaintance. Also death of Jack Kennedy. Writer says he is Deputy County Clerk in Independence, MO (Jackson Co.).
  Kennedy, Irene -Oct. 12, 1938 - Disclaims knowledge of father, J. C. Hancock's early life.
  Kershner, W. D. -Nov. 10, 1924 - Sends photograph of King Fisher of "San Antone, TX," and Bill Kershner, under sheriff of Colfax Co., NM , in 1890 and 1891.
  Kinney, J. -May 18, 1925 - Responds to Lamborn's request in reference to book owned by father J. J. Kinney.
  Kipling, Mrs. J. B. -Apr. 9, 1930 - Disclaims knowledge in reference to husband J. B.; tells of his death Sept. 20, 1928, at Roswell, NM.
  Knox, W. T. -Nov. 10, 1928 - Tells story of Coleman, TX train robbery and his pursuit of one. Has photographs of Newman, Pearce Keeton, and Bill Taylor.
    -Jan. 28, 1929 - Has good photographs of Bud Newman and Pierce Keeton.
    -Mar. 22, 1929 - Sends photographs of bandits who held up train at Coleman Junction, TX, on June 8, 1898.
  Knoxville Sentinel, Editor -Feb. 13, 1917 - Transmits details in reference to capture of Harvey Logan near Knoxville Jan. 13, 1901.
  Koller, Joe -May 13, 1953 - Discusses Belle Fourche robbery June 27, 1897, and capture of his gang. Includes postcard response to Lamborn by Frank Thomson.
  Kosterlitsky, Emilio - -Nov. 14, 1926 - Says knew all of Black Jack gang and Hole in Wall gang, but no longer has photo- graphs or relic collection. Lost in looting of home in Sonora.
Folder 14 "Labor Dept." -Location of mine's in Leavenworth County.
  Lake, Stuart -Aug. 13, 1931 - Say L. D. Walters has "set down too much legend as fact!!!"
  Lambert, Chas. F. -Nov. 22, 1922 - Says just released book to publishers, encloses publicity circular.
    -Sept. 25, 1929 - Tells of capture of Sam Ketchum. Tells of knowing many other early characters,. Chas. Siringo, etc.
  Laramie, WY Chamber of Commerce -Aug. 8, 1934 - Directs Lamborn to former sheriff of Albany Co., now residing in Pueblo, CO.
  Leavenworth, KS Chamber of Commerce -Apr. 16, 1933 - Has written to Casper, WY, on behalf of Lamborn's efforts to obtain photos.
  Leavenworth, KS,County Attorney -Nov. 9, 1937 - Encloses two photos obtained from Wyoming State Prison.
  Lefors, Joe -Oct. 19, 1928 - Writing from Palms, CA. Disclaims knowledge of whereabouts regarding early photos.
  Leftwich, Bill -(no date) - Gathering material for book on Jim Miller.
  Levi County -Postmark June 16, 1942 - Sends promotional literature.
  Library of Congress -June 22, 1922 - Response to Lamborn's request.
    -July 12, 1922 - Says holdings of books not available for loan.
  Library of Congress -Dec. 15, 1923 - Quotes cost for photostat of Bass book.
    -Sept. 21, 1925 - Response to Lamborn.
  Lillie, A. F. -Feb. 19, 1942 - Transmits information on disposition of Lillie Collection.
    -Mar. 26, 1947 - Transmits information on whereabouts of Gordon Lillie photo collection.
  Lillie, Gordon W. -Oct. 16, 1928 - Informs Lamborn of photographers having requested photos.
  Louisville, KY, Bd. of Trade -Feb. 23, 1944 - Disclaims knowledge of whereabouts of W. O. McIntosh.
  Love, Robertus -June 21, 1926 - Disclaims knowledge of photo locations; encloses promotional circular for own book.
  Luning, Ernest C. -Nov. 11, 1923 - Has 11 original negatives taken of Black Jack hanging taken at Clayton, NM. Offers to sell.
    -Dec. 1, 1923 - Transmits 11 prints of Black Jack hanging.
  Luttrell, Laura -May 18, 1920 - Directs Lamborn to others holding informationon Harvey Logan; includes her summation of Knoxville, TN, newspaper accounts in regard to Logan's experiences in that area.
Folder 15 Lemmon, G. E. -May 27, 1935 - Tells his history of cattle working from fall of 1870 to 1923.
    -May 30, 1935 - Information on Collins Brothers, hold-up of stage, death of Johnny Slaughter, Big Springs, NE, train robbery. Tells of 7th man in train robbery, never suspected but who later was well to do rancher in Texas.
    -June 4, 1935 - Details early information on Doc Middleton. Tells of Bat Masterson's rescue of Bill Thompson and origin of Bill Thompson's trouble at Ogallah, NE.
    -June 5, 1935 - Tells of boyhood acquaintance with Sheriff Malcolm Campbell.
    -June 13, 1935 - Corrects birthdate on May 23, 1857. Parents kept Liberty Farm Station, NE, on Ben Holiday Stage Line from 1859 - 1866. Knew Joe Slade. Recalls that Bill Tucker and Bill Thompson had their "shooting match" - Nov. - Dec., 1879.
    -June 21, 1935 - Says quite sure John Gardner was 7th man in Big Springs train robbery. Says Gardner had ranch in Big Bend, TX, in 1919. Tells of early acquaintances in cattle business. Says Major Frank North really killed Tall Bullat Battle of Summit Springs, CO. Says Captain Willard killed Billy The Kid of Montana.
  Lemmon, G. E. -July 12, 1935 - Discusses grazing conditions "then and now." Slaughter family history. Some details on Bear River Riot. Says New York publisher looking over "his stuff." Met Tom Smith in Abilene in 1870.
    -Aug. 1935 - Says Brazil Brothers, Wayne and [?] running horse ranch near Nampa, ID. Tells details about Bear River Riots.
    -Oct. 28, 1935 (Postmark) - Has written to John Gardner but has received no response. Mentions Axelby Gang and Billy The Kid (but not Bonny) who led the "Staceyville" fight on the Little Missouri River. Tells of CaptainWillard telling him he and brother Fred Willard killed Billy The Kid of Montana on bank of Yellowstone River and left their bodies for the wolves and vultures. Says Calamity Jane came to the Hills [Black?] as a government mule skinner but was discharged as soon as her sex was discovered. Said she was not what could be termed a prostitute but that she usually had a companion on her hands that she kept instead of the reverse. Tells of naming of town of Lemmon, S. D. Tells of personal records in cattle business.
    -May 5, 1936 - Suggests Lamborn look up William Bradford Grimes of Leavenworht, old cattleman. Tells his experiences fighting a prairie fire near Perkins, S. D. says postmaster at El PasoInformed him John Gardner dead many years.
  Lemmon, G. E -May 14, 1936 - Repeats story of Bill Thompson - Bill Tucker shooting. Tucker was saloon operator in Ogallah. Thompson "received a double barrel load of goose shot" then taken to Gass Hotel, carried from hotel to depot by Birdie Gass and Bat Masterson, thence to North Platt, where Cody met him with buggy team, thence to Dodge City. Says the William Bradford Grimes of Leavenworth is son of old trail driver of early days who had ranch at Tres Palacios, TX. Tells of Bill Tucker's exploits.
    -Oct. 1, 1936 - Tells of Jeff Carr's current location.
Box 3    
Folder 1 Marble, A. H. -Sept. 8, 1938 - Disclaims knowledge of early outlaws or photos.
  Marble, L. A. -July 25, 1915 - Refers Lamborn to one James Clauson, of Craig, CO.
  Masterson, Tom -Nov. 3, 1933 - Says all copies of Human Life family had were destroyed.
    -Nov. 20, 1933 - Has photos of brothers Jim and Ed. Says books Hands Up and Wyatt Earp, Frontier Marshal ridiculous and impossible of belief. Says Sutton never knew Bat and Bat never had gun with notches nor any respect for anyone who carried such.
    -Apr. 9, 1934 - Says recent article in Kansas City Star interview by A. B. McDonald was a bad misrepresentation, actually taken from Stuart Lake's book on Earp. Says newspaper clips not to be relied upon, "regardless of who wrote the stuff." Says Jim Masterson arrested Clay Allison at Dodge City and Allison paid a fine for carrying concealed weapons. Says Bat rescued Bill Thompson in Aug. or late summer. Goes on to rate gunfighters he knew.
  Mathews, E. M. -Oct. 21, 1924 - Thinks he can get photos of Taylor brothers and Pat Crowe in Omaha. Says last heard of Pat Crowe, he was an evangelist living in Washington, D. C.
  Mayes, Will H. -Sept. 23, 1936 - Refers Lamborn to J. M. Hunter and F.T. magazine. Includes "History Question and Answer" column he writes for some Austin paper.
  Mayes, Mrs. Will H. -July 10, 1951 - Informs Lamborn that husband died "several years ago."
  Meadows, J. P. -Jan. 30, 1927 - Tells what he knew about John Selman and son and death of Clay Allison. describes John Selman "cold gray eyes" and"no soul whatsoever."
  Meadows, John P. -no date - Includes some information on TomKetchum.
  Mesco Picture Corp., K.C., MO -May 18, 1921 - Offers to sell photo of Jesse James, Jr.
  Miller, Glen -July 6, 1928 - Letter to George Storrs asks George to provide information on Butch Cassidy to Lamborn.
  Miller, Mrs. Sallie -Oct. 16, 1933 - Says she married Mr. Miller [James] in 1888; moved to Pecos a few years later. Said widow of Clay Allison married a Lee Johnson, says Lee, Jr . a very successful lawyer at Ft. Worth and daughters prominent in society. Believes Lee Johnson, Sr. is a banker.
  Mississippi State Prison -Mar. 12, 1924 - No pictures of Rube Burrows Gang members available.
  Missouri State Historical Society -Oct. 12, 1917 - Provides book data on James Gang and Jim Cummings.
    -July 21, 1955 - Provides Lamborn with references for research on George Taylor; "Meeks Family Tragedy." Includes typescript in reference to above.
  Missouri State Penitentiary -Sept. 13, 1923 - Transmits copy of Bertillon photograph of John F. Kennedy 2798, also known # as "Quail Hunter." Says no photographs available before 1908.
    -Sept. 21, 1923 - Provides prison records of various outlaws.
  Mokler, Alfred J. -Sept. 26, 1931 - Offers to sell copies of History of Natrona County, Wyoming.
  Monaghan, Jay -June 5, 1947 - Includes typescript material on Walter Mayo.
  Montana State Historical Society -Nov. 23, 1916 - Directs Lamborn to available copies of Dimsdale's Vigilantes.
  Montana State Historical Society -July 19, 1934 - Includes known material in reference to Curry and others of "Hole-In-Wall" gang. Includes "River Press" news item in typescript (Jan. 9, 1895) death of Pike Landusky.
    -Aug. 8, 1934 - Corrects mistaken assumption by Lamborn.
    -Oct. 28, 1940 - Disclaims published data on outlaws.
  Moore, W. S. -July 9, 1943 - Left Pecos in 1887, intimates knew many Texas bad men and shootists but tells little.
  Moos, H. A. -Sept. 28, 1926 - Book dealer (Texas), includes typed list of books available.
  Morweiser, M. -Dec. 19, 1924 - Writer, Chief Special Agent for Rock Island Railroad, says Mr. Germain no longer with railroad and he has passed Lamborn's request on to him.
  Murphy, Miss Leslie -May 16, 1942 - Writer, employee of New Mexico Museum, transmits excerpt from Miguel Otero's book in reference to death of Clay Allison.
  Murray, Julia -April 19, 1927 - Writer, Kansas City, MO. Text indecipherable.
  Murray, Wm. H -(no date or postmark) - Writer is a Kansas City, MO book dealer, encloses his catalog of Jan., 1917, History and Genealogy books.
Folder 2 - McCarthy, D. F. -Oct. 11, 1921 - Inquiries in reference to Lamborn's book collection.
    -Oct. 19, 1921 - Discusses Fred Bechdolt writings and research. Writer says he was well acquainted with Black Jack Gang.
    -Nov. 7, 1921 - More on Bechdolt research.
    -Dec. 23, 1925 - Discusses availability of gunfighters photographs.
  McClement, J. J. -Mar. 6, 1925 - Writer, Chief Special Agent for Union Pacific Railroad, refers Lamborn to Robert Medrum at Wolcott, WY,and Charles Siringo books.
  McDonald, A. B. -Jan. 14, 1926 - Looking for unpublished photo of Wild Bill. Lists trading material, rare books.
    -Aug. 3, 1928 - Asks for invitation to come see Lamborn's book collection.
    -Aug. 28, 1941 - Says illness has kept him from responding. Gives several suggestions for Lamborn's research efforts.
  McIntosh, Owen M. -Mar. 8, 1944 - Tells of death of father, W. O. McIntosh, volunteers his help in Lamborn's query directed to his father.
  McKenzie, C. L. -July 27, 1928 - Writer, Superintendent for American Express, disclaims knowledge of information in files of agency. Attachmentof Nov. 18, 1924, refers Lamborn to Captain F. J. Dodge.
  McKinney, Joe T. -Nov. 15, 1932 - Says One-Shot Charley Dusha was a fraud who should have been called "Two Shot Charley." Says he (McKinney) was involved in Tonto Basin War. Includes photo of self and family.
    -Mar. 31, 1933 - Discusses early cowboy career of Tom Ketchum. Says writer was guard at Arizona State Prison while Bert Alvord served his term. Says Billy Stiles killed at Goldfield, NV, while deputy sheriff there under the name of William Larkin. Tells of later life of Bill Downing.
  McNitsky Printing Co. -Mar. 19, 1919 - Responds to Lamborn's query about book availability and price. Includes promotional literature.
Folder 3 - Natrona Co., WY, Public Library -Aug. 6, 1942 - Claims some pictures not found. Inclusion suggests photos available at Wyoming State Library.
  Nebraska State Historical Society -Oct. 11, 1916 - Includes notes on 1879 arrest of Doc. Middleton and penitentiary records.
    -Sept. 16, 1930 - Transmits Society notes on Doc. Middleton. Says nothing available on "Cimmaron Bill."
  Nebraska State Historical Society -Aug. 26, 1931 - Transmits magazine relating to"Wild Bill-McCanles tragedy." Solicits his membership.
  New Mexico Historical Society -May 9, 1927 - Transmits data on Joel Fowler.
    -Oct. 9, 1929 - Disclaims availability of information on Clay Allison.
  New Mexico Magazine -Sept. 9, 1938 - Transmits magazine story in referenceto Clay Allison and Ketchums. Refers Lamborn to M. A. Otero.
  New Mexico State Prison -Sept. 30, 1923 - Transmits prison photos of WilliamWalters, L. Alverson, Walter Huffman, and Bill Waterman. Refuses to send other photos requested.
  Nichols, L. B. -Nov. 10,1915 - States inability to locate book by Henry Starr.
  Nix, E. D. -June 19, 1915 - On stationery of Eagle Film Co., tells ofinvolvement in filming "Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaw" and includes publicity folder.
    -Jan. 2, 1920 - Does not have requested photos.
    -May 14, 1930 - Recommends book Oklahombres by Nix.
  Nordin, Charles R. -July 9, 1926 - Offers to part with Freeman's Midnight and Noonday. Lists other books for sale/trade, photos.
    -Aug. 4, 1926 - More buy, sell, trade chat.
    -Aug. 17, 1926 - Offers to sell/trade some of his book stock. Still wants Dodge City book by Wright.
    -Aug. 28, 1926 - Transmits Freeman's book.
    -Oct. 31, 1926 - Postcard offer to sell books by Fred M. Hans and Theodore Baughman.
    -May 26, 1927 - Offers to trade for Lamborn's copy of Wright's Dodge City.
    -Oct. 7, 1930 - Transmits borrowed photos. Offers to exchange further.
    -Sept. 8, 1931 - Offers to sell books by A. B. McDonald Hands Up; Cook, 50 Years on Old Frontier; Gillette, 6 Years with the Texas Rangers. Suggests trades on photos wanted.
    -Sept. 12, 1931 - Discusses various photo collection owners. Includes list of photos he has.
  Nordin, Charles R -Feb. 14, 1936 - Has dispensed with book collection, now concentrating on photos and old firearms.
    -Feb. 20, 1941 - Has sold all western books, offers photo copies for sale.
Folder 4 - Ohio Penitentiary -Dec. 6, 1923 - Does not have requested photos.
  Oklahoma Historical Society -Jan. 30, 1917 - Says time not available to research Lamborn's request.
    -Mar. 23, 1920 - States limited photos available.
    -Dec. 8, 1921 - Discusses Codding Case.
    -Dec. 21, 1924 - Promises "Tulsa Jack" photo when found and information on Christian Brothers jail break.
    -Jan. 30, 1930 - Provides current address of Charles T. Balch.
  Oklahoma State Prison -Apr. 22, 1915 - Warden disclaims knowledge of book by Henry Starr.
  O'Neil, M. F. -Apr. 28, 1935 - Says he was fireman on train held up by Wild Bunch at Wagner, MN.
  Otero, Miguel A. -Sparingly answers Lamborn's questions. Recommends that Lamborn read his (Otero's) books.
    -Dec. 21, 1936 - Tells much about W. H. McGinnis (Elza Lay) life in New Mexico Penitentiary and afterwards. Otero defends McGinnis's character.
                   -Jan. 5, 1937 - Criticizes William French's book about New Mexico history. Does not wish to be quoted from statements made in his letters.
Folder 5 Patton, Mrs. Hugh L. -May 26, 1932 - Says husband had a photo of Bill Carlisle, but probably left it in sheriff's office when made U. S. Marshall.
  Pinkerton Agency -Apr. 18, 1917 - Wishes to know Lamborn's identity before transmitting booklet.
    -Feb. 15, 1924 - Transmits booklet on outlaws.
  Poe, John W. -Jan. 21, 1916 - Refers Lamborn to Leland Pharmacy of Roswell for a copy of unidentified book.
  Poe, John W. -Apr. 30, 1922 - Disclaims knowledge in reference to availability of Garret's book on BTK. Recommends C. L. Ballard of El Paso for authentic information on Tom Ketchum.
  Poe, Sophie -Mar. 6, 1927 - Says late husband had no photos of early outlaws.
  Prescott, AZ,Chamber of Commerce -Dec. 21, 1944 - Provides address of Mrs. George Riffner, widow.
  Price, J. H. -May 4, 1915 - Discusses cattle feud that broke out near Porum, OK, in June, 1911 - Mob action.
  Postmaster, Austin, TX -Oct. 31, 1923 - Says impracticable to furnish Lamborn with photos of criminals.
    -July 9, 1928 - Says does not have data on jail breaks by Bill Taylor.
  Blythe, CA -Mar. 8, 1927 - Says George Scarborough receiving mail there at Box 202.
  Denver, CO -Nov. 12, 1923 - Office does not have photos.
  El Paso, TX -Mar. 16, 1927 - Directs Lamborn to Mrs. George Scarborough.
  Postmaster, Kansas City, MO -Nov. 21, 1923 - Reward poster for Louis Ackley.
    -Dec. 13, 1923 - Reward poster for Herschell H. Mason.
    -Aug. 5, 1927 - Reward poster for Mr. and Mrs. John P.Carroll.
    -Oct. 11, 1928 - Reward poster for Edwin Becker (2), John Lloyd Smith (2).
    -Jan. 2, 1929 - Reward poster for John Alva Turner.
    -May 1, 1929 - Reward poster for John Clark.
    -May 29, 1929 - List of stolen firearms.
    -Aug. 12, 1929 - Reward poster for Harry M. Pinkney, alias Harry M. Parker.
    -Aug. 30, 1929 - Reward poster for Ruth Featherston.
  Postmaster, Kansas City, MO -Aug. 30, 1929 - Reward poster for Fred Egan.
  San Francisco, CA -Nov. 2, 1923 - Has no photos as requested. Refers Lamborn to Washington, D. C. office.
  Tuscon, AZ -No address on file for W. H. Loomis.
  Washington, D. C. -Nov. 9, 1923 - Says photos it has in file must remain in P. O. possession.
    -June 21, 1928 - Reward posters (2) for R. B. Webster and C. Thomas Mitchell, Jr.
Folder 7 Rainey, George -Mar. 4, 1934 - Says book The Cherokee Strip is now on sale.
  Raphael, Hugh -Feb. 17, 1925 - Says St. Joseph, MO Police Dept. does not have photos of James Brothers or Taylor Brothers.
  Rawlins, WY, Chamber of Commerce -June 30, 1947 - Provides address of son of Frank Hadsell.
  Reno, W. H. -Sept. 12, 1921 - Writer, Chief Special Agent for Colorado Fuel and Iron. Has complete record of Black Jack Gang, photos of Sam and Tom Ketchum.
    -Sept. 12, 1921 - Virtual duplicate of the above.
    -Sept. 22, 1921 - Says extremely busy because of "labor situation." Provides some details on the Ketchums.
    -Aug. 11, 1922 - Says busy with "labor situation" Says record she has is in book form he intends to publish.
    -Sept. 11, 1922 - Letter of introduction to O. T. Clark of Trinidad, CO.
    -Sept. 12, 1922 - Reno provides letter of introduction to Lamborn.
    -Oct. 21, 1922 - Makes appointment to meet Lamborn at Columbian Hotel in Trinidad, CO.
  Reynolds, Mrs. Irene -Aug. 1, 1922 - Husband N. A. died Mar. 1, 1922. refers Lamborn to Jim Gillette.
  Richardson, James L. -June 21, 1930 - Writer for sheriff's office at Redding, CA, gives 2 ½ page synopsis of Gates Brothers career. Hold-up of train in county on Mar. 31, 1904.
  Rivkin Studio -July 13, 1924 - Offers photo of Henry Starr for $4.00 each.
  Roberts, Mrs. D. W. -Nov. 3, 1929 [?] - Acknowledges order for book. Says Captain Roberts has no further information.
    -Postmark, Mar. 21, 1929 - Promotional literature on book Mrs. Roberts wrote.
  Roth, Charles B. -Feb. 19, 1931 - Says criminal Charles Allison was Clay's brother.
Folder 8 Rose, Noah H. -Apr. 27, 1926 - Will send photo of Ben Thompson. Suggests possibility of trading for photos that Lamborn has.
    -May 2, 1926 - Is sending photo of Ben Thompson. Says Hunter well pleased with duplicate.
    -Aug. 4, 1926 - Due to sickenss of sister has been taking care of ranch, hence delays in correspondence and filling orders. Not yet able to secure a photo of John W. Hardin [Letter damaged by mice - much of text missing].
    -Oct. 4, 1926 - Details efforts to get Scarborough and Selman photos.
    -Oct. 3, 1927 - Envelope indicates Rose is with the Morris Studio. Says lost all his photos in studio fire several years ago.
    -Oct. 27, 1927 - Says now has 250 negatives counting "everything." Discusses problems with others copying "his" photos. Says he has "great" 8 x 10 photo of Wild Bunch.
    -Nov. 8, 1927 - Discusses copyright problems, origin of photos.
    -Nov. 14, 1927 - Discusses efforts to identify persons in Sam Bass group after Jim Gillett views them and disputes identification.
    -Nov. 21, 1927 - Discusses current illness and resulting delay in photo copying.
    -Nov. 26, 1927 - Discusses recovery and completion of photo order.
  Rose, Noah H. -Feb. 21, 1928 - Says Selman photo obtained by Hunter from A. M. Gildea includes current inventory and price list.
    -Feb. 25, 1928 - Transmits a lot of photos in addition to Lamborn's order.
    -Mar. 5, 1928 - Has just obtained 2 photos from L. D. Walters of Kid Thompson and Cole Young. Says photo of King Fisher obtained from Mr. Gildea. Says has completed identification of Sam Bass photo group.
    -Mar. 28, 1928ca. - Transmits photo of Butch Cassidy gang and other photos described.
    -Apr. 4, 1928 - Thanks Lamborn for $5.00 order.
    -Aug. 29, 1928 - Corrects I.D. on King Fisher photo.
    -Sept. 14, 1928 - Lists a number of photos he is sending Lamborn gratis.
    -Postmarked Dec. 1, 1928 - Acknowledges Lamborn's letter.
    -Dec. 5, 1928 - Mentions that Joseph E. Milner of Portland has volunteered to let Rose copy his large collection of photos.
  Mueller, George A. -Jan. 22, 1929 - Letter writer informs that Mr. Rose is in hospital and had asked him to inform his friends and customers.
  Rose, Noah H. -Mar. 24, 1929 - Rose is recuperating and picking up business. Says that Lamborn sent him (Rose) photo of Black Jack Christian.
    -Apr. 22, 1929 - Lists a number of recent acquisitions to photo collection.
    -May 1, 1929 - Does not have photo of Rowdy Joe but will ask Thorp for one.
    -Oct. 4, 1929 - Says now has Rowdy Joe photo, obtained from Thorp on recent visit to Rose. Comments on recent illness and July accident. Includes newsclip about accident.
    -Oct. 19, 1929 - Transmits photo copies on approval.
    -Oct. 19, 1929 - Corrects count on photos sent.
    -Nov. 7, 1929 - Both still looking for photos of Holiday, Frank Leslie, Frank Waite, and J. W. Hardin.
    -Apr. 17, 1930 - Postcard says Rose is sending more photos "on inspection."
    -May 15, 1930 - Sends more photos ordered by Lamborn. Says has received some from Emmet Dalton.
  Rose, Noah H. -May 28, 1930 - Says John Selman photo came from A.M. Gildea of Pierce, AZ, through Hunter. Has Ben and Billy Thompson photos, plus Wes Hardin photo was given to him by Frank Bushick, who had gotten them while he was editor of S. A. Express. Includes letter of F. J. Dodge to Marvin Hunter and inventory list of Vernon Lemley of Osborne, KS, a photo collector and dealer.
    -Oct. 27, 1930 - Says unable to locate photo of Alfred Allee. Suggests Lamborn workup a trade with Kansas man on photos.
    -Nov. 11, 1930 - Disappointed that Lamborn did not want any of the pictures sent but describes others that he has.
    -Nov. 20, 1930 - Lists recent acquisitions, asks Lamborn's help in identifying. Rose still trying to get access to F. J. Dodge collection. Discusses mutual, unsuccessful efforts to contact Stuart Lake.
    -Nov. 24, 1930 - Asks for identification of W. C. Moore and George C. Sontag. Includes some photo copies of press clippings.
    -Dec. 1, 1930 - Says has 755 negatives to date.
    -Dec. 19, 1930 - Deals with Lamborn's efforts to get photostat of S. A. Express items. Asks for Lamborn's comments on Rose collection for publication. Includes letter fromExpress.
    -Dec. 31, 1930 - Discusses Lamborn's efforts to contact Stuart Lake.
    -June 15, 1931 - Explains that all his Clements family pictures came from Gip Clement's daughter, now a Mrs. Andrews.
    -July 30, 1931 - Discusses problems with getting to copy photos. Includes letter from Express Pub. Co.
    -Aug. 18, 1931 - Explains problems with dating pictures. Encloses copy of letter, N. H. Rose to Stuart Lake.
    -Aug. 28, 1931 - Encloses letter to Miss LaVere S. Anderson, for Lamborn to remail.
    -Sept. 11, 1931 - Acknowledges letter from Lamborn, also letter Charles Nordin to Lamborn. Includes Joe Milner letter [not found].
    -Sept. 24, 1931 - Discusses problems with other photo collectors wanting to trade. Misunderstanding about death of Manning Clements.
    -Sept. 30, 1931 - Discusses problems trading for photos from Charles R. Nordin.
  Rose, Noah H. -Oct. 9, 1931 - Discusses "cash flow" problems since bank closed.
    -Oct. 16, 1931 - Has completed copying best photos from Nordin collection. Inquiries about Doc. Middleton character.
    -Oct. 29, 1931 - Inquiries about D. C. McCanles, Arkansaw Tom, and Doc. Middleton. What notable things did they do?
    -Nov. 16, 1931 - Discusses problem collecting from Stuart Lake and others.
    -Feb. 20, 1932 - Discusses photo I.D. of Manning Clements and disagreement in Clements family as to I. D.
    -Mar. 16, 1932 - Says Lake has best amount of "bull" descendants. Includes obituary clippings in reference to death of J. H. Clements.
    -Mar. 18, 1932 - Discusses relationship with Frank Bushick. "Oklahoma Outlaw" photos.
    -Apr. 9, 1932 - Discusses Swearengen and collection of comments again on Lake, Earp vs. Texans, and reactions of Clements family. Comments this letter written on his 58th birthday. Includes photo newsclip by Ben McCulloch's daughter, in reference to Hardin's career.
    -May 5, 1932 - Discusses Hardin - Clements family.
    -May 20, 1932 - Acknowledges receipt of pack of photos from Lamborn for copying.
    -May 28, 1932 - Has letter from Mrs. Joe Clements denying Lake's statements about Clements boys. Says Manning Clements, Sr. killed the Shaddon Boys because of tale bearing acquaintances that old man Manning killed by Joe Townsend at Ballinger, TX, Mar. 27, 1887. Buried at Milburn, McCulloch Co., by fellow lodge members (Odd Fellows). Tells of death of Mannie, Jr. 1908. Says Sallie Miller, Jim Miller's widow now running hotel at Ft. Worth.
    -June 28, 1932 - Discusses some trade secrets in reference to touch-up techniques.
    -July 7, 1932 - Makes some pithy political comment on the times.
    -July 11, 1932 - Postcard P. S. to previous letter.
    -Aug. 18, 1932 - Postcard transmits Holliday photo.
    Sept. 9, 1932 - Pithy comment in reference to hard times- politicians.
  Rose, Noah H. -Apr. 6, 1933 - Discusses general financial conditions. Received photo of J. W. Hardin through cousin Joe Hardin's wife.
    -May 2, 1933 - Says business so bad he must walk to the Post Office (5 miles) for lack of 10 cent carfare. Having difficulty with the Army War College at Washington, D. C. over N. R. A. photo code.
    -Oct. 5, 1933 - Postcard provides address of Mrs. Sallie Miller at Fort Worth.
    -Nov. 23, 1933 - Includes photostat of clipping from San Antonio Light and announcement of Gene Cunningham's book Triggernometry.
    -Apr. 3, 1934 - Points out business much better recently. Includes list of photos available and promotional pamphlet from Bushick's "Glamorous Days."
    -May 12, 1934 - Postcard says business now rotten.
    -May 15, 1934 - Discusses effect of hard times. Includes a list of pictures submitted to Lamborn.
    -May 21, 1934 - Conveys his excitement at receiving a ten dollar bill from Lamborn.
    -June 8, 1934 - Postcard indicating he is waiting to hear from Lamborn.
    -June 18, 1934 - Postcard indicated Lamborn has found a photo collection.
    -Sept. 1, 1934 - Asks Lamborn's help in contacting photo collection owner in Kansas. Includes news clipping of Texas longhorn steer.
    -Nov. 7, 1934 - Postcard asks Lamborn order Cunningham book.
    -Dec. 3, 1934 - Queries Lamborn in reference to lack of communication.
    -Dec. 17, 1934 - Discusses clipping (attached) from Tombstone epitaph attacking accuracy of Lake in recounting Earp exploits.
    -Jan. 5, 1935 - More of financial hardships. Mentions some dislike of Fred Sutton's "ways."
    -Jan. 16, 1935 - Postcard acknowledges receipt of photos from Lamborn.
    -Jan. 19, 1935 - Is working on Lamborn's photos.
    -Feb. 7, 1935 - Is working on Lamborn's photos.
    -Feb. 18, 1935 - Postcard says he is returning Lamborn's photos to him.
    -Feb. 24, 1935 - Reports difficulty with Beeson.
  Rose, Noah H -May 13, 1935 - Explains he copied BTK photo from tintype, hence reversed, making BTK look left handed.
    -Mar. 16, 1936 - Explains some legal complications of copying and selling photos, especially of J. W. Hardin.
    -May 8, 1936 - Discusses his current tack of obtaining afidavits to his rights to photos, includes some sample affidavits. Also copy of news clipping by Ernie Pyle in reference to Rose and his collection.
    -Sept. 14, 1938 - Comments about recent National Frontiersmen Assoc. Convention at Houston last Nov. Includes envelope full of clippings about self and collection. Included is a photo of Rose at work.
    -May 7, 1940 - Comments on Brewery using his photo of Roy Bean court for calendars. Includes a number of news clipping copies.
    -May 11, 1947 - Tells about flood misfortune and salvaging collection.
    -No Date - Elaborates on difficulties with Army College over sale of prints. Discusses Clements family. Includes news clippings of interest in reference to Wyatt Earp by Anton Mazzanovich and Herbert Cody Blake. Photo of Stuart Lake and letter by Floyd Streeter.
    -Dec. 10, 1949 - Postcard acknowledgement of receipt for Lamborn's order for Album of Gunfighters.
    -May 10, 1950 - Postcard explaining delay of publication Album of Gunfighters.
    -Oct. 26, 1950 - Postcard stating delivery of Album of Gunfighters within few weeks.
    -Feb. 15, 1951 - Postcard stating delivery of Album of Gunfighters within 30 - 60 days. cannot find requested photos.
Folder 9 St. Louis Chief of Police, Sann, Paul -July 15, 1953 - Wants to buy outlaw photos.
  Saunders, G. W. -Nov. 23, 1922 - Transmits a copy of Trail Drivers of Texas with promotional letter.
    -Dec. 9, 1922 - Recommends Gillett's book Six Years a Texas Ranger.
  Schon, H. W. -June 18, 1941 - Says is friend of Charles Nordin. Says Nordin is owner of Doc Carver collection (museum) near Omaha.
  Scott, W. W. -Feb. 6, 1933 - Offers to sell outlaw photos.
  Selvy, C. -Nov. 22, 1924 - Writer is Superintendent of Special Servicefor Santa Fe Railroad. Passes on information in referenceto photos of Black Jack, Bronco Bill and one Red Pipkin.
  Shannon, Mrs. Baylor -Feb. 2, 1923 - Says husband has no photos.
  Shields, Robert W. -May 15, 1942 - Offers to sell Life of John Reno by John Reno, and book by Shields Story of the Reno Gang. Includes soiled proof pages of mimeograph.
    -May 22, 1942 - Acknowledges receipt of money for books promised in letter of May 15, 1942. Adds some information about Reno Brothers and photos. Includes promotional sheet on book Life of John Reno, edited by R. W. Shields.
  Shirley, Glen -Postmarked Dec. 3, 1956 - Promotional card for Sixgun and Silver Star.
    -Aug. 28, 1965 - Offers to sell copy of Henry Starr, Last of the Real Badmen. Disclaims knowledge of photos of Christian Brothers, Bill Raidler's death and Dalton Brother's mother.
  Shoemaker, Floyd -Oct. 16, 1917 - Transmits information in reference to books about Jim Cummins.
  Simpich, Frederick -Sept. 8, 1944 - Says cannot recall interviewees at Creede, CO.
  Simpson, James S. -Nov. 21, 1928 - Refers Lamborn to his brother, Attorney William L. Simpson, at Thermopolis, WY.
  Simpson, O. H. (Doc) -Nov. 8, 1929 - Says the story of Clay Allison bluffing Dodge City officers is all fiction. Promotion for "Boot Hill Celebration."
  Simpson, William L. -Oct. 16, 1928 - Says Tom O'Day has been living in Missouri with his sister for a good many years.
  Sonnichsen, C. L. -Jan. 22, 1953 - Says Sallie Clements living in Roswell, NM, now. Discusses Reese-Townsend feud.
    -Feb. 15, 1953 - Thanks Lamborn for information.
  South Dakota Circuit Court -Aug. 20, 1947 - Gives dates and outcomes for trials of Walter Putney and Tom O'Day for robbery of Belle Fourche, S. D., bank on June 28, 1897.
  South Dakota State Historical Society -Nov. 13, 1919 - Gives data on Belle Fourche bank robbery and persons involved.
    -May 11, 1955 - Responds to request for information on Spearfish, S. C., bank robbery. Says cannot provide unless Lamborn provides exact date.
  Sowell, A. J. -Oct. 3, 1920 - Disclaims knowledge of any remaining books by himself.
  Sparkes, G. M. -Nov. 9, 1923 - Suggests Lamborn write to "State Historian" at Phoenix for photos desired.
  Sparks, A. M. -Oct. 26, 1927 - Says collects outlaw photos and wants to buy some of Lamborn's. Lists his wants on reverse.
    -Nov. 28, 1934 - Wants to exchange photos.
    -Jan. 31, 1935 - Wants to exchange photos.
  Stanley, F. -May 19, 1954 - Says Clay Allison book to be ready Dec., 1954.
    -Apr. 16, 1955 - Working on Clay Allison book.
    -Oct. 11, 1956 - Explains delay in delivering book on Clay Allison
    -No Date - Letter promotes his book on Jim Courtright.
  Starnes, Lee -July 6, 1958 - Wants unpublished photo of Jesse James. Asks for detailed physical description of Jesse James.
    -Dec. 22, 1958 - Relates his interest and research in reference to James Brothers. Questions identity of man killed as being Jesse James.
    -Jan. 11, 1959 - Continues his belief that Jesse James not killed in St. Joseph, MO.
    -July 5, 1961 - Mentions accumulation of collecting on the "James Mystery."
  Stephens, W. T. -Sept. 29, 1934 - Related details of train robbery at or near Malta, MT, experienced by his friend W. S. Griffith. Also tells of killing of Johnny Curry by Jim Wintersat Winters's Ranch.
    -Mar. 5, 1935 - Tells of his own background. Encloses snapshot of himself in hunting camp, also news clipping in reference to Pike Landusky.
  Stephens, W. T. -July 25, 1942 - Discusses association with Jim Helmer (Montana Jim).
    -Aug. 6, 1942 - Says is sending pages from his scrapbook (not found with letter).
    -Aug. 21, 1942 - Is feeling fine now. Includes addresses of some people he recommends to Lamborn for some information.
    -May 6, 1943 - Mentions sudden passing of C. W. Powell who knew Curry Boys and had promised to type a story about them for Stephens. Is includingphoto of self and Powell (not found with letter).
  Stewart, M. C. -Dec. 23, 1922 - Served 18 years as sheriff of Eddy Co., NM. Had captured William H. McGinus, member of Black Jack Gang.
  Storrs, George -Aug. 8, 1928 - Was a Utah sheriff during the Wild Bunch era. Recommends that Lamborn contact a Mr. Henry East at Castle Gate, Carbon Co., UT.
  Stovall, H. S. -Feb. 3, 1929 - Says studio at Dodge City was burned several years ago and all negatives destroyed.
  Streeter, Floyd -Feb. 28, 1935 - Discusses his research of and findings in Sheriff Whitney killing at Ellsworth, Vis-à-Vis Lake version.
  Sunset Magazine -Sept. 23, 1916 - Says George Sontag recently released from prison but disclaims knowledge of present whereabouts.
  Sutton, Fred -Aug. 16, 1925 - Has Kansas City residence, is dealer in Oklahoma and Texas oil lands. Comments on Lamborn's book collection.
    -Aug. 12, 1927 - Says "My book" will be out soon. Asks for loan of book on Clay Allison.
  Swearingen, H. T. -Oct. 22, 1928 - Has collection on outlaw photos "arranged" by Heck Thomas. Will sell photos at $1.00 each.
    -Nov. 4, 1928 - Lists photos available. Refers to "Heck Thomas" collection.
    -Nov. 13, 1928 - Explains groupings in photos.
    -Nov. 20, 1928 - Sending 2 photos. Refers Lamborn to Chris Madsen "still living" at Guthrie, Zoe Tilgham at O. C.
  Swearingen, H. T. -Nov. 27, 1928 - Has negative of Jennie Metcalf, is sending print.
    -Dec. 1, 1928 - Met Madsen "yesterday" and Madsen collection had nothing new except "Captain Willie" and Ben Cravens.
Folder 10 Siringo, Charles -May 13, 1916 - Tells Lamborn information he seeks can be found in several of his books. Includes promotional card for Reminiscences Of a Lone Star Cowboy.
    -May 18, 1916 - Acknowledges receipt of money. Says sending him clothbound copy of Cowboy Detective. Directs him where he can obtain paper cover for it.
    -Oct. 24, 1917 - Next book will be delayed until end of war. Includespromotional card for Reminiscences of a Lone Star Cowboy.
    -Nov. 22, 1919 - Postcard promotion of A Lone Star Cowboy.
    -Jan. 22, [1920] - Postcard promotion for A Lone Star Cowboy plus book of cow camp songs. Message says George Harold presumed dead.
    -June 4, 1920 - Postcard promotion for A Lone Star Cowboy plus History of Billy The Kid.
    -Sept. 9, 1921 - Says going into Jemez Mountains to look for gold. Includes prospectus of "Siringo's Gold Prospecting Association." Includes a printed page telling of "Lost Adams Diggings" in Superstition Mountains.
    -Oct. 8, 1921 - Arranges exchange of books. Includes his business card.
    -Dec. 28, 1921 - Postcard promotion for his books. Message says he has been ill.
    -Jan. 28, 1922 - Postcard promotion. Message says he is sending his part of book exchange agreed upon in earlier letter ([10-8-1921].
    -June 28, 1922 - Thanks Lamborn for his help in promoting sale of Siringo books. Mentions that a man he had arrested and sent to pen 15 years ago had been pardoned but recently shot at Medicine Bow, WY.
    -Apr. 4, 1923 - Writes from San Diego where he is living with daughter and granddaughter. Says came "here to die." Says Jim McEntire book is "Bum" and says McEntire was an opium fiend when he wrote it. Now planning to go to Phoenix to search for a copper-gold vein he spotted in 1895 near Jerome.
  Siringo, Charles -Dec. 29, 1923 - Is having Sam Bass photo copied for Lamborn. Includes Christmas card in letter.
    -Feb. 11, 1924 - Tells of copying Sam Bass photo for Lamborn.
    -Feb. 21, 1924 - Mentions photos. Delay in completing prints of Sam Bass. Mentions going out for dinner to residence of E. E. Hemingway, where he also met mutual friend Raymond Spears of NY.
    -Apr. 12, 1924 - Transmits some information on the Marlowe Brothers.
    -Aug. 1, 1924 - Says moved to Hollywood to benefit from higher altitude "and to see the Hollywood flappers as they pass by." Says he credits Lamborn in new manuscript "Badmen Cowboys of the Early West."
    -Feb. 28, 1925 - Discusses Marlow Brothers fight and aftermath. Says latest manuscript "Badmen Cowboys" stalled at Yale University Press.
    -Mar. 15, 1925 - Sent a copy of the Lavigue book. Will trade it for a picture of Sam Bass.
    -No Date - Disclaims knowledge of dates of bank hold-up in Mont Pelier, ID.
    -No Date - Postcard promotion for A Lone Star Cowboy. Tells Lambornthat U. S. Marshal Foraker died in Albuquerque, NM, "2 years ago."
  Siringo, William R. -May 16, 1932 - Says no photographs left in father's effects at his death.
Folder 11 Spears, Raymond S. -Undated - Note calls Lamborn's attention to mid July issue ofAdventure Magazine article about "Slade."
    -Feb. 12, 1917 - Tells Lamborn where to write for information.
    -Feb. 20, 1917 - Recommends Siringo book A Cowboy Detective to Lamborn for information in reference to Kid Curry, et. al.
    -Feb. 27, 1917 - Tells Lamborn where to write for information.
    -Jan. 25, 1919 - Says willing to send Lamborn any specific information on Wild Bunch that he requests.
  Spears, Raymond S. -Feb. 1, 1919 - Detailed discussion of Wild Bunch careers. Also Collins-Bass Gang.
    -Feb. 11, 1919 - Writer is a fiction writer, but saves newspaperclippings on actual events and persons for a basis for his fiction. Asks how Longbaugh got his nickname of "Sundance Kid."
    -Apr. 13, 1919 - A "Keep Me Posted" note.
    -June 14, 1919 - Includes typescript from Wide World Magazine,Oct., 1910, in reference to Kid Curry.
    -Feb. 15, 1920 - Continues to advise Lamborn about sources for material.
    -July 4, 1920 - Queries Lamborn as to what bad men did between holdups; thinks they trapped [next letter indicates he has "reel, trap and trigger" department for Western Story magazine].
    -Mar. 3, 1921 - Queries Lamborn about how "Bad Men" drew weapons.
    -Mar. 10, 1921 - Discusses possible late careers of Wild Bunch individuals.
    -May 15, 1921 - Advises Lamborn how to organize data.
    -Sept. 22, 1921 (Postmark) - Tells of stories sold, says Siringo has article in Aug-Sept. Wide World Magazine.
    -Nov. 6, 1921 - Quotes at length from NY Evening Post article of Dec. 20, 1902, dealing with outlaws in Shell Canon near Lamar Co. Gang under Indian Bill Smith, called Stanley Gang.
    -Nov. 10, 1921 - Thinks Ketchum gang members migrated into Wild Bunch.
    -Apr. 14, 1922 - Discusses Etta Place, Wild Bunch females. Eventual fate of them.
    -Aug. 22, 1923 - Discusses claimed fates of Wild Bunch individuals.
    -Oct. 12, 1930 - Re-established contact with Lamborn. Discusses late publications.
    -Sept. 23, 1940 - Re-established contact with Lamborn. Still interested in Wild Bunch females Laura Bullion and Etta Place.
Folder 12 Special Agent,. Allender, Samuel -Sept. 12, 1923 - Does not have photos.
  Bonner, M. H. -Sept. 6, 1923 - Disclaims agency possession of requested photos. Directs Lamborn to contact penitentiary wardens.
  Bonner, M. H. -Oct. 24, 1924 - Disclaims knowledge of requested info.
  Buchanan, R. E. -Sept. 14, 1925 - Transmits some information on train holdup at Coleman Junction, TX, on June 9, 1898, and men involved.
  Burris, S. J. -Sept. 15, 1923 - Says data requested is not available.
  Christenson, A. -Jan. 21, 1925 - Says Special Agent J. N. Thacker has been dead for 10 years. Refers Lamborn to Special Agent (for AmericanRailway Express) C. Cain.
    -Oct. 20, 1925 - Provides address of Eugene Thacker, son of J. N.Thacker.
  Coggins, T. J. -Sept. 13, 1923 - Relays information on Bill Taylor and Bod Newman.
    -Oct. 21, 1924 - Transmits photos of the O'Malley Boys, Frank and Al Jennings. Asks return after copying for his records.
  Hewett, Ben F. -Mar. 15, 1925 - Says too busy to provide information on Cassiday, et. al.
  Special Agent,Lindland, J. C. -May 19, 1930 - Says post office has no records relating to Gates Brothers, George and Edwin V.
  Locke, Henry W. -Sept. 5, 1923 - Promises to send photos in possession as soon as he can locate them.
  O'Connell, D. -Apr. 30, 1925 - Disclaims possession of photos.
  O'Leary, T. -Sept. 24, 1924 - Refers Lamborn to others.
  Roach, A. S. -Oct. 29, 1924 - Office does not have photos of requested parties.
  Rutherford, W. C. -June 21, 1926 - Has none of requested photos.
  Selvy, C. -Aug. 20, 1923 - Refers Lamborn to "Captain (Fred) Fornoff."
    -Sept. 1, 1923 - Refers Lamborn to various other Special (Railroad) Agents for requested information.
  Selvy, C. -Nov. 14, 1924 - Says he destroyed outlaw photos after their deaths.
  Warren, A. N. -Sept. 29, 1933 - Says did not know of Clay Allison except by hear say. Directs Lamborn to Fred Sutton, says he has photo of Clay.
  Webster, W. E. -Feb. 23, 1924 - Refers to "booklet" sent as being the full extent of information which can be "given out."
Folder 13 Tanner, Richard -Dec. 18, 1931 - "Sick in bed" unable to write. Provides address on Jesse Brown.
  Taylor, Nat. M. -July 26, 1966 - Does some writing about early days, But relates little real information.
  Taylor, T. U. -Feb. 28, 1929 - Says information Lamborn sent was"exceedingly valuable."
  Taylor, W. Z. -Nov. 20, 1916 - Responds to Lamborn's questions about Canyon Diablo Santa Fe train robbery of 1888.
  Texas and PacificRailroad Agent Fatheree -Nov. 1, 1924 - Says office has no train robber photos available.
  Texas Ex-Rangers Assn. -June 7, 1937 - Passes on information about living Ex-Rangers who will attend annual reunion. Cautions Lamborn about bringing up old incidents as surviving relatives of outlaws might bring up retribution.
  Texas Research Bureau -Oct. 8, 1930 - Quote prices for material gathering and typing.
  Texas State Historical Assn. -Sept. 24, 1915 - Says they know nothing of published book on Bass.
    -Mar. 12, 1919 - Refers Lamborn to History of Denton County (1918) for 7 pages of data on Sam Bass.
    -July 5, 1927 - Cannot answer questions about "Marlow Brother affair" or Clay Allison.
    -Sept. 28, 1930 - Staff does not have time to research old newspaper files.
  Texas State Historical Assn. -June 12, 1940 - Dept. of History does not maintain a library. All accessions go to University Library.
  Texas State Prison -Apr. 8, 1925 - Transmitting photos of Jeff Taylor, Milt Good, and Tom Ross. Do not have one of J. W. Hardin and John Underwood. Says Jeff Taylor escaped and still at large.
  Texas State Prison -Feb. 3, 1927 - Do not have photos of Pearce Keeton, Jesse Evans or John Gunter.
  Thacker, Eugene -Aug. 20, 1926 - Has no photos.
  That Man Stone Co. -Nov. 5, 1926 - Has none of photos requested in letter to Mrs. Tilghman.
  Thermopolis, WYChamber of Commerce -Aug. 9, 1934 - Advises Lamborn about counties and county clerks.
    -Aug. 25, 1934 - Says are trying to contact, now living in Jackson, WY.
    -Aug. 31, 1934 - Mentions that Virginia Bridger left a lot of historical material to an old lady, Minnie Brown, whom the Chamber of Commerce will try to contact. Includes letter from William Simpson, attorney, who says has no photos.
  Thompson, Frank -May 9, 1963 - Sending Lamborn's letter to Joe Koller, the local historian at Belle Fourche.
  Thompson, G. G. -Undated - Refers Lamborn to Uncle John Guyer who defended Black Jack Ketchum.
  Thorp, Raymond W. -Jan. 10, 1923 - Wants to swap photos. Includes printed list of his photos.
    -Feb. 4, 1923 - Wants some outlaw photos to replace some sold from collection. Includes list of his collection with unsold photos marked.
    -Mar. 25, 1924 - Same request. Includes "Synopsis of Life of Wild Bill Hickok," in which Thorp credits Wild Bill with 90 victims.
  Thorp, Raymond W. -Apr. 6, 1924 - Still wanting photos.
    -Apr. 28, 1924 - Still wanting photos.
    -June 15, 1927 - Wants to sell negatives. Lists glass plate of "Rowdy Joe."
    -Sept. 19, 1927 - Sends glass negative of Black Jack "Christianson." Says taken from original tintype. Says Doc Carver gave his collection to Charles Nordin of Omaha.
    -Sept. 29, 1927 - Says photo of Wild Bill with sombrero was made in 1876 at Deadwood just before he was killed.
    -Oct. 17, 1927 - Gives Lamborn another chance at negatives.
    -Mar. 1, 1928 - Wants to sell negatives, ten for $8.
    -Oct. 21, 1930 - Says a story of his "Pistol Duels" to be released in Nov. issue of Field and Stream.
  Tilghman, William -June 22, 1915 - Sends a copy of "Oklahoma Outlaws" for 25 cents. Announces completion of film "Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaw." On letterhead of the Eagle Film Co.
  Tilghman, Zoe A. -Feb. 27, 1925 - Refers Lamborn to "That Man Stone Co." for photos in desired size.
    -July 7, 1932 - Tells background of book [Last Marshal of Oklahoma?], trials of writing it while employed. On letterhead of Harlow Publishing Co., Oklahoma City.
    -Mar. 1, 1942 - Lists photos from husband's collection still in her possession, says would sell 5x7 copies for $1.50 each.
  Topeka State Journal -May 23, 1918 - Informs Lamborn that Library of Congress contains no history volumes on subject of outlaws Harvey Logan or Tom Ketchum.
Folder 14 Union Pacific Railroad Museum -June 13, 1918 - Chief Special Agent refers Lamborn to Pinkerton Agency.
    -Feb. 21, 1935 - Asks return of material file believedinadvertently sent to Lamborn.
  Union Pacific Railroad Museum -Apr. 24, 1935 - Follow-up request made in Feb. 21, 1935, letter.
  Van Deusen, C. H. -Jan. 28, 1925 - Writer is Chief of Police at Omaha. Cannot find photos of Lonnie Logan, brother Clate Taylor, or George Curry.
  Veterans Administration -June 6, 1927 - Application for admission to Veteran's Home approved.
Folder 15 Walker, Mrs. Estelle -Apr. 25, 1930 - Sends one photo to be copies. Inferred from deceased husband's collection.
  Walsenburg (CO) Independent -Sept. 18, 1916 - Says Huerfano County Sheriff Ed Farr killed July 7, 1897, near Cimarron, NM.
  Walters, L, D. -Jan. 26, 1928 - Lists characters in recent book. Says Ben Daniels was Sheriff of Pima Co. a short time before he died and that his wife was Superintendent of Schools. Tells of work experience as Special Officer for Railroads.
    -Mar. 29, 1928 - Transmits information on career of John (Kid) Thompson. Discusses potential murder of man named Montgomery by Miller Brothers of 101 Ranch.
    -July 18, 1928 - Thanks Lamborn for information sent. Responds with answers to Lamborn's questions.
    -Dec. 10, 1928 - Lists photo collection he has for sale or trade (addressed to H. T. Swearingen).
    -Dec. 16, 1928 - Offers to supply any photos from his collection to repay for information sent by Lamborn on Black Jack Christian.
    -Dec. 24, 1928 - Says his Black Jack Christian photo has been stolen. Says he must rustle another one, but does not say who has the negative.
    -Jan. 9, 1929 - Includes 255 item list of his photo collection.
    -Feb. 12, 1930 - Recounts his own career from1906, mentioning many old acquaintances. Speaks highly of N. H. Rose.
    -Dec. 22, 1930 - Christmas card from Mr. And Mrs. Walters.
  Warner, Mrs. Matt -June 6, 1940 - Postcard promotion in reference to just published book Life of Matt Warner.
  Watson, Elmo Scott -Jan. 19, 1922 - Give Lamborn some suggestions where to locate book on Sam Bass.
    -Jan. 30, 1922 - Includes some typescripts of old articles in reference to Sam Bass and Slayer. Also a bibliography of known magazine articles in reference to the Wild Bunch.
    -Feb. 12, 1922 - Includes typescript of article "Bandit Hunters of the West" from New York Sun, Dec. 5, 1919.
    -Mar. 8, 1922 - Mentions that Bill Tilghman had a collection of historic weapons. Includes list of his library.
  Weaver, Morue L. -Mar. 17, 1928 - Disclaims knowledge of outlaw photos.
    -Mar. 21, 1928 - Gives some inconclusive information in unsigned letter.
  Webb, W. P. -Feb. 22, 1926 - Directs Lamborn where he can buy copy of 1878 reprint.
  Wegener, M. J. -Oct. 29, 1940 - Writer, Chief Special Agent for Great Northern Railway, disclaims existence of agency records in reference to train hold-up.
  West, Duval -July 8, 1927 - Judge's office acknowledges Lamborn's letter.
  Western Publications -Aug. 8, 1962 - Asks Lamborn to wait for reply. Says too many questions in his letter.
  Westwood, R. D. -Jan. 27, 1926 - Was in posse that killed Flat Nose George Curry, Apr. 21, 1900. Directs Lamborn to Pinkerton's for photo of George Curry. A pasted- on clipping indicated writer was killed in 1929.
  Whartenby, H. P. -Feb. 24, 1922 - Discusses Texas killers: Sam Bass, J. W. Hardin, Ben Thompson, and King Fisher. Says was in Ranger service 17 years
  White, Owen P. -Dec. 15, 1925 - Currently writing a series of "Bad- Men" articles for Colliers Magazine. Asks Lamborn's help in loan of books and materials.
    -Apr. 26, 1927 - Asks chance to look at Jesse James material.
  Wilson, H. W. -Apr. 26, 1932 - Refers Lamborn to J. B. Edwards.
  Wood, Mrs. G. W. -Jan. 8, 1923 - Went to school with Ketchum family, saw "Tom's sister a few days ago."
  Woodburn, James A. -Oct. 12, 1918 - Refers Lamborn to others in quest for Reno Brother and Sam Bass information.
  Wright, Muriel H. -June 16, 1945 - Says Leonora Dalton, sister of the Dalton Brothers living at Kingfisher, OK. Gives other historical data.
  Wyoming Dept. of History -Dec. 19, 1929 - Says Tom Vernon not related to Cattle Kate. Includes clippings in reference to his claim and career.
    -Apr. 28, 1932 - Transmits manuscript loan on Jeff Carr.
    -May 16, 1932 - Transmits lending material on "Butch" Cassidy. Includes clipping returned to Lamborn.
    -May 27, 1932 - Volunteers to inform Lamborn about errors in Hard Knocks by Harry Young. Recommends other writers as accurate.
    -June 14, 1932 - Infers that history of bad-men and outlaws is not constructive history.
  Wyoming, Natrona Co. Library -July 31, 1942 - Says requested pictures moved from County Museum in 1940 and sent to State Museum.
  Wyoming, Natrona Co. Sheriff's Office -Mar. 26, 1931 - Refers Lamborn to others who might have photos.
  Wyoming Secretary of State -June 13, 1918 - Says office has no information on Kid Curry.
  Wyoming State Library -Dec. 22, 1915 - Disclaims knowledge of history of "Hole-In-The-Wall" country.
  Wyoming Stock Growers Assoc. -Apr. 12, 1945 - Carbon copy of letter to University of Wyoming History Dept.
    -Apr. 19, 1945 - Says Lamborn letter gone astray. Asks him to send another.
  Wyoming University Library -Dec. 29, 1915 - Directs Lamborn to bookseller having Tom Hornbook.
    -Apr. 7, 1916 - Directs Lamborn to book dealer.
    -Apr. 14, 1916 - Directs Lamborn to writer of book called Invaders.
    -May 4, 1945 - All records of Wyoming Stock Growers Assoc. donated to library, but not yet unpacked and ready for use.
    -Aug. 30, 1945 - "In Old Wyoming" John C. Thompson from Wyoming State Tribune.
  Wyoming, U. S. Marshal -June 4, 1926 - Office does not have photos requested. Refers Lamborn to Warden of Wyoming Penitentiary.
Folder 16 Yale, Charles -Mar. 22, 1947 - Transmits book to Lamborn. Volunteers to order others.
  Zellweger, -Jan. 10, 1947 - Disclaims possession of photos.
Box 4 Transcription and Research A-D
Folder 1 Albuquerque Daily Times, Albuquerque Daily Citizen and Albuquerque Journal -  
    Crime in the 1890s.  
  2 Apache Kid  
  3 Bass, Sam  
  4 Billy The Kid [William H. Bonney]  
  5 Black Jack [Ketchum]  
  6 Bronco Bill  
  7 Brothers in Crime  
  8 Carr, Thomas Jefferson  
  9 Cassidy, Butch  
  10 Curry, Kid [George Curry]  
  11 Dalton Gang  
  12 Doolin, Bill  
Box 5 Transcription and Research E-P
Folder 1 El Paso Times, 1880-1900  
  2 Garret, Pat  
  3 Guthrie Daily Leader, 1870-1900  
  4 Haworth, Clint and Longley, Bill  
  5 Houning, Bill  
  6 Kansas City Journal, 1870-1900  
  7 Kansas City Star, 1900  
  8 Kansas City Times, 1870-1910  
Box 5 (cont.)  
  9 Kansas Cow Towns  
  10 Leavenworth Times, 1860-1900  
  11 Logan, Harvey  
  12 Oklahoman Daily, 1880-1890  
  13 Oklahoma Outlaws, 1880-1890  
  14 Plummer, Henry  
Box 6 Transcription and Research R-W
Folder 1 Reno Brooks, 1860-1870  
  2 Slade, A. Joseph  
  3 Sontag and Evans Gang  
  4 Tilgham, Bill  
  5 Train robberies, 1870-1920  
  6 Trinidad, Colorado, 1899  
  7 Wild Bunch  
  8 Miscellaneous Research Notes  
Box 7 Bank Robbery, 1915-1933  
Folder 1 1915-1925  
  2 1926-1930  
  3 1931-1933  
Box 8 Bank Robbery, 1934-1970  
Folder 1 1934-1937  
  2 1938-1952  
  3 1953-1961  
  4 1962-1970  
Box 9 Crimes and Individuals A-C
Folder 1 Abilene, Kansas  
  2 Adams, Eddie  
  3 Allison, Clay  
  4 Anderson, "Bloody" Bill  
  5 Anti-Horse Thief Association  
  6 Assassinations and Attempts (Political)  
  7 Austin, Texas, Sniping Incident  
  8 Bailey, Harvey  
  9 Barker, (Doc) Arthur and Associates  
  10 Barrow, Clyde and Associates  
  11 Barton, D. M. (Doc)  
  12 Bass, Sam and Gang  
  13 Bean, Judge Roy  
  14 Bell, George  
  15 Bender Family  
  16 Billy The Kid  
Box 9 Crimes and Individuals A-C (cont.)
Folder 17 Boetlcher, Charles (Kidnap Victim)  
  18 Bomb Threats and Attempts  
  19 Booth, John Wilkes  
  20 Bootlegging (Prohibition Violations)  
  21 Borden, Lizzie  
  22 Brady, Alfred - Gang  
  23 Bremer, Edward G. (Kidnap Victim)  
  24 Brinkley, J. R.  
  25 Browning, Frances (Peaches)  
  26 Bunco - Confidence Men  
  27 Burke, Fred  
  28 Canton, Frank  
  29 Capone, Alphonse  
  30 Carlisle, William (Wild Bill)  
  31 Chessman, Caryle  
  32 Clutter Family Case  
  33 Cooper, Courtney Riley (Lecture on Crime)  
  34 Cooper, D. B. (Skyjacker)  
  35 Coppola, Frank R.  
  36 Counterfeiters  
  37 Collins, Joe, Gang (see Sam Bass)  
  38 County Seat Fights  
  39 Crater, Judge  
  40 Cravens, Ben  
  41 Crawford, Captain Jack  
  42 Crowley, Francis (Two Gun)  
  43 Cudhay (Kidnap Victim)  
  44 Cummings, Jim  
  45 Cummins, Scott  
  46 Custer, George Armstrong  
Box 10 Crimes and Individuals D-F
Folder 1 Dalton Gang and Family  
  2 Dalton, Billy (Bond Thief)  
  3 Dalton, Kit  
  4 Daniels, Ben  
  5 D'Autremort Brothers  
  6 Deadwood Dick, Richard Clarke  
  7 Deadwood, South Dakota  
  8 Death Valley Scotty (Walter Scott)  
  9 DePugh, Robert  
  10 Detectives, Private, Railroad and others  
  11 Dillinger Gang - 1933 - April, 1934  
  12 Dillinger Gang - May 1934 - 1968  
  13 Dobie, J. Frank  
Box 10 Crimes and Individuals D-F (cont.)
Folder 14 Dodge City, Kansas  
  15 Donnelly, Nell  
  16 Duree, Jeff and Gang  
  17 Earp Family  
  18 Estes, Billy Sol  
  19 Etter Case (Independence, Kansas)  
  20 Executions (Legal)  
  21 Express Robbery  
  22 Extortion  
  23 Federal Bureau of Investigation  
  24 Feuds  
  25 Ferreri, Josephine  
  26 Finney, Ronald  
Box 11 Crimes and Individuals F-H
Folder 1 Fleagle Brothers and Gang (1 of 2)  
  2 Fleagle Brothers and Gang (2 of 2)  
  3 Floyd, Charles - "Pretty Boy"  
  4 Frauds  
  5 Gamblers  
  6 Gardner, Roy  
  7 German Family (Indian Captives)  
  8 Gilbert, Bill  
  9 Gillars, Mildred E. (Axis Sally)  
  10 Graham - Tewksbury Feud  
  11 Greenlease Kidnapping  
  12 Guerin, Eddie  
  13 Gun Collections  
  14 Gunfighters  
  15 Hale, W. K.  
  16 Hamilton, Ray  
  17 Hamm Kidnap Case  
  18 Hammer, Frank  
  19 Harden, John Wesley  
  20 Hart, William S.  
  21 Hauptmann, Bruno (1 of 3)  
  22 Hauptmann, Bruno (2 of 3)  
  23 Hauptmann, Bruno (3 of 3)  
Box 12 Crimes and Individuals H
Folder 1 Haywood, William D. (Big Bill)  
  2 Herran, Jim  
  3 Hickman, William  
  4 Hickok, (Wild Bill)  
  5 Hightower, Jake  
Box 12 Crimes and Individuals H (cont.)
Folder 6 Hockaday, Woody  
  7 Holladay Brothers - Ben and Dave  
  8 Holman, Libby (Reynolds)  
  9 Howard, Mattie (K.C. Underworld Figure)  
  10 Hyde, Dr. Charles B.  
Box 13 Crimes and Individuals I-K
Folder 1 Indian Captives  
  2 Indian Fighting Veterans  
  3 Inheritances, Disputed  
  4 Jailbreaks, Obscure Characters  
  5 James, Jesse and Family  
  6 Jargon (Crime World)  
  7 Jennings, Al and Associates  
  8 Jewel Theft  
  9 Johnson, Clyde  
  10 Johnson, William E. (Pussy Foot)  
  11 Jones, Matt (Kidnap - Murder Victim)  
  12 Judo, Winnie Ruth  
  13 Kansas Bureau of Investigation  
  14 Karpis, Alvin  
  15 Kaser Family  
  16 Kelly, Luther S. (Yellow Stone Kelly)  
  17 Kelly, George "Machine Gun"  
  18 Kemner, L. Webster (Bank Robbery Victim)  
  19 Kennamer Case  
  20 Kennedy Assassination  
  21 Kennedy, Jack  
  22 Ketchum, "Black Jack" and Tom and Gang  
  23 Kidnappings (1 of 2)  
Folder 14 Crimes and Individuals K-M
Folder 1 Kidnappings (2 of 2)  
  2 Kims, Matt and Gang  
  3 King Ranch  
  4 King, Martin Luther  
  5 Kipp, James  
  6 Klondike  
  7 Landmarks - Historical buildings  
  8 La Trasse, Bill - Train Robber  
  9 Law Enforcement, General Items  
  10 Leavenworth, Federal Prison  
  11 Ledbetter, J. J.  
  12 Leonard, Abrel (Estate)  
  13 Lewis, Alfred Henry  
Box 14 Crimes and Individuals K-M (cont.)
Folder 14 Lillie, Gordan W. "Pawnee Bill"  
  15 Lindbergh Case  
  16 Lingle, Jake (Murder Victim)  
  17 Loeb - Leopold Case  
  18 Lone Tree Massacre  
  19 Long, Huey  
  20 Lynchings  
  21 Maringy, Alfred  
  22 McElroy, Mary (Kidnap Victim)  
  23 McNally, Don  
  24 McComos, Charles  
  25 McCormuck, Frenchy  
  26 McDonald, A. B. - A. L. Payne  
Box 15 Crimes and Individuals M-O
Folder 1 Mail Robbery  
  2 Mail Robbery, Roundout, IL  
  3 Majors, Alex and Family  
  4 Majors Brothers, Ray, James, and Dudley  
  5 Manson, Charles  
  6 Masterson Family, Ed, Bat, and Tom  
  7 Mattson, Charles (Kidnap-Murder Victim)  
  8 Miller Family (101 Ranch)  
  9 Miller, Jim  
  10 Miller, Verne  
  11 Mining and Mining Towns  
  12 Mooney - Billings Case  
  13 Mountain Meadows Massacre  
  14 Mulhall, Jack  
  15 Mullendore, E. C.  
  16 Narcotics  
  17 Neff, George  
  18 Nelson, George - Baby Face  
  19 Netherton, Dr. S. Oliver  
  20 Norfleet, J. Frank  
  21 Oberst, Owen  
  22 Oakley, Annie  
  23 Oklahoma, General History  
  24 O'Malley, Walter and Gang (Irish)  
Box 16 Crimes and Individuals O-P
Folder 1 Organized Crime 1930-1933  
  2 Organized Crime 1934-1939  
  3 Organized Crime 1940-1949  
  4 Organized Crime 1950-1976  
Box 16 Crimes and Individuals O-P (cont.)
Folder 5 Oswald, Lee  
  6 Pantages, Alexander  
  7 Parole, IL Board of  
  8 Payne, A. D. (Amarillo Texas Murder)  
  9 Payne, David L.  
  10 Payroll Robberies  
  11 Peace Officers  
  12 Pendergast, T. J.  
  13 Penitentiaries, U. S. (General)  
Box 17 Crimes and Individuals P
Folder 1 Pinkerton Agency  
  2 Poffenberger Brothers  
  3 Polland, W. M. and Victim Nichols Child  
  4 Pony Express  
  5 Pope, Duane  
  6 Porter, William Sydney (O. Henry)  
  7 Prison (All States), Reports, (1 of 2)  
  8 Prison (All States), Reports, (2 of 2)  
  9 Prison Escapes (Lansing), (1 of 2)  
  10 Prison Escapes (Lansing), (2 of 2)  
  11 Pritchard Case  
  12 Pulp Magazines  
  13 Punishment, Unusual  
Box 18 Crimes and Individuals Q-S
Folder 1 "Quail Hunter" Jack Kennedy  
  2 Quantrell, Charles  
  3 Ramsey, Alexander (Ellis Co., Kansas Sheriff)  
  4 Ray, James Earl  
  5 Reward Posters 1920-1940  
  6 Reynolds, Smith (Murder Victim)  
  7 Richett, Adam  
  8 Richardson, Tracy (Soldier of Fortune)  
  9 Rickards, Tex  
  10 Riggs, Barney  
  11 Rimann, Wolf  
  12 Rogers, Will  
  13 Rose of Cimarron  
  14 Ross, Charles (Kidnap Victim)  
  15 Sankey, Verne  
  16 Santa Fe Trail  
  17 Sargent, France  
  18 Selman, John  
  19 Sell, Will  
Box 18 Crimes and Individuals Q-S (cont.)
Folder 20 Shelton Gan  
  21 Short, Luke  
  22 Show People (Wild West Circus, etc.)  
  23 Shepard, Major Charles A.  
  24 Sherill, Roy  
  25 Slaughter, William B. (Rancher and Family History)  
  26 Skyjackings  
  27 Slaughter, Tom  
  28 Smith, Tom (of Abilene)  
  29 Snyder, Mrs. Ruth, and Associates  
  30 Soledad Brothers  
Box 19 Crimes and Individuals S-T
Folder 1 Speck, Richard  
  2 Speers, Thomas  
  3 Spencer, Al and Gang  
  4 Starr, Belle  
  5 Starr, Henry  
  6 Stoll, Alice (Kidnap Victim)  
  7 Stroud, J. F.  
  8 Sutton, Fred  
  9 Sutton, Willie  
  10 Swope Case  
  11 Tascosa, Texas  
  12 Tatum Brothers, Jack, Joe, and Frank  
  13 Taylor, Charles  
  14 Terrell, Ray  
  15 Teapot Dome Incident  
  16 Texas, Western - Characters  
  17 Texas Rangers  
  18 Thaw, Henry K. and Evelyn  
  19 Tilghman, William  
  20 Tobin, Tom (Scout)  
  21 Todd, Thelma (Death of)  
  22 Tombstone, AZ  
  23 Tough Gang  
  24 Tracy, Harry  
  25 Train Robbery  
  26 Traxler, Roy (Pete)  
  27 Treasure - Lost Mines  
  28 Trunk Murders (as a means of body disposal)  
  29 Tubbs, "Poker Alice"  
Box 20 Crimes and Individuals U-Y
Folder 1 Union Station, K. C., Massacre (1 of 2)  
  2 Union Station, K. C., Massacre (2 of 2)  
  3 Underhill, Wilbur  
  4 Vann, N. B.  
  5 Villa, Pancho  
  6 Vote Frauds  
  7 Walker, Joe Sam  
  8 Wallace, George C. (Shooting Attack)  
  9 Walters, "Bronco Bill"  
  10 Wells Fargo  
  11 Westport, Battle of  
  12 Westport, (Old)  
  13 Weker, Hauser (Kidnapping)  
  14 White, Sarah  
  15 Wild Bunch Gang  
  16 Whisler, Captain Lewis R. (Camp Funston)  
  17 Wisdom, Jack  
  18 World War I  
  19 Wounded Knee Massacre  
  20 Wood, Sam  
  21 Wright, Cecil  
  22 Wynn, Kenneth (Victim)  
  23 Younger, Brothers  
Box 21 Obscure Crime 1913-1931  
Folder 1 1913-1919  
  2 1920  
  3 1921-1922  
  4 1923  
  5 1924  
  6 1925  
  7 1926  
  8 1927  
  9 1928  
  10 1929  
  11 1930  
  12 1931  
Box 22 Obscure Crime 1933-1938  
Folder 1 1933  
  2 1934  
  3 1935  
  4 1936  
Box 22 Obscure Crime 1933-1938  
Folder 5 1937  
  6 1938  
Box 23 Obscure Crime 1939-1949  
Folder 1 1939  
  2 1940  
  3 1941  
  4 1942  
  5 1943  
  6 1944  
  7 1945  
  8 1946  
  9 1947  
  10 1948  
  11 1949  
Box 24 Obscure Crime 1951-1976  
Folder 1 1950-1951  
  2 1952  
  3 1953-1955  
  4 1956-1958  
  5 1959-1960  
  6 1961-1962  
  7 1963-1964  
  8 1965-1966  
  9 1967-1970  
  10 1971-1976  
Box 25 Miscellaneous Clippings A-K
Folder 1 Automobile Items  
  2 Beecher Island, Battle of  
  3 Bridger, Jim  
  4 Brown, John  
  5 Buffalo Hunters  
  6 Calamity Jane  
  7 Carson, Kit and Family  
  8 Cattle and Cattle Ranchers  
  9 Chisholm Trail  
  10 Civil War  
  11 Cody, William F.  
  12 Adams Dispute (Oklahoma City Founding)  
  13 Kansas, General History  
  14 Kansas City, General History