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Food in Kansas

Food in KansasA cookbook for young Kansans with historical and nutritional information.

This cookbook was originally produced in 1986 with funds from the Nutrition Education and Training Program/School Food Service Section/Kansas State Department of Education and was prepared by the Kansas Historical Society.

A PDF printable version of this publication is also available.




Table of Contents

I. Introduction: Food in Kansas—E.V. McCullom 2
  Food choice guidelines for recipes 3
II. Foods of the Plains Indians 4
  Jerky 6
  Pemmican 7
  Corn and Bean Soup 8
  Pumpkin Mat 9
III. Foods of Early Settlers, 1850-70 11
  Johnnycake 12
  Popcorn 13
  Plums 14
  Gingerbread 15
IV. Foods of Soldiers and Officers, 1860s 16
  Hardtack and Deficiency Disease 17
  Hardtack 18
  An Officers Dining 19
  The Custers' Dining 20
  Charlotte Russe 21
V. Cowboys and Chuckwagons, 1870 22
  Son-of-a-Gun Stew 22
  Ranch Stew 23
  Cowboy Beans 24
VI. Food of Settlers from Europe, 1880s 25
  German Sauerkraut 26
  German Pfeffernüsse 27
  Watermelon 28
  Mennonite Watermelon Pickles 29
  Swedish Settlers 30
  Swedish Fruit Soup 31
VII. Fred Harvey and Food on the Railroad 32
  Beef Rolls 33
VIII. Foods on Kansas Farms, 1900s 34
  Pancakes 35
  Baking Powder Biscuits 36
  Cabbage Salad or Cole Slaw 37
  Applesauce 38
IX. Life on Kansas Farms 39
  Apple Picking 40
  Dinner Pail 41
X. Fast Food Hamburgers Began In Kansas, 1921 42
  Hamburgers 42
  Street Stand 43
XI. More About “Anytime,” “Sometimes,” and “Few times” Foods 44
  Glossary 45
  Bibliography 47
  Index 48