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Gerald Carson Papers

Collection 108


Scope and Content

Gerald Carson wrote The Roguish World of Dr. Brinkley. This collection contains material he collected while researching the book. It includes correspondence regarding sources and contacts for reminiscences about the Brinkleys, copies of newspaper stories about Dr. Brinkley, copies of articles in periodicals relating to Brinkley, and various types of promotional material distributed by Brinkley. Also included in the collection are a typescript of Carson’s book on Brinkley and a portion of a transcript from a court case involving Dr. Brinkley. Supplemental information may be found in the John R. Brinkley Collection in the Manuscript Department and the Kansas State Historical Library.

Aug. 1977

Contents List

Box 1 Correspondence relating to Brinkley book 1954-1974
  Brinkley chronology
  Copies of correspondence from or about Brinkley and copies of
  Brinkley promotional materials
  Newspaper clippings about Brinkley 1913-1942
  Articles from periodicals relating to Brinkley 1921-1948
  Bankruptcy material relating to court cases
  Miscellaneous material relating to Brinkley and the Brinkley book
Box 2 Brinkley material from notebook used by Carson
  Typescript for Carson's Biography of Brinkley
  Wood, Clement The Life of a Man, John R. Brinkley
  Carson, Gerald The Roguish World of Doctor Brinkley
Box 3 Clugston, W. G. Rascals in Democracy
  Partial transcript of a court case concerning Dr. Brinkley - Volume 2
  3 boxes of notecards

Related Records or Collections

Inventory of the Gerald Carson Donation 11-19-75

1 copy of Clement Wood, The Life of a Man: A Biography of John R. Brinkley
  (Kansas City, Goshorn Publishing Company, 1934)
1 copy of W. G. Clugston, Rascals in Democracy: A Case Study of Popular Government (New
  York, Richard R. Smith, 1941)
1 copy of Gerald Carson, The Roguish World of Doctor Brinkley (New York, Rinehart &
  Company, Inc., 1960)
  Inventory of the Gerald Carson Donation (cont.)
1 copy of The Case of Brinkley vs. Fishbein: Proceedings of a Libel Suit Based on an Article
  Published in Hygeia (Chicago, AMA, 1939)
4 folders of letters to and from Gerald Carson, concerning his research on John R. Brinkley
3 envelopes of letters to and from Gerald Carson concerning his research on John R. Brinkley
17 envelopes and 1 folder of newspaper clippings, and copies of clippings and articles about
  John R. Brinkley and his family, associates, and activities
3 boxes of note and index cards about John R. Brinkley
3 large reproductions of Kansas City Journal-Post advertisements of Brinkley's work
1 notebook of clippings, copies of clippings and articles, letters, and pamphlets, relating to John
  R. Brinkley and medical quakery
1 folder of notes and miscellaneous material about John R. Brinkley
1 folder containing a manuscript biographical sketch of John R. Brinkley, written in outline form
1 folder of John R. Brinkley photographs and related materials
1 envelope containing typed copies of legal documents from the John R. Brinkley bankruptcy
1 envelope containing a copy of a magazine article about Mexican radio stations
1 envelope containing a copy of a transcript related to John R. Brinkley
1 copy of a Brinkley advertisement
1 partially-torn copy of the Del Rio News-Herald of October 10, 1958
1 copy of a Geary County District Court deposition from the case of John R. Brinkley vs.
  Morriss Fishbein and William S. Yates
1 copy of Ansel Resler, "The Effect and Influence of John R. Brinkley on Broadcasting History
  in the United States," Ph.D. dissertation, Northwestern University, 1958