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Harvest Tales - Rice County 04

Harvest stories submitted by Kansans for the online exhibit, Wheat People.
Submit your own at kshs.kansasmuseum@ks.gov.

John Stumps

Photos of Headers, Threshing Machines, and Early Combines



Push-binders near Bushton

Cutting wheat on the Stumps farm near the town of Bushton. Push-binders (pushed rather than pulled) could be used for either binding or heading.

Headers in Rice County

Three push-binders being used as headers.

Threshing wheat near Bushton

John Stumps threshing wheat near Bushton, 1918.

John Stumps threshing wheat

John Stumps threshing wheat near Bushton, 1918.

Case tractor and threshing machine

Stumps' Case tractor and threshing machine, 1920s.

Tractor-pulled combine

John Stumps' tractor-pulled Case combine, 1928, in final four photos.

Combine dumping wheat into truck


Working ground planted in wheat

Case tractor working ground on John Stumps' land


"Harvest Tales" is part of the online exhibit, Wheat People:  Celebrating Kansas Harvest.