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Howard L. Brown Collection

Manuscript Collection No. 784



Howard L. Brown was born February 14, 1904, in Bloomfield Nebraska. Howard left Nebraska at an early age due to his mother’s untimely death and subsequent placement in an orphanage. Eager to make his way in the world, Brown set off for Wyoming. En route to his destination, he was detoured and found himself in Osawatomie, Kansas. Taking a liking to the community, Mr. Brown decided to stay in Osawatomie and call it home. During those early years he took on many jobs, working as a short-order cook and car salesman to name a few. Later, Mr. Brown became employed with the Missouri Pacific Railroad Company. He working his way through the ranks, becoming a brakeman and conductor.

Working in various capacities for the railroad, Mr. Brown had an acquired knowledge of railroad operations and personnel at the local level. His membership and involvement with the Brotherhood of Railroad Conductors and the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen on the regional and national levels enhanced his own understanding of labor-management relations in the following areas: contract negotiations, labor legislation, federal mandates, and strike histories. His service and representation on various committees and councils within the Brotherhood organizations provided Mr. Brown with the opportunity to acquire key documents and textual records. After his retirement, Mr. Brown became active in matters concerning railroad retirement, blocking the development of a coal slurry pipeline in Kansas. He also served on the Kansas Advisory Council on Aging, addressing issues relating to senior citizens.

The overall size and worth of this collection is reflected by the collector’s dedication and commitment toward preserving railroad and labor history. Mr. Brown went to extraordinary lengths in acquiring these documents and organizational records. For this reason the Brown Collection represents a major resource. This collection will provide special insights and information to the people of Kansas for many years to come.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of seven major subgroups. There are many smaller subgroups within the collection consisting of numerous topics. The collection is housed in twenty-six boxes with around 15 cubic feet of materials. The collection is divided into the following areas:

The Brotherhood of Railroad Conductors and Brakemen Local #137

Records in this group range from 1890 through 1969. Included are: financial records, minutes of meetings, attendance records, books on insurance and death benefits, constitutional oaths, seniority listings, union dues records, and reinstatement requests.

The Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen Local #65

Records in this subgroup range from 1890 through 1969. Included are: financial records, treasurer’s semi-annual reports, dues statements, arbitration reports and proceedings, minutes of meetings, attendance records, a guest register, insurance and death benefit records, a history file, and other pertinent materials.

Railroad History Kept by H. L. Brown Subgroup

Records in this group include: newspaper files consisting of railroad histories, articles on
Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri; articles on union activities and strikes; railroad histories of landmarks from Osawatomie, Kansas, and derailments. Also included are: histories of short lines in Kansas and throughout the Middle West, listings of abandoned railroad lines, information and history of Amtrak, legislative efforts to block the formation and construction of a coal slurry pipeline through Kansas in 1981.

Missouri Pacific Railroad

This is a small unit consisting of correspondence between the two unions and the company. Other information included in this section include, a small history file on the Missouri Pacific railroad written by Howard L. Brown, a pamphlet file containing information about the railroad, time reports for daily runs of trains through Osawatomie, payroll information and other business materials.

Union and Personnel Records Kept by Howard L. Brown

This subgroup includes: letters received, letters sent, personal payroll information including pay stubs, 2704 time keeping reports, private records compiled by Mr. Brown on each member in locals #65 & 137, consisting of names, Social Security numbers, years of service, anniversary dates, and death information in some cases. These records are an excellent source for genealogical materials for family who had relatives working for the Missouri Pacific railroad.

Because of the classified nature of these materials certain restrictions apply toward use and accessing. Social Security Numbers of Living Persons Cannot Be Released Under federal law, 5 U. S. C. 552a.

Strike and Arbitration Records

This subgroup consists of the following materials: information on the 1922 national railroad strike; strike report on the 1948 Morrell strike in Topeka, Kansas; statements and
records from the 1949 Missouri Pacific strike; arbitration and adjustment reports dating from the 1950s and 1960s.

Kansas Advisory Council on Aging Subgroup

Records in this group reflect Howard Brown’s involvement as a committee member from 1984 through 1986.

The Span of the H. L. Brown Collection

In the later years of his life, Howard Brown did extensive lobbing for both railroad and union causes. He actively participated in focus and retired railroad groups. This is reflected in the body of materials within the collection. Mr. Brown engaged himself deeply with the affairs of Brotherhood lodges #137 and #65. The materials within the collection span eight decades. However, the bulk of the collection comes from the 1950s and 1960s. There are many gaps in the earlier years especially concerning certain records. Nevertheless, meeting minutes and certain records run fairly consistently throughout the collection. The later records in the collection also reflect the consolidation and mergers of the unions in 1969. At this juncture the unions were combined into the United Transportation Union, keeping their original banners but centralized under one umbrella.

The collection is arranged into subgroups according to the functional similarity of the papers. The original box numbers have been retained. To accommodate the subgroup arrangement many boxes will proceed in a non-sequential order.

Contents List

Brotherhood of Railroad Conductors and Brakemen Subgroup

Box #1

Organizational Materials Folder Level
  Aggregating Crews Order of Railroad Conductors & Brakemen, July 7, 1965
  Amendment to schedule agreement under section 6 of the Railroad Labor Act, 1963
  Order of Railroad Conductors & Brakemen, file P-P-2
  Article 11, ORC&B #137, 1955, 1965, 1967
  Article 29, Condrs, File, ORC&B, 1961, 1962
  Assignment of Crews & Individuals, ORC&B, #137, 1956, 1963, 1964, 1966, 1969
  Bad Order Cars, ORC&B #137, 1958, 1964-1967
  Basic Rates of Pay Effective Jan 1, 1969, ORC&B, 1960, 1975, 1983, 1986
  Beginning & Ending of Day, ORC&B #137
  Brakemen Hosting Engines To and From Trains, ORC&B #137, 1964, 1967
  Brakemen Placing of, ORC&B, #137, 1967
  Building Membership, ORC&B, #137, Feb. 1966
  Business Agent License for J. E. Kellogg, 1954
  Caboose, ORC&B #137, 1957-1968
  Cash Disbursements, ORC&B, 1920, 1952, 1954, and 1955
  Cash Surrender Value of Retirement Annuity 1962
  Change of Address, Office of General Committee of Adjustments, 1964, 1967
  Claims For A Yard Day Account, 1941, 1962, 1964-1967
  Conductors on Train 270, ORC&B, 1960
  Conference, ORC&B, 1959
  Convention Delegates, ORC&B, #137, 1879, 1883, 1964, 1965, 1966
  Consolidation of Divisions, ORC&B, #137
  Crew Reductions
  Deadheading Materials, ORC&B #137, 1966-1967
  Delegates to the 1879 & 1883 Grand Conventions, ORC&B
  Double Headers, ORC&B #137, 1967
  Depositions, ORC&B, 1963
  Dues & Assessments
  Eating and Sleeping Facilities, ORC&B #137, 1954,1964-1967
  Election of Officers & Committees, ORC&B, 1963-1965
  Extra Boards For Conductors, ORC&B, #137, 1963-1968
  Files A-A-11-A, ORC&B #137, 1961 & 1962
  File, Time Claims, ORC&B, #137, 1956, 1967
  Financial Reports, ORC&B, 1937-1968
  Full Crew Laws, ORC&B, #137, 1963-1967
  General Grievance Committee & Board of Adjustment ORC&B 1891-1911
  Glossary of Terms for the BRT
  Grand Lodge Officers, ORC&B, 1868-1911
  Group Insurance For Conductors, ORC&B, 1963-1968
  Health & Welfare Plan, ORC&B, #137, 1967, 1968
  History File, ORC&B, #137
  Holiday Pay, ORC&B, #137
  Home Association Savannah Georgia, ORC&B, #137, 1964
  Hours of Service Law Inquiries, ORC&B, #137, 1944, 1967
  Injuries On and Off Duty, ORC&B, #137, 1956, 1964, 1966
  Instructions Concerning the Completion of Monthly Service Reports, Form E
  Insurance Department, ORC&B, #137, 1933-1964
  Investigations, ORC&B, #137, 1936, 1940, 1963, 1966
  Kansas Locals of the ORC&B, 1943
  Labor Organization Information Report, ORC&B, #137, 1959-1966, Plus Annual Reports 1961, 1964
  Lap Back Trips, ORC&B, #137, 1966
  Letter to Mr. H. F. Clark from Brother Rice Arnold, September 20, 1905
  Location of Lodges, ORC&B
  Mail, Baggage & Express, ORC&B, #137, 1966-1968
  Mail Ballot for Election of Vice-Chairman, ORC&B, August 1961
  Making Couplings of Cars on Designated Interchange Tracks, ORC&B, #137, 1957, 1966
  Mediation Agreement, ORC&B, 1957, 1964
  Membership Report Forms & Information, Plus Membership Book, 1963-1965
  Meetings & Special Events, 1908-1915
  Mileage Inquiry Road Crews, ORC&B, #137, 1967.
  Missouri Pacific & A. T & S. F. ICC Merger, ORC&B, Internal File, 1966
  Monthly Reports of Railroad Accidents, To the Public Utilities Commission for the State of Kansas, 1927, 1928, 1929
  Mutual Benefits Department, ORC&B
  Notice to Have Passenger Trains Removed In Kansas and Colorado Before the ICC
  Hearings, ORC&B, Internal Documents, 1960, 1965, 1966
  ORC&B, Missouri Pacific Railroad, General Committee Meeting, 1961
  Passes & Reductions Fares Railroad Employees, ORC&B, #137, 1964, 1966
  Pay Checks, ORC&B, #137, 1963
  Payment for Coupling and Uncoupling Air Hose Between Freight Cars, ORC&B,
  # 137, 1965-1967
  Physical Examinations, ORC&B, #137, 1963-1966Railroad Supplemental Pension,
  ORC&B, #137, 1966
  Rates of Pay, Road & Yard, ORC&B, #137
  Reporting for Duty After Laying Off, Agreement Effective July 1, 1968, ORB&C
  # 137, 1967, 1968
  Report of Division Trustees, ORC&B, 1960
  Representative Elections, ORC&B, BRT, 1965
  Request for Reinstatement of Conductor T. J. Hutchison, 1960
  Retired Conductors, Brakemen & Yardmen, Missouri Pacific Railroad Osawatomie
  Kansas, 1973
  Resignation of J. E. Kellogg, Secretary Treasurer of Division #137, Oct. 1963
  Results of Ballots on Section 6, 1960
  The Right to Work Law, 1960
  Road and Yard Service, ORC&B, #137, 1964-1966
  Roadman's Magazine, ORC&B, June-July 1962 & August-September 1964
  Rules & Examinations, ORC&B, #137, 1928, 1929
  Runarounds, ORC&B, #137, 1965, 1966
  Sale of the Plantation, ORC&B, 1964
  Schedules and Rules, Road & Yard, ORC&B, #137, 1965, 1966
  Security Bond, ORC&B, #137, 1961
  Self-Propelled Machines, ORC&B, #137, 1965
  Seniority Districts, ORC&B, #137, 1967
  Shelter for Road Crews, ORC&B, #137, 1966, 1968
  Side Trips, ORC&B, #137, 1965, 1966
  Sinking Fund Accounts On Western & Southern Districts of the Missouri Pacific
  Railroad, ORC&B, #137, 1961-1966
  Special Circulars, Presidents Office, ORC&B, 1955, 1962, 1964
  Speed Limits & Tables, ORC&B, #137
  Statement of Jack A. McClothlin In Support of House Bill 2706
  Starting Times, Traveling Switch Engines, ORC&B, #137, 1965
  Switching between Terminals, ORC&B, #137, 1902, 1947, 1965, 1966, 1967
  Switching & Signals, ORC&B, #137, 1966
  Tax Code and Exemptions, Internal Revenue Reports, ORC&B, #137, 1947-1953
  Terminal Delays & Switching, ORC&B, #137, 1957-1966
  Testimony of J. R. Snyder Before the Senate Surface Transportation Committee March 9, 1948
  Tied Up Between Terminals, ORC&B, #137, 1964
  Time Lost Statements, ORC&B, #137, 1955, 1965, 1967, 1969
  Trading Switch Engines & Limits, ORC&B, #137, 1965
  Train Orders, ORC&B, #137, 1956, 1965-1968
  Trustees Circulars, ORC&B, 1959-1967
  Turn Around Service Freights & Passenger, ORC&B, #137, 1964
  Two Classes of Service, ORC&B, #137, 1951-1967
  Union Shop Agreement, ORC&B, #137, 1953 & 1966
  U. S. Department of Labor Reports, ORC&B, #137, 1959-1960
  Vacancies, ORC&B Files Missouri Pacific Railroad, #137, 1963-1968
  Vacation Agreement, ORC&B, #137, 1963-1967
  Vents on Railroad Cars, ORC&B, #137, 1967
  Voluntary Check-off of Dues Agreement, ORC&B, 1960-1963
  Wages & Rules, Section 6, Matters & Settlements, ORC&B, #137, 1962-1968
  Western Association of General Committees, Minutes of Meetings, ORC&B, 1958
  Wheel Reports, Switch Lists, ORC&B, #137, 1967
  Work Rules, ORC&B, #137, 1952-1964
  Yarding Trains, K. C. Yard, ORC&B, #137, 1964, 1966, 1967

Box #2

Membership & Financial Information
  Order of Railroad Conductors & Brakemen Register
  Volume 1, 1890-1901
  Volume 2, 1890-1935
  Volume 3, April 1945-September 2, 1955
  Volume 4, Ledger 1944-1968
  Cash Receipts
  January 1957-March 1969
  Dues Book

Box #3

Lodge Related Materials
  Protection Fund Book
  Listing of Names 1892-1893
  Meeting Attendance Lodge #137
  Volume 1, 1890-1902
  Volume 2, 1903-1910
  Constitutional Oath Books
  Volume 1, 1910-1921
  Volume 2, 1925-1926
  Volume 3, 1947
  Minutes of Meetings
  Volume 1, 1890-1895
  Volume 2, 1904-1905
  Volume 3, 1909-1915
  Volume 4, 1947
  Volume 5, 1937-1961
  Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen Lodge #65 Record Group

Box #4

Folder and Book Inventory
  Report of the 31st Convention (Bound Edition)
  Important Decisions and Principles by the First Division of the National Railroad
  Adjustment Board, (Paperback Edition)
  Federal Laws, General Wage and Rule Agreement, Decisions, Awards and Orders
  1971, (Paperback Edition)
  Glossary of Terms, (Bound)
  Numbering Index and Classification for Railroad Work Rules and Terminology
  Individual Files
  Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, National Legislative Board, Letters
  Received, 1981-1984
  Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen By-Laws Lodge #65
  BRT Committee on the Article "Read the True Story" 1957
  BRT Efforts to Block the Development of a Coal Pipeline, 1962
  BRT General Chairman Correspondence File & Jurisdiction, 1920-1956
  BRT Lodge #65, History File #1
  BRT Lodge #65, History File #2 "Election of Officers"
  BRT Lodge #65, History File #3, 1900
  BRT Kansas Legislative Board Newsletters, 1983-1987
  BRT Newsletter "Washington Report" 1962-1967
  BLE Newspapers, 1964 & 1967
  BRT Meeting and Conventions, 1901-1955
  BRT Conventions, 1884-1935
  BRT 64th Anniversary Banquet, November 9, 1954
  Circular of Instructions, 1964-1966
  Convention Matters, BRT, 1954
  Correspondence BRT, 1920-1952
  Correspondence & Letters, Election of Officers, 1953-1959
  Delegates District 34, 1946 Convention
  Dues and Traveling Cards, 1903-1907
  Dues and Union Records, 1900-1906
  Election Results, Chairman BRT, 1953-1959
  G-3 Reports, Missouri Bi-State, BRT, 1963
  General Grievance Committee of the BRT, 1890-1955
  General Notice to the RRT, Missouri Pacific Railroad Company 1922
  Increase; Decrease, of Brakemen's Extra Board Osawatomie, Kansas
  Incompetent & Improper Handling of Affaires, BRT, 1968
  Index of Cases, Awards 1 to 12,000, December 1948
  Investigations, BRT Lodge #65, 1929-1965
  Letters of Communication, Letters Sent, 1922
  Joint Circular 5-D & Supplement #5, 1964
  Location of Lodges
  Lost, Cancelled or Stolen Rail Travel Cards, 1960
  Membership Roster Lodge #65, 1964-1969
  Moving Offices, 1963
  Newsletters from the Five Railroad Brotherhoods, 1961-1962
  Pension Department, Lodge #65
  Political Documents, BRT
  Premiums Advancement, 1956
  Quorum, 1962
  Railroad Labor Act, 1956-1957
  Rate of Pay for Yardman & Trainmen & Conductors, BRT #65, 1921-1950
  Semi-Annual Report, BRT Lodge #65, 1957
  Special Circular No. K-34, BRT, 1960
  Special Convention, 1960
  Supreme Court Appeal, BRT, 1963
  Thank you Letter, Silver Link Lodge-to-Lodge #65, 1963
  Union Mergers, 1962 & 1968 & 1969
  Yearly Renewable Term Insurance, 1931-1960

Box #5

Lodge #65 Records
  Minutes of Meetings
  Blue Binder 1890-1904
  Volume #1, 1890-1894
  Volume #2, 1894-1897
  Volume #3, 1897-1898
  Volume #4, 1898-1899
  Volume #5, 1899-1900
  Volume #6, 1900
  Volume #7, 1901-1904
  Volume #8, 1904-1907
  Volume #9 1908-1910
  Volume #10 1957-1962
  Union Register Lodge #65
  Volume #1, 1904-1905
  Volume #2, 1935-1943
  Order of Business 1890
  Visitors Register, 1894-1895
  Forms of Questions to be answered by Candidates for Brotherhood Organizations
  Two Volumes

Box #6

Lodge #65 Records Continued
  Membership and Certification Register, 1904-1958
  Membership List BRT, Lodge #65
  Membership and Policy Register, 1890-1925
  Attendance Register
  Volume #1, 1898-1907
  Volume #2, 1905-1916
  Volume #3, 1916-1928
  Volume #4, 1988-1935

Box #7

Financial Records Lodge #65
  Cash Reports, 1959-1967
  Change In Payroll Deductions, 1963
  Dues Book, 1890-1891
  Dues Loaned To, And Loans Paid By, 1952-1967
  Expense Submitted to the BRT Lodge #65, 1934-1960 plus Lodge Supply
  Statement, 1960-1962
  Finical Records & Expense Records, Lodge #65, 1953-1966
  Finical Records & Expense Records, Lodge #65, 1967-1969
  Finical Records Membership, Lodge #65, 1958-1969
  Local Grievance Committee Fund, 1952-1955
  Quarterly Reports, 1952-1967
  Pension Department Book, Lodge #65, 1924-1935
  Terrill's Store
  Treasurer's Semi-Annual Report

Box #9

Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen Monthly Treasurer's Statements
  August 1958-December 1969
Box #10
BRT Claims Brought Against The Missouri Pacific Railroad Company
  Volume #1, Case Nos. 1515-5299, 1962-1963
  Volume #2, Case Nos. 5300-5999, 1962-1963
  Volume #3, Case Nos. 6000-6545, 1962-1963
  Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, Missouri Pacific Railroad, Quarterly Reports
  July 1, 1957-March 31, 1958
  Period Ending December 31, 1960
  Period Ending December 31, 1961
  Railroad History Subgroup
Box #17
Railroad Information
  Abandoned Lines Notebook
  History and Listings of American Railroads
  Volume #1, A-F
  Volume #2, G-K
  Volume #3, L-Q
  Volume #4, R-Z
  Local Chairman, A. T. & S. F. Railroad
  Railroad Pamphlets
  Railroad Timetables & Schedules
  Southern Pacific & Houston Belt & Terminal Railroad
  Various Companies and Years
  Missouri Pacific Subgroup
Box #18
Railroad Information (continued)
  Missouri Pacific Railroad, The First 125 Years, History File
  Missouri Pacific Railroad, Letter from Superintendent A. M. Hagar, May 4, 1885
  Missouri Pacific Railroad, Light in the Freight House Office, 1919
  Missouri Pacific Railroad, Managers and Officials, 1887-1910 & 1966
  Missouri Pacific Map with date of Completion
  Memorandum, Missouri Pacific Railroad, May 1891
  Missouri Pacific History File Pamphlets and General Information
  Missouri Pacific Passenger Traffic Department, 1960-1963
  Missouri Pacific Railroad Rate of Pay & Overtime Schedule
  Missouri Pacific Railroad, Ruling on the General Committee of Adjustment, Jan. 15, 1923
  Missouri Pacific Railroad, Internal Memo, Train Make Up, Feb 7, 1969
  Passing and Train Reports, MP RR. Osawatomie, Kansas, 1921-1923
  Vacation Schedule for Conductors, 1961
Box #20
General Notices Osawatomie, Kansas, Yard & Station, Bound
  January 1, 1922-----------May 22, 1923
  May 29, 1923-------December 21, 1923
  January 5, 1924------December 9, 1924
  December 30, 1924---October 13, 1925
Box #21
Missouri Pacific Documents
  General Notices Osawatomie, Kansas Cont., Bound
  December 30, 1924---October 13, 1925
  Individual File Folders Osawatomie Office
  Circulars, 1923
  Circulars, 1924
  General Notices, 1923-1924
  List of Switchmen, Osawatomie Kansas, 1923
  Pay Rates, 1951
  Red Ball Loads, May-August 1924
  Reports, B. L. Campbell, December 1922-December 1923
  Reports, B. L. Campbell, 1924
  Reports, E. W. Couch, 1923-December 1925
  Reports, E. W. Couch, 1950-1951
  Reports, C. H. Dunaway, March, 1923---May 1925
  Reports, Superintendent G. W. Brice
  Reports, Superintendent W. E. Kirk, 1924
  Reports & Letters, Superintendent V. C. Halpin, 1950-1952
  Reports & Letters, Superintendent D. C. Ouellet
  Report of Southern Kansas Division, Missouri Pacific Railroad
  Station Bulletins, Central Kansas & Colorado Divisions, 1951
  Statement, Cost of Handling Cars in Terminal Yards, 1923-1924
  Train Orders, Movement of Bad Order Freight Cars
  Yard Clerks, Assignments & Vacation Schedules, Osawtomie Kansas, 1950-1951
  Telegrapher's Transfer Books
  April 29, 1921---------------------July 2, 1921
  May 23, 1922--------------------July 26, 1922
  July 27, 1922-------------September 29, 1922
  February 1, 1923-----------------April 1, 1923
Box #22
Missouri Pacific Railroad Documents
  Train Dispatches
  August-September 1921
  October-November 1921
  April-May-June 1922
  July-August 1922
  August-September-October 1922
  June-July 1923
  July-August 1923
  Conductors Memorandum
  April 1944-----------September 1945
  September 1945---------March 1946
  March 1946------------January 1947
  February 1947------November 1947
  November 1947--------August 1948
  November 1948------February 1949
  February 1949-------------May 1950
  May 1950------------------May 1951
  May 1951-----------September 1951
  October 1951--------------June 1952
  June 1952--------------January 1953
  January 1953-------------April 1953
  April 1953---------December 1953
  March 1954--------------July 1954
  July 1954-------------August 1955
  August 1955---------January 1956
  One Blank Book
Box #23
Missouri Pacific Documents Cont.
  Book of Telegraphs & Train Orders, 1906-1970
  Seniority Lists
  Time Books
  Personal Records of H. R. Brown
Box #12
Membership Directories Kept by Mr. Brown.
  (These records contain information of a personal nature. Included are:
  SS numbers, birth dates, years of service with the railroad, union affiliation,
  Retirement, discharged employees etc.) Restricted Materials
  Volumes, A-P
Box #13
Membership Directories
  Volumes, R-Z
  Supplemental Directories
  Volumes, 1-3
  Listing of Officers
  Volume #1
  Membership Listings BRT, No Date Given
  Membership Registry BRT, 1890-1969
  Seniority List of Engineers, 1906
  Seniority Listing Master Trainmen, 1906-1969
  List of Names ORC&B Members, Lodge #137, (No Date Given)
Box #14
  Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, National Legislative Board
  Letters Received
  Brotherhood of Railway, Airlines and Steamship Clerks
  Letters Sent
  Brian K. Whitehead, 1978-1981
  Legislative Committee, 1981 & 1986
  BRT Correspondence 1920-1952
  Dora C. Brown Personal Communications, Coal Slurry Pipeline
  Letters Received
  Letters Sent
  H. L. Brown Personal Communication Amtrak
  Letter Received
  Letters, Sent
  H. L. Brown Personal Communications, Coal Slurry Pipeline
  Letters Received
  Letters Sent
  H. L. Brown Personal Communications
  Letters Received
  Letters, Sent
  H. R Brown Personal Communications, Kansas Department of Aging
  Letters Received
  Letters Sent
  H. R. Brown Personal Communications, Legislative Committee
  Letters Received
  Letters Sent
  H. R. Brown Personal Communications, Railroad Retirement Board
  Letters Received
  Letters Sent
  H. R. Brown Personal Communications, Severance Tax
  Letters Received
  Letters Sent
  Howard L. Brown Expense Records, Department of Aging, 1984-1986
  Howard L. Brown Personal Expense Accounts
  Howard R. Brown Personal Expense Records
  Nomination Letters for Howard L. Brown, General Chairman of BRT, Missouri
  Pacific Railroad, 1963
  Nomination Letters for Howard L. Brown, Grievance Committee, 1958-1959
  Notes & Notebooks from Howard L. Brown
  Personal Notes On U. S. Railroads
  Poems Collected by H. L. Brown
Box #15
2704 Time Reports by H. L. Brown
  (The 2704 reports were submitted by train crew directly to the Missouri Pacific Railroad Company and were used to establish payroll issued.)
  Additional 2704 Reports
  R. A. Pullman Tine Report 1964
  Travel Expenses, Howard L. Brown, 1963
Box #11
Additional Materials Compiled by H. L. Brown
  Amtrak File, Documents and Correspondence 1973-1981
  Bob Dole Newsletters, Railroad Retirement and Other Issues, 1983
  Brotherhood of Railway, Airline & Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express
  And Station Employees, Notes & Pamphlets
  Brotherhood of Railway, Airline & Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express
  And Station Employees, Railroad Retirement Act, 1981
  Communications File, Railroad Retirement Board, 1980-1983
  Communication and Memorandums, United Transportation Union
  Communications and Newsletter from Bob Whittaker, U. S. Congress, Railroad
  Retirement, 1982
  Congressional Records & House Bills, Railroad Retirement Act, 1981-1983
  Endorsement of Political Candidates 1972, United Transportation Union
  Howard L. Brown, Notes on Coal Slurry Pipeline
  Howard L. Brown, Notes on Kansas Legislative Board
  Howard L. Brown, Notes on Railroad Retirement, 1982-1983
  Howard L. Brown, Notes on Severance Tax on Oil Gas & Coal, 1981
  Information File, Coal Slurry Pipeline
  Information File, Severance Tax on Oil Gas & Coal, 1981
  Investigation of Rail Accident 1958
  Legislative Committee Kansas, Notebooks #1-2
  Membership Information
  National Association of Retired & Veteran Railway Employees, Inc. Amtrak File
  National Association of Retired & Veteran Railway Employees, Inc. Coal Slurry
  Pipeline 1981-1983
  National Association of Retired & Veteran Railway Employees, Inc. Railroad
  Pamphlets, Railroad Retirement & Insurance Plans
  Pipeline Coal Slurry
  Railroad Retirement Act & Board, Misc. Documents, 1976-1983
  Retirement Boards and Other Issues, 1981-1983
  Severance Tax, 1981
  Transportation News, United Transportation Newsletter, 1969-1970
  United Transportation Union, Correspondence Coal Slurry Pipeline, 1982-1983
  United Transportation Union, Correspondence File, to and from H. L. Brown 1968-1970
  United Transportation Union, Amtrak File, 1978-1979
  United Transportation Union File, 1969-1970
  United Transportation Union, Pamphlet File
  United Transportation Union, Railroad Retirement Act, 1982-1983
  United Transportation Retirement Dinner, 1977
  Yard Rates
Box #19
Cards Pamphlets and Books Acquired by Mr. Brown during his professional Career.
  Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Engineers History File
  Job Related Materials
  Hearings Governmental, Bill, Government Publications
  Home Study Courses
  Howard L. Brown, Book of Membership Cards and Notes
  Information Pamphlets, BRT
  Information Pamphlets, ORC&B
  Meetings and Conventions BRT, 1955-1964
  Texas State Legislative Board, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Letter to
  Ronald Reagan, From Don L. Robertson, Sr. 1982
  Work Related Questions and Public Safety Materials, American Railroad

2 unidentified diaries, 1953 - 1960

Box #19A
Newspaper Clipping Collected by Howard L. Brown, Railroad History and
  Other Related topics
  Newspaper Clip File, Amtrak
  Newspaper Clip File, AT & S. F. Railroad
  Newspaper Clip File, Coal Slurry Pipeline
  Newspaper Clip File, Frisco Railroad
  Newspaper Clip File, Individual clips
  Newspaper Clip File, Issues Affecting the Elderly
  Newspaper Clip File, Kansas Southern Railroad
  Newspaper Clip File, Missouri Kansas & Texas Railroad
  Newspaper Clip File, Missouri Pacific Railroad
  Newspaper Clip File, Railroads
  Newspaper Clip File, Railroad Information
  Newspaper Clip File, Railroad Retirement
  Newspaper Clip File, Retirement
  Newspaper Clip File, Rock Island Railroad
  Newspaper Clip File, Strikes
  Newspaper Clip File, Union Pacific Railroad
  Newspaper Clip File, Unions, Special Publications & Articles
  Newspaper Clip File, Depots, Kansas City Union Station
  Strike and Arbitration Subgroup
Box #16
Strike and Labor Agreements Plus Other Related Materials
  Agreement, BRT May 25, 1951
  Agreement Between Missouri Pacific Railroad and the United Transportation Union
  and Brotherhood Railroad Conductors and Brakemen, 1966, 1972.
  Agreement Between ORC&B & Missouri Pacific Railroad Company
  Arbitration Board No. 282
  Agreement Covering Engineers On the New York Central & Hudson River
  Railroad, Jan 26, 1875
  Agreement Interim 1950, Missouri Pacific Railroad
  Attendance Records of Union Members During the Missouri Pacific Strike in 1949
  Decisions of the Secretary of Labor, BRT, 1958
  Delay of Railroad Strike on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, 1945
  General Grievance Committee Sessions, BRT, November 3-15, 1952, Inclusive
  Meeting of the Full General Grievance Committee, January 17, 1955
  Missouri Pacific Strike 1949, involving the BRT & ORC&B
  Morrell Meat Packing Strike Topeka, Kansas 1948, BRT Records
  Railroad Strike 1886
  Right to Work Laws
  Record of Expense for the Missouri Pacific Strike 1949
  Reinstatement of Workers, BRT & ORC&B
  Strike File 1922, BRT & ORC&B
  Strike File 1960, ORC&B
  Strike Files 1962-1969, United Transportation Union
  Missouri Pacific Railroad, General Grievance Committee Reports
  January 1-June 30, 1955
  Second, Third, Forth Quarters, 1956
Box #16A
Strike and Labor Agreements Cont.
  Missouri Pacific Railroad, General Grievance Committee Reports
  January 1-June 30, 1957
  July 1, 1957-March 31, 1958
  April 1, 1958 -March 31, 1959
  April 27, 1959-May 9, 1959
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT, May 25, 1951
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT, Crew Consists 1953-1968
  Decisions & Cases Handled, Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT, Starting July 24, 1950
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT, Health and Welfare, 1967-1969
  Agreement, National Railroad Adjustment Board, Missouri Pacific Railroad and
  BRT & ORC&B, Held Away From Home Terminal Time When Deadheading, 1937
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT & ORC&B, Holiday Pay, 1962-1968
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT, Handling Engines, Reporting for
  Duty, 1964-1967
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT, Mileage & Crews, 1964-1959
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT, Paydays, April 12, 1967
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT, Radio Telephone, 1965
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT, Rates of Pay, 1958-1969
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT, Runarounds, 1965-1968
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT, Self-propelled Machines, May 1964-1969
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT, Special Boards, 1954-1967
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT, Supplement Pens, 1965
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT, ORC&B, BLE, BLF&E, Switching
  At Council Grove Kansas, 1939
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT, ORC&B, Vacations, 1949, 1964 & 1967
  Agreement National Railway Labor Conference & BRT, Wage Rules, 1955
  Special Board of Adjustments No. 61, Missouri Pacific Railroad & BRT, Guarantee
  Interpretations, 1962-1963
  Special Board of Adjustments No. 61, Missouri Pacific Railroad & BRT, Lap Back
  Trips, 1955
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Act of Providence Occurring
  After Crew Reported for Duty, June 17, 1957
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Air Couplings, 1947 & 1967
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Assigning Conductors, 1968
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Assigning Conductors &
  Exercise of Seniority, 1968
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and United Transportation Union, Bulletining
  & Assignments, 1969
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Cabooses, 1962-1969
  Agreement with Carriers and ORC&B, May 17, 1974
  Agreement Southern Pacific Company & Texas Louisiana Lines and ORC&B,
  Combination of Rail-yard Service, June 25, 1964
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and BRT & ORC&B, Conductor Seniorty,
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Conversion Rule, 1967
  Agreement & Claims Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Extra Boards, 1966,
  1967, 1969
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Health & Welfare, 1967
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Lodging, 1966 & 1967
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Mileage Check, 1968
  Agreements & Claims, Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Physical
  Examinations, 1954-1967
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Reporting for Duty,
  1965 & 1968
  General Committee of Adjustment, Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Strike Ballot, 1965
  Agreement Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul Railroad and BLE, BLF&E, ORC&B,
  Switching Limits, 1962
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Temporary Vacancies, 1967
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Time Claims, April 3, 1968
  General Committee of Adjustment, Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B,
  Train Discontinuance Procedures, 1967
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and ORC&B, Travel Outside Assigned
  Limits, 1962 & 1963
  Agreement National Carriers Conference and ORC&B, Wage & Rules, May 10,
  Appeal From the U. S. District Court, Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis
  And the BLE, Representation, Feb 28, 1968
  Agreement Missouri Pacific Railroad and United Transportation Union, Meal
  Periods, 1969
Box #8
Special Board of Adjustments, BRT Publications
  # 4, 1950
  # 7, 1952
  # 9, 1952-1953
  #17, 1951
  #22, 1953 (Two Copies)
  #26, 1953
  #27, 1953
  #30, 1954
  #36, 1953
  #43, 1953
  #44, 1953
  #45, 1953
  #46, 1953
  #47, 1954
  #48, 1954 (Two Copies)
  #51, 1953
  #58, 1954
  #60, 1954
  #61, 1950
  #65, 1954
  #67, 1954
  #68, 1954
  #79, 1954
  #92, 1954
  A Guide to Labor-Management Relations in the United States, U. S. Department
  Of Labor, Bulletin #1125, Supplement #1 & 2, 1958
  Kansas Advisory Council on Aging Record Group & Kansas Department On Aging
Box #24
Meeting, Reports & Newsletters
  Kansas Advisory Council On Aging, Annual Reports, 1983-1985
  Kansas Advisory Council On Aging, Legislative File, 1979-1986
  Kansas Advisory Council On Aging, Meeting Minutes, 1984-1986
  Kansas Advisory Council On Aging, Membership Lists, Oct1984 & 1986
  Center For Aging, Newsletters, 1980-1981
  Kansas Department On Aging, Meeting Agendas, 1984-1986
  Kansas Department On Aging, Bylaws Policies and Procedures, 1982-1983
  Kansas Department On Aging, Direct Service Wavier & Request for Information
  And Referral
  Kansas Department On Aging, The Governor's Report On the State Of Kansas
  Kansas Department On Aging, Information and Memorandums, 1982-1983
  Kansas Department On Aging, Meeting and Agendas & Information, 1982- 1983
  Kansas Department On Aging, Newsletters 1979
  Kansas Department On Aging, Notes & Pamphlets, 1979-1980
  Kansas Legal Services, Newsletters, 1980-1981
  The University of Kansas, Gerontology Review Newsletter, 1980-1981

Box #25

Lost Towns of Kansas ; Memorandum book


Lost Towns of Kansas, v. 1


Lost Towns of Kansas, v. 2


Memorandum book (addresses, expenses, daily activities)

Finding Aid Produced in Connection With My Spring Internship Project, Spring 2003. This project was further augmented through additional volunteer hours at the society.

By David Swindell
Topeka, Kansas