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Jeanne Burdick Papers

Manuscript Collection No. 160


Scope and Content

This collection includes eight notebooks containing minutes and proceedings for the period 1969-1978 of: the Board of Total Education, Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas; Catholic School Board of Topeka (including its forerunner, the Joint Effort committee); and Holy Name School, Topeka, Kansas. In addition, the collection contains a copy of the 1977 doctoral dissertation of the donor, Jeanne Helen Burdick (transferred to the library).

Jeanne Helen Burdick was president of the Catholic School Board of Topeka for the school years 1975-1976 and 1976-1977, a representative for the Topeka Region to the Archdiocesan School Board (Board of Total Education) 1972-1977, and a member of the Holy Name Board of Education during a portion of this period.

Contents List

Detailed listing of contents

Doctoral Dissertation, Kansas State University, College of Education, 1977: “School Boards as an Agent of Change in Administration of Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.” Transferred to the library at KSHS May 18, 1984.

Three notebooks of the Board of Total Education (ABTE) of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, 1969-1976, which includes minutes, by-laws, correspondence, school directories and such topics as religious education, finance, organization, task forces, pastoral regions, enrollment, prayers, priorities, members of the ABTE, overview, Wyandotte County.

One notebook pertaining to Holy Name School, Topeka, Kansas, 1970-1977, containing such items as minutes, correspondence, budget, by-laws, religious education, school calendar, yearly reviews of activities and agendas and tuition.

One notebook pertaining to the Joint Effort Committee, January – October 1969 (forerunner to the Catholic Board of Education in Topeka), containing primarily minutes of meetings.

Three notebooks of the Catholic School Board of Topeka, 1970-1978, containing such items as minutes and yearly reviews of activities, membership, special service, special reports, athletics, public relations, correspondence, enrollment, legislation, philosophy, talks, budget, relations with Topeka U. S. D. 501, newspaper clippings, and guidelines to title IV from the Kansas State Department of Education.

“Meet the Members an Introduction to Members of the Rho Chapter” (Kansas State University) of Phi Delta Gamma by Eilleen Roberts, 1953-1983. A supplement to Phi Delta Gamma, Rho Chapter, History 1952-1981. Mimeographed MS, 314 pp, Manhattan, KS, 1983.


Phi Delta Gamma, Rho Chapter, Kansas State University, History 1952-1981.

Tall Windows (staff publication of Topeka Public Library); vol. 3, #7, October, 1971; vol. 4, #1, February 1972.

Topeka Catholic Schools, summary for National Catholic Education Week, February 17-22, 1973. Mimeographed, two copies.

History and Development of the Catholic School Board of Topeka, 1968-1972. Mimeographed, two copies.


13 B&W photoprints, 12.5 x 8.75 cm, of Topeka Catholic grade schools, undated but probably early 1970’s:
Most Pure Heart of Mary (3):
Front of school
Back of school
Assumption (3)
Church & School
Two views of playground
Saint Matthew’s (1)
Sacred Heart (2)
Front view
Side view
Holy Name (1)
Our Lady of Guadalupe (3)
Front view, three different distances.

Note: Photographs are filed in the KSHS Photographic Collection under SK2.S5, T.76.

Gift, Jeanne Burdick, 1984.
Description written by Connie Menninger, 1984.