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Kansas Antiquities Act

Enacted by the state in 1967, the Kansas Antiquities Act is comprised of several statutes (K.S.A. 74-5401 through 74-5408) and recognizes the need to conserve significant archeological remains on state, county, and municipal lands. It establishes a commission to protect and regulate the removal of antiquities from these public lands.

The Kansas Antiquities Commission, by statute, consists of the secretary / executive director of the Kansas State Historical Society (KSHS) as chairperson and the state archeologist, head of the Archeology Office of the KSHS, as secretary. Other members of the five-member commission are the department heads (or their designees) of the anthropology departments at the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, and Wichita State University.

The Act prohibits uncontrolled excavation or vandalism of archeological sites on state, county, or municipal owned lands. Controlled scientific excavation can be made by permits obtained from the commission secretary.

Permit Application

For more information contact:

Nikki Klarmann
Interim State Archeologist
Cultural Resources Division
Kansas State Historical Society
6425 SW 6th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66615-1099
785-272-8681, ext. 266
FAX 785-272-8682