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Kansas Bar Association Records, 1883-1989

(Bulk 1952-1989)

Manuscript Collection No. 740




These records primarily document the operation of a state bar association through correspondence, committee records, minutes of meetings, membership files, and financial records; discuss important legal issues; and contain correspondence with other bar associations. Unfortunately, the chronological continuity is scattered. This collection contains few records prior to 1952.


1883-1989 (bulk 1952-1989).


49 ft.


Kansas Bar Association.


Kansas Bar Association records


Ms. collection no. 740.

Range 8, sections 11-13.


Kansas State Historical Society (Topeka).


The Kansas Bar Association (KBA) began as a descendant organization of the Judicial Administration of the State of Kansas (JASK). The JASK passed a resolution in January of 1882 to the effect that the JASK would “invite the leading members of the bar of the State of Kansas to meet with the Association at its next annual meeting in January of 1883” for the purpose of forming a bar association. There were only five lawyers attending the formative meeting of the Bar Association of the State of Kansas, as it was first named. All of those attending were judges from the State Supreme Court or various district courts. The formation of this organization took place at a time when city bar associations were being formed all across the country, so pressure to establish a state bar association in Kansas started as a grass-roots movement.

The purpose and intent of the KBA has changed over the years, depending on the nature of the legal climate of the time. The first issue that the KBA addressed concerned the State Supreme Court’s overburdened docket. The result came in the form of an increase in membership of the Supreme Court from three to seven; a result, in part, from the KBA’s nearly two decades of lobbying for an amendment to the state constitution. Another area of KBA interest was in expediting the appeals process. The KBA proposed a number of measures to streamline the Kansas legal system, measures which were adopted slowly, and over a long period of time.

In the nineteenth century, all that was required of someone desiring admittance to the bar was to “read the law” under the direction of a practicing lawyer for a period of a few months, then take a brief and unchallenging oral examination in front of a panel of admitted lawyers. Since Kansas’ earliest days of statehood, all that was required for bar admittance, was that the candidate had to have “requisite learning and good moral character.” Such lax requirements allowed for many under qualified candidates to gain bar admittance. Ultimately, lawyers who later became judges were so uninformed about the law that decisions from different judges resulted in a common-law legal code that was terribly inconsistent and uncoordinated.

By 1897, the KBA began advocating tighter and stricter requirements for bar admittance. It advocated that candidates should be required to study law for at least three years in either a law office, or the Law Department of Kansas University. It further recommended that bar exams be held biennially, under the direction of the Supreme Court, and be held publicly in the Supreme Court Chambers. These recommendations became law in 1903, with modifications.

Soon after the passage of that bill into law, the Supreme Court established a board whose purpose was to devise and administer the bar exam for those desiring admittance. The first written exam was conducted in 1904. This was the first time a truly rigorous test was administered, in order to ensure that only well-qualified candidates would be admitted to the bar. Even so, the requirements kept escalating as the years went by. In 1936, when the examining board required that bar exam candidates to first complete three years of college prior to examination. Kansas was a forerunner in establishing this requirement. At that time, no other State in the Union made such requirements of aspiring lawyers. By 1942, candidates were expected to have earned an undergraduate degree as well as an LL .B. or J. D. degree. Law office study, a mainstay of legal education for many years, was completely abolished in 1968.

An official publication of the KBA, the Kansas Law Journal, was published between 1885 and 1888. The Journal, published quarterly, featured the Kansas Supreme Court docket and decisions, selected decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court and district courts’ opinions relevant to Kansas lawyers. The Kansas Law Journal was one of the voices and the main media used by the KBA to advocate the expansion of the Kansas Supreme Court in the late nineteenth century.

Conscious of its reputation with the public, the KBA established a committee in 1907 to examine the possibility of creating a code of ethics. At the 1909 annual meeting, the Code of Ethics Committee advised the KBA to adopt the same code as the American Bar Association. The following year, a five-member committee, established for the purpose of monitoring ethics within the committee, was added to the list of permanent standing committees.

The Public Relations Committee was established in 1949. This committee has delved into a wide array of activities, including publicizing Law Day and coordinating activities for that occasion, initiating school programs, producing radio and television programs and filmstrips, operating speakers’ bureaus, and writing articles for newspapers and magazines, to name a few. T. C. Anderson became the public relations secretary on a full time basis in 1970. He also worked with Continuing Legal Education. After resigning in 1977, he was succeeded by Marcia Poell.

Not until 1951 did the KBA have an address or any sort of a permanent location. John W. Shuart filled the role of executive secretary and secured office space in the Garlinghouse Building on South Quincy Street in Topeka. The KBA used that location as its headquarters until the need for more space mandated a move to a new location, 1334 Topeka Avenue, in 1960. Eventually, the KBA found it necessary to move into a newer facility in the late 1970s. This time, they made arrangements to have a building constructed to their specifications. Construction was completed in October of 1981. The dedication ceremony took place on October 14 of that year.

(Source: Richmond, Robert. Requisite Learning and Good Moral Character: A History of the Kansas Bench and Bar. Topeka, Kansas: Kansas Bar Association, 1982. pp 1-25.)

Scope and Content

This collection is organized into nine series, reflecting the organization, structure, activities, values and priorities of the Kansas Bar Association.

Unfortunately, the chronological continuity of the KBA’s records are less than complete. From the years 1883 to 1941, there are only four items. This collection begins, for all intents and purposes, in 1952. A Complete Roll of the Bar Association of the State of Kansas, 1883 - 1901, and Correspondence of the Executive Secretary, 1890, were actually donated to the Kansas State Historical Society long before the 1989 accession of most of the KBA records. The exact dates of the earliest donations can no longer be determined. It was not until 1989 that the KBA began systematically to make regular donations of their records to the Kansas State Historical Society (KSHS) as the official repository of its records. Items donated before 1989 are marked with an asterisk (*).

Periodically, the KBA sends accretions of records to the KSHS.

This collection contains operational records of a state bar association. Most of the records are such things as business correspondence, contracts made by the editor of the KBA Journal, membership information files, brochures for Practicing Law Institutes and / or Continuing Legal Education seminars, information concerning a myriad of different legal topics, the working files from the various officers of the KBA, financial records and bank statements, minutes and notes from the annual and midyear meetings, correspondence with other bar associations (county, or city bar associations, or bar associations of other States), and records concerning KBA vacation packages.

The KBA deals with internal matters - e.g. the governing of the KBA itself, its members and the KBA staff - as well as external matters like the Kansas legislative and judicial environment, bar associations in other States, public relations, social issues, and the process and standards by which lawyers are admitted to the bar. Because many lawyers are self-employed with their own private practices, many lawyers are concerned with such things as providing themselves and their employees with insurance and health care benefits. Accordingly, many of the files in this collection deal with these issues.

The correspondence in Series 1 pertains to subscriptions, requests for reprints, advertising rates, and invoices for printing expenses. The 1989 correspondence is filled with KBA members’ announcements concerning the establishment of new law firms, and partnerships, similar to the papers found in Series 6, Membership - Address Changes and Announcements.

The KBA has established a long list of committees to address various issues that affect lawyers. The contents of the files in Series 2 reveal the nature of the legal establishment for the years included in the records and indicate what legal issues were important at the time. Also, this collection shows how this and other similar organizations were operated. In terms of volume, the greatest part of this series concerns such issues as public relations and ethics, a testament to the concern of the KBA about its reputation and image with the public.

Series 3 contains files on Continuing Legal Education and Practicing Law Institutes. The material typically found in these files are mainly brochures advertising the various institutes, educational seminars, offered to lawyers, including registration forms. Similar to the previous series on committees, the list of institutes indicates what issues were important to lawyers at the time, and the list is exhaustive. Arrangement is alphabetical by institute title. In order to maintain their good standing as bar members, lawyers are required to earn points, in part, by attending institutes.

Series 4: The Kansas Bar Association is governed by an Executive Council, and the leading member of the Council is the executive secretary. The correspondence of the Executive Council and the executive secretary, plus the minutes of meetings, financial statements, news releases and officers’ files provide a great deal of evidential documentation of the Kansas Bar Association.

Series 5 contains the agendas and the minutes of meetings, annual and midyear, of the KBA. This is another good source of documentary information concerning the Association, its policies, decisions and activities. Committees also submitted their reports at annual and midyear meetings.

The single most voluminous series in the collection contains records of KBA members. Records in this series date back to the KBA’s earliest days, with the Complete Roll of the Bar Association of the State of Kansas, 1883-1901. This item was not a part of the 1989 accession, as it has been property of the Kansas State Historical Society for many years. Its date of accession is no longer known.

The Address Changes & Announcements, the first sub series within the Membership series, contains ornately printed cards announcing the formation of a new law practice or the addition of new partners with existing firms.

In terms of significance of information, the Members’ Information Files provide the greatest quantity of data. Members with at least two newspaper articles, a photograph, an historical data sheet, or a biographical questionnaire will have their materials in separate files. Members with less than that, usually only a single newspaper clipping, will have their materials filed in a folder labeled with the first letter of their last name. For example, Robert P. Ebersole only had one newspaper article in the KBA records, which is located in the file labeled “E.” He does not have a file of his own, as does Richard Eads, whose file contains a data sheet and a newspaper clipping.

Not surprisingly, the directors of the KBA kept in contact with other bar associations: bars at the city and county level within the State of Kansas, with other state bar associations and with the American Bar Association. Series 7 contains these correspondence files.

The subject files, found in Series 8, bear a similarity to the Continuing Legal Education / Practicing Law Institutes files, in that they contain a wide range of files concerning issues important to lawyers. The files range alphabetically from Administrative Law to Workman’s Compensation.

The last series, no. 9, contains files about the work / vacations that the KBA provided to its members. Like the Continuing Legal Education / Practicing Law Institutes files, the vacation packages that the KBA offered included not only relaxing “getaways” but also educational seminars for those who attended. These files contain all of the records concerning the necessary arrangements for these trips.

Folders in the box contents list are listed individually. In many cases, lengthy spans of files (i.e. “Economics of the Bar Survey, 1964-1978) made individual folder listing redundant, and would have made this guide much longer than necessary.

Contents List

Series Description

Series 1 Bar Journal Contracts and Correspondence, 1955-1989.
Series 2 Committees & Sections, 1941-1986.
Series 3 Continuing Legal Education / Practicing Law Institute files, 1957-1983,
Series 4 Executive Records, 1890, 1952-1985
  Executive Council
  Correspondence, 1953-1983.
  Minutes of Meetings, 1953-1983
  Executive Secretary--Correspondence, 1890, 1952-1983
  Financial Papers
  Bank Statements, 1952-1956
  Financial Statements and Balance Sheets, 1953-1976
  News Releases, 1970-1984
  Officers' files, 1957-1972
Series 5 Meetings-Annual and Midyear, 1909, 1930-1983.
Series 6 Membership
  Address Changes
  Complete Roll of the Bar Association of the State of Kansas, 1883-1901*
  Deceased Members' cards
  Members' Information Files
  Membership & Dues Correspondence, 1952-1988
Series 7 Other Bar Associations
  American Bar Association, 1952-1977
  Bar Associations of other states, 1952-1978
  County, City and Regional Bar Associations in Kansas, ca 1952-1978.
Series 8 Subject Files, 1951-1982
Series 9 Vacations, 1961-1981

Box List

Series 1 Bar Journal Contracts and Correspondence, 1952-1989
Box 1 Contracts, 1955-1962
  Correspondence, 1952-1978
Box 2 Correspondence,1979-1989
Series 2 Committees & Sections, 1941-1986
Box 3 Abstractors Committee, Relations with, 1960-1962
  Advertising, Committee on Lawyer - American Bar Association, 1975-1978
  Advertising, Committee on Lawyer - Bar Associations from other states, 1975-1978
  Advertising, Committee on Lawyer - Bar Associations from other states, 1976-1977
  Advertising, Committee on Lawyer - Bates and O'Steen, 1977
  Advertising, Committee on Lawyer - Correspondence, 1975-1977
  Advertising, Committee on Lawyer - Correspondence, 1978
  Advertising, Committee on Lawyer - District Court of Kansas, 3rd District, 1977-1978
  Advertising, Committee on Lawyer - Kansas Supreme Court, 1978
  Advertising, Committee on Lawyer - Minutes and Reports, 1977
Box 4 Advertising, Committee on Lawyer - Newspaper clippings, 1978
  Advertising, Committee on Lawyer - Proposals A & B and Canon 2, 1977
  Advertising, Committee on Lawyer - Samples of newspaper ads, 1978
  Advertising, Committee on Lawyer - Final report, 1977
  Advocacy, Committee on, 1976
  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Committee, 1985-1986
  Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee, 1986
  Amendment No. 1, Special Committee on, 1958-1959
  Atomic Energy Committee, 1959-1961
  Awards Committee, 1986
  Awards Committee, 1971-1985
  Bench and Bar Committee, 1984-1985
  Budget Committee, 1976-1979
  Certified Public Accountants, Committee on Relations with, 1957-1964
Box 5 Citizenship Committee, 1954-1976
  Civil Code Procedure, Committee on--Subcommittee on Revision, 1959-1961
  Computerized Legal Research Committee, n.d.
  Conflict of Interest Committee, 1976
  Constitution and Bylaws Committee, 1976-1977
  Continuing Legal Education Committee, 1940-1976, (see also Series 5)
Box 6 Continuing Legal Education Committee, 1977-1985
  Criminal Investigation, Governor's Committee on, 1970-1976
  Criminal Law Committee, 1962-1963
  Disciplinary Enforcement Committee, 1976-1977
  Discipline Coordinating Committee, 1968
  Economic Development Committee, 1959-1960
  Educational Committee on the Organized Bar, 1963
  Encomium Committee, 1966
  Family Law Committee, 1961-1978
  Fees, Advisory Committee to the Governor on, 1955-1963
  Governing Structure Committee, 1953-1975
  Governing Structure Committee, 1985-1986
Box 7 Governing Structure Committee
  Committee Appointments, 1957
  Committee Assignments, Response forms to, 1975-1976
  Committee Counsel, 1961-1962
  Committee Reports, 1959
  Handbook for Committee Chairmen and Members, 1956-1957
  Historical Committee, 1941-1984
  Improvement of Laws and Procedures Committee, 1954-1955
  Improvement of Laws and Procedures Committee, 1956-1962
Box 8 Insurance Committee, Special, 1951-1985
  Insurance Committee, 1959-19
Box 9 Insurance Committee, 1985-1985
  Insurance Committee, n.d.
  Internship Program Committee, 1955-1963
  Judicial Administration Committee, 1957-1960
  Judiciary, Committee on the, 1976-1979
  Judicial Selection, Special Committee on, 1950-1957
  Judicial Study Advisory Committee, n.d.
Box 10 Junior Bar Committee, 1953-1964
  Kansas Title Standards Committee, 1958-1978
  Labor Law Committee, 1956-1962
  Lay Adjusters, Relations with, 1953-1963
  Legal Aid Committee, 1955-1979
  Legal Aid and Lawyer Referral Services Committee, 1962-1963
  Legal Assistant Committee, 1977-78
  Legal Economics Committee,1961
  Legal Education and Admissions Committee, 1963
Box 11 Legal Institutes Committee, 1955-1963, (see also Series 5)
  Local Bar Associations Committee, 1953-1979 (see also Series 8)
Box 12 Long Range Planning Committee, 1978
Box 13 Long Range Planning Committee-Ballots, 1978
  Long Range Planning Committee-Ballots, 1978
  Long Range Planning Committee correspondence, 1978
  Long Range Planning Committee-Handbook, 1978
  Long Range Planning Committee-Photographs, 1978
  Long Range Planning Committee-Position Papers, 1978
  Medico-Legal Committee, 1952-1960
Box 14 Medico-Legal Committee, 1961
  Medico-Legal Committee, 1962
  Medical Profession, Relations with the, 1951-1958
  Membership Committee, 1958, (see also Series 6)
  Membership Committee, 1960-1968
  Memorial Committee, 1952-1961
Box 15 Memorial Committee, 1963-1976
  Military Law Committee, 1959-1976
  News Media, Committee on Relations with,
  Nominating Committee, 1976-1978
  Non-political Selection of Judges, Committee for the,
  Balch, Joe F., 1958
  Bannon, F. C., 1957-1958
  Beall, Wm M., 1957
  Brown, Hon. Wesley E., 1958
  Chalfant, Claude E., 1956-1958
  Colmery, Harry W., 1958
  Davis, Clayton M., 1958
  Ferguson, Wm M.
  Eidson, O. B., 1958
  Fromme, Alex M., 1957-1958
  Haynes, J. Willard, 1958
  Janicke, Harry O., 1958
  Jones, 1958
  Lang, D. B., 1958
  McNally, L. A. 1958
Box 16 Powers, George B., 1958
  Scovel, Jay W., 1958
  Shuart, John, 1958
  Thiele, Hon. Walter, 1958
  Wedell, Hugo, 1958
  Wildgen, Maurice A., 1958
  Accounts Payable, 1958
  Advertising-Tape Recordings-Newspapers 1958
  Associations-Speaker Requests and Publicity, 1958
  Chronological File, 1958
Box 17 Deposit Slips-Statements, 1960
  Deposit Slips-Statements, 1960
  Form Letters, etc., 1958
  Missouri Plan, 1957
  Newspaper Publicity
  Lists, 1958
  Misc., 1958
  Kansas City, 1958
  Topeka, 1958
  Wichita, 1958
Box 18 OEO Committee, 1969
  Pre-Practice Orientation, Committee, 1964
  Professional Associations Committee, 1961-1962
  Professional Awareness Committee, 1977
  Professional Economics Committee, 1964-1977
  Economics of the Bar Survey, 1964-1978
  Professional Ethics Committee, 1952-1954
Box 19 Professional Ethics Committee, 1955-1961
Box 20 Professional Ethics Committee, 1962-1974
  Professional Ethics Committee-Advisory, 1976-1979
  Professional Ethics Committee-Grievance, 1974-1979
Box 21 Professional Relations Committee, 1976-1979
  Program Committee, 1959-1962
  Program Committee, 1957-1977
  Prospective Legislation Committee, 1956-1977
  Public Defender Committee, 1978-1979
  Public Relations Committee, undated and 1952-1953
Box 22 Public Relations Committee, 1954-1955
  Public Relations Committee-Resolutions from local Bars 1955
  Public Relations Committee, 1956-1971
Box 23 Public Relations Committee-OPIE, 1971-1973
  Public Relations Committee-Manual, 1973
Box 24 Public Relations Committee, 1974-1978
  Realtors, Committee on Relations with, 1952-1960
  Selection, Tenure and Retirement of Judges, Committee on the, 1954-1967
Box 25 Selection, Tenure and Retirement of Judges, Committee on the, 1968-1972
  Special Tax Committee, 1956-1957
  Special Committee on Specialization, 1963-1978
Box 26 Special Committee on Specialization, 1978-1982, and n.d.
  Standards for Title Exam, Committee on, 1957-1966
Box 27 Standards for Title Exam, Committee on, 1967-1974
  Statutes Publication Committee, 1960
  Taxation Committee, 1957-1962
  Title Insurance and Relations with Abstractors Committee, 1961-1968
  Traffic Court Committee, 1958-1977
Box 28 Traffic Court Committee-Traffic Court Justice
  Traffic Safety, President's Committee, 1963
  Unauthorized Practice of Law, Committee on the, 1955-1970
Box 29 Unauthorized Practice of Law, Committee on the, 1973-1979
  Uniform Commercial Code Committee, 1961-1963
  World Peace through Law Committee, 1968-1977
Box 30 Sections:
  Aviation Section, 1976
  Bar Association Sections, 1963
  Corporation Section-Donald Bell, 1976-1977
  Labor Law Section-James G. Winn, 1976-1977
  Litigation Section, 1976-1977
  Real Estate Probate & Trust Law Section, 1971-1975
  Real Estate, 1976
Box 31 Young Lawyers Section, 1965-1975
Box 32 Young Lawyers Section, 1974-1979
Series 3 Continuing Legal Education / Practicing Law Institute files, 1957-1983
Box 33 Agricultural Law, 1960-1974
  Annual Meeting Institute, 1974-1975
  Anti-trust laws, 1980-1981
  Appellate Practice, 1975
  Arson, 1981-1982
  Art Law, 1980
  Automobile Law, 1976
  Aviation Law, 1960-1980
  Banking Law, 1978
  Bankruptcy-Individual & Corporate, 1978
  Book and audiotape lists
  Business Practices Law, 1961
  Civil Procedure, 1979
  Civil Rights, 1976
  Claims, 1981
  Class Actions, 1978-1982
  Collection of Judgments, 1980
  Commercial Law, 1980-1981
  Communications Law, 1981
  Comparative Negligence, 1978-1980
  Competence, Attorney, 1977
  Computers and the Law, 1980-1981
  Condemnation, 1979
  Condominiums, 1975-1982
  Conflict of Interest, 1976-1980
Box 34 Construction Litigation, 1977-1980
  Constitutional Law, 1977-1981
  Consumer Law, 1980-1982
  Contract Law, 1982
  Corporate Business Law, 1981-1983
  Court Trial Procedure, 1981
  Criminal Law, 1960-1982
  Damages, 1980-1982
  Debtors' and Creditors' Rights, 1980-1982
  Depositions, 1980-1981
  Direct and Cross Examinations, 1980-1981
  Disability Law, 1980-1981
  Domestic/Family Relations, 1980-1982
  Drafting Legal Documents, 1981
  Drugs, 1977-1978
  Drunk, (DWI, DUI), 1980-1982
  Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981
  EEO Contract Compliance, 1981
  Elderly, Problems of the, 1977
  Employee Benefits, 1981-1982
  Energy, 1979
  Environmental Law, 1978
  Estate Planning, 1964-1982
Box 35 Ethical, Problems, Common, 1981
  Evidence, 1975-1982
  Fair Housing and Lending, 1979-1982
  Family Law, 1983
  Federal Courts-Practice and Procedure, 1981
  Fees, Attorney, 1983
  Felony Law, 1980
  Fiduciary Law, 1979
  Financial Markets, 1982
  General Practitioner/Practical Law Institutes
  Grant Law, 1980
  Health Law, Critical Issues, 1980-1981
  Immigration Law, 1981-1982
  Industrial Revenue Bonds, 1980-1981
  Institutes Sponsored by the KBA, 1976
  Insurance Law, 1977
  Invasion of Privacy, 1979
  Judicial Conference, Annual Meeting, 1974
  Jury Trials, 1982
  Juvenile Law, 1981
  Labor Law, 1960
  Landlord and Tenant, 1977-1982
  Law Developments - other states, 1976-1978
  Law Office Management, 1974
  Legal Secretaries Institute, 1974
Box 36 Litigation, 1980-1982
  Magazine Publishing Law, 1982
  Mandatory Continuing Legal Education, 1974
  Marital Deductions, 1982
  Mechanics' Liens, 1981
  Media Relations, 1978
  Medical/Professional Liability, 1960-1981
  Mortgage and Lending, 1980
  Municipal Law, 1979
  Natural Resources, 1982
  Negotiating, 1981-1982
  Occupational Safety, 1980-1981
  Oil and Gas, 1973
  Openness in Government, 1981-1982
  Pension and Compensation Law, 1974-1982
  Personal Injury, 1979-1981
  Planning and Zoning, 1976
  Practical Law Review, 1974
  Printing Services, 1981
  Privacy, Invasion of - see Invasion of Privacy
  Probate, 1980
  Product Liability,1980-1982
  Professional Negligence, 1982
  Professional Responsibilities, 1981-1983
  Prosecuting Attorneys Seminar, 1975
  Public Relations Institute, 1958
  Real Estate, 1979-1982
  Right-to-Know, 1981
  Secured Transactions, 1982
  Securities, 1979-1982
  Sports-Professional Athletics, 1977
Box 37 Taxation, 1957-1979
  Time Management, 1981
  Torts, 1980
  Trade and Professional Associations, 1981
  Traffic Court, 1959-1975
  Traumatic Injuries of the Head..., 1981
  Trial Advocacy, 1980-1981
  Unions, Laws affecting, 1959
  User, 1982
  Wage and Hour Law Institute
  Wills, 1980
  Workers' Compensation, 1961-1982
  Wrongful Death, 1981
  Young Lawyers
  Zoning, 1981
Series 4 Executive Records
  Executive Council
Box 38 Correspondence, 1953-1960
Box 39 Correspondence, 1961-1968
Box 40 Correspondence, 1969-1972
Box 41 Correspondence, 1973-1976
Box 42 Correspondence, 1976-1984
Box 43 Minutes of Meetings, 1953-1977
  Executive Secretary
Box 44 Correspondence, 1890*
Box 45 Correspondence, 1952 May-1954 Mar
Box 46 Correspondence, 1954 May-1956 May
Box 47 Correspondence, 1956 June-1963 Oct
Box 48 Correspondence, 1963 Nov-1974 Apr
Box 49 Correspondence, 1974 May-1975 Feb
Box 50 Correspondence, 1975 Mar-1975 Aug
Box 51 Correspondence, 1975 Sep-1976 Jan
Box 52 Correspondence, 1976 Feb-1976 Apr
Box 53 Correspondence, 1976 Jun-1976 Dec
Box 54 Correspondence, 1981-1985
  Financial Papers
Box 55 Bank Statements, 1952-1956
Box 56 Financial Statements and Balance Sheets, 1953-1976
Box 57 News Releases, undated and 1969-1973
Box 58 News Releases, 1974-1984
Box 59 Officers and Past Presidents
  Past Presidents
  Balch, Joseph F.,1957, District 3
  Balch, Joseph F.,1967, President-elect
  Balch, Joseph F.,1967, President
  Bannon, F. C., 1957-1962, District 1
  Bannon, F. C., 1963-1964, Vice President
  Bannon, F. C., 1965-1966, President
  Beall, William M., 1956, President
  Beall, William M., 1958-1959, Vice President
  Becker, Richard L.,1969-1970
  Bennett, Robert F., 1962-1963, Secretary-Treasurer
  Brown, Wesley E., 1957-1961, District 7
  Brown, Wesley E., 1962, Vice President
  Brown, Wesley E., 1963-1964, President-elect
  Brown, Wesley E., 1965, Past President
  Conner, Fred, 1971-1972, District 7
  Corrick, Franklin, 1955-1964, Bar Journal Editor
  Dalton, Jack, 1976-1977, President
  Eidson, O. B., 1957-1958, President
  Ferguson, William, 1957-1960, District 6
  Ferguson, William, 1962, President-elect
  Ferguson, William, 1963-1964, President
  Fromme, Alex, 1957, District 8
  Fromme, Alex, 1959, Vice-President
  Fromme, Alex, 1960-1961, President-elect
  Fromme, Alex, 1962, President
  Guentner, Robert I., 1972, Ex-Officio
  Harper, Howard, 1968-1973, District 5
  Haynes, J. Willard, 1956-1958, Past-President
  Hunter, J Richard, 1973-1974 President
Box 60 Janicke, Harry O., 1957-1960, District 4
  Janicke, Harry O., 1960, Vice President
  Janicke, Harry O., 1961-1962, President-elect
  Janicke, Harry O., 1962, President
  Kull, Ronald L., 1965-1967, Executive Secretary
  Laing, Verne, 1968-1970, District 6
  Lang, D. B., 1957, District 9
  Lang, D. B., 1959, President-elect
  Lang, D. B., 1960, President
  Lang, D. B., 1962, Past-President
  Lewis, Philip H., 1968-1970, District 2
  Lewis, Philip H., 1971, President-elect
  Lewis, Philip H., 1971-1972, President
  Lowe, Sam W. G., 1972, District 8
  Martin, Robert, 1970-1971, President
  McNally, L. A., 1957, District 5
  McNally, L. A., 1967-1968, President-elect
  McNally, L. A., 1968-1969, President
  Powers, George, 1957-1961, Secretary-Treasurer
  Scovel, Jay W., 1957-1960, President
Box 61 Thomas, Leonard, 1970-1972, District 1
  Thomas, Leonard, 1973, President-elect
  Thomas, Leonard, 1974-1975, President
  Thompson, Marvin, 1961-1970, District 8
  Thompson, Marvin, 1972-1973, President
  Wildgen, Maurice, 1960-1969, District 4
  Wildgen, Maurice, 1969-1970, President
Series 5 Meetings-Annual and Midyear, 1909, 1930-1983
Box 62 Annual Meeting and Banquet Program, 1909*
  Annual Meeting and Banquet Program, 1930*
  1952 Annual Meeting
  1953 Annual Meeting
  1954 Annual Meeting
  1957 Annual Meeting
  1957 Midyear Meeting
  1958 Annual Meeting
  1959 Midyear Meeting
  1961 Midyear Meeting
  1962 Midyear Meeting
  1963 Midyear Meeting
  1964 Annual Meeting
  1971 Midyear Meeting
  1972 Midyear Meeting
Box 63 1973 Midyear Meeting
  1974 Midyear Meeting
  1975 Midyear Meeting
  1976 Midyear Meeting
  1982 Midyear Meeting
  1983 Annual Meeting
Series 6 Membership
Box 64 Address Changes & Announcements
  Complete Roll of the Bar Association of the State of Kansas, 1883-1901*
Box 65 Deceased Members cards (3x5 inch cards)
  Members' Information Files
Box 66 Aaron-Beck
Box 67 Becker-Brownfield
Box 68 Bruce-Cooley
Box 69 Coombs-Duncan
Box 70 Duncan-Fox
Box 71 Frahm-Griffith
Box 72 Griggs-Hite
Box 73 Hjeimfelt-Johnson
Box 74 Johnson-Landers
Box 75 Landon-McCurdy
Box 76 McCurdy-Metz
Box 77 Metzger-Noonan
Box 78 Noone-Post
Box 79 Postmer-Robinson
Box 80 Robinson-Seaton
Box 81 Sebelius-Springer
Box 82 Sprouse-Thompson
Box 83 Thompson-Wells
Box 84 Wells-Zuspann
Box 85 Membership & Dues Correspondence
Box 86 Membership & Dues Correspondence
Series 7 Other Bar Associations
Box 87 American Bar Association, 1952-1977
Box 88 Bar Associations of other states, 1952-1978
  Illinois State Bar Association, 1955-1960
  Michigan State bar Association, 1955-1960
  Oklahoma State Bar Association, 1953-1959
  Ohio State Bar Association, 1952-1959
  Wisconsin State Bar Association, 1958-1978
  County, City and Regional Bar Associations in Kansas, 1952-1979
Box 89 Allen County, 1955-1968
  Anderson County, 1961-1975
  Atchison County Bar Association, 1988
  Barber County Bar Association, 1957-1968
  Barton County Bar Association, 1952-1976
  Bourbon County Bar Association, 1958-1975
  Butler County Bar Association, 1963-1976
  Central Kansas Bar Association, 1952-1977
  Cherokee County Bar Association, 1952-1967
  Clay County Bar Association, 1952-1975
  Cloud County Bar Association, 1954-1965
  Coffey County Bar Association, 1976
  Cowley County Bar Association, 1961
  Crawford County Bar Association, 1952-1975
Box 90 Dickinson County Bar Association, 1961-1973
  Doniphan County Bar Association, 1956-1965
  Douglas County Bar Association, 1953-1975
  Ellis County Bar Association, 1953-1975
  Ellsworth County Bar Association, 1965
  Finney County Bar Association, 1959-1973
  Ford & Gray County Bar Association, 1961-1976
  Franklin County Bar Association, 1961-1974
  Geary County Bar Association, 1958-1975
  Greenwood County Bar Association, 1968-1974
  Graham County Bar Association, 1973-1975
  Harper County Bar Association, 1953-1973
  Harvey County Bar Association, 1952-1976
  Highway 96 Bar Association, 1954-1973
  Jackson County Bar Association, 1973
  Jefferson County Bar Association, 1967-1977
  Johnson County Bar Association, 1955-1977
  Kearney County Bar Association, 1964
  Kingman County Bar Association, 1952-1965
  Leavenworth County Bar Association, 1955-1977
  Labette County Bar Association, 1961-1966
Box 91 Lyon County Bar Association, 1953-1975
  Marion County Bar Association, 1965-1976
  Marshall County Bar Association, 1959-1976
  Mitchell County Bar Association, 1950-1965
  McPherson County Bar Association, 1961-1973
  Miami County Bar Association, 1959-1973
  Montgomery County Bar Association, 1952-1975
  Nemaha County Bar Association, 1960-1967
  Neosho County Bar Association, 1963-1971
  Northeast Kansas Bar Association, 1956-1977
  Northwest Kansas Bar Association, 1952-1975
  Osage County Bar Association, 1959-1965
  Osborne County Bar Association, 1956-1963
  Pawnee County Bar Association, 1953-1973]
  Pottawatomie County Bar Association, 1961-1965
  Pratt County Bar Association, 1954-1976
  Reno County Bar Association, 1952-1976
  Rice County Bar Association, 1953-1975
  Riley County Bar Association, 1957-1976
  Rooks County Bar Association, 1973
  Russell County Bar Association, 1952-1976
  Saline County Bar Association, 1952-1975
Box 92 Sedgwick County Bar Association, 1967
  Seward County Bar Association, 1964-1974
  Sheridan County Bar Association, 1970
  Sherman County Bar Association, 1967-1976
  Southeast County Bar Association, 1952-1977
  Southwest County Bar Association, 1952-1978
  Stafford County Bar Association, 1965-1976
  Topeka Bar Association
  Topeka Bar Association, 1954-1961
Box 93 Topeka Bar Association, 1962-1979
  Washburn University Bar Association
  Wichita County Bar Association, 1952-1976
Box 94 Wichita County Bar Association. The Bar-o-Meter, 1952-1954
  Wilson County Bar Association, 1959-1965
  Wyandotte County Bar Association, 1951-1976
Series 8 Subject Files
Box 95 Administrative Law, 1978-1982
  Admission to the Kansas Bar Association, 1962-1963
  Admittee's Luncheons, 1968-1985
  Agricultural Law, 1980-1981
  Allen Memorial, Harry K., (see Memorials)
  American College of Probate Council, 1988
  American Judicature Society, 1961
  Amicus Curiae briefs, 1960-1976
  Annual Institutes, 1979-1981
  Annual Legal Check-up, 1963-1964
  Automobile Reparations Act, Kansas, n.d.
  Bar Briefs, 1953
  Bar Briefs, 1954
  Basic Court Procedure, 1956-1958
  Beall, William, 1959, (see Memorials)
  Bench-Bar - Guidelines for Evaluations of Judicature Performance
Box 96 Brief Printing Service of the KBA
  Bridging the Gap program - KU April 10 and 11, 1964
  Cameras in the Court Room, 1984
  Canon 35, 1961
  Chamber of Commerce, (see Kansas State Chamber of Commerce )
  Citizenship, 1957
  Civil Code, S. B. 140, 1963
  Civil Code Meetings-Wichita (1963 May 23, 24, and 25)
  Civil Code Meetings-Wichita (1963 May 23, 24, and 25)
  Civil Code Meetings-Lawrence (1963 Oct 24-26)
  Civil Code Meetings-Dodge City (1963 Dec 6-7)
  Civil Rights, Kansas Conference on
  Clients' Security Funds, 1973-1985
Box 97 Clipping file, 1972-1984
  Communism, Education Against, 1964
  Connally Reservation, 1960
  Copyright Law, (see Patent/Trademark/Copyright Law, 1980)
  Court Congestion, 1957-1961
  Court Room Dignity and Decorum, 1951-1959
  Criminal Justice Section, 1975-1976
  Discipline and Reinstatement of Attorneys, 1969
  District Clerk's Handbook (Richard Shannon's Project) 1969
  Economics, 1961-1963
  Economics of the Bar Survey, 1964-1978
Box 98 Economics of the Bar Survey, 1978
  Education Law, 1971, (see also Legal Education)
  Education Law, 1976-1978
  Educational Television, 1962-1964
  Eminent Domain, 1964
  Estate Lawyers, A Summary View of the Future of, n.d.
  Fair Trial - Free Press, 1978-1979
  Fourth Federal District Judgeship, 1967
  Fourth Judicial Bar Association, 1973
  G.I. Bill of Rights, 1959
  H. R. Stine & Sons Ltd., Newton, KS, 1954-1958
  Hatcher's Kansas Digest, 1975
  Historical File, 1976-1985
  House of Delegates System, 1963-1964
  Hutchinson Estate, 1952-1960
  Huxman Memorial, (see Memorials)
  Illegal Practice of the Law, 1954
  Improvement of Laws and Procedures, 1955-1961
Box 99 Insurance, 1961
  Insurance, 1964-1978
  Insurance - Accident & Health
  Insurance - Accidental Death
  Insurance - Blue Cross-Blue Shield, 1957-1963
  Insurance - Business Expense Insurance,
  Insurance - Disability Insurance, 1964-1965
  Insurance - Kansas Bar Life Insurance, 1958-1963
  Insurance - Life Insurance, 1955-1956
  Insurance - Life Insurance, 1956-1959
  Insurance - Major Medical Protection, 1975-1962
Box 100 Insurance - Mutual of Omaha, 1961-1962
  Insurance - Special Insurance, 1956
  Insurance -- Title Insurance, 1955-1961
  Insured Titles, Inc., 1961-1962, Kansas, (see Kansas Insured Titles, Inc.)
  Integration of the Bar, 1955-1964
  Jenkins-Keogh Bill, 1960-1961, (see also Keough-based retirement plan)
  Job Applications, 1961-1963
  Judicature Performance, Bench-Bar - Guidelines for Evaluations of
  [see Bench-Bar - Guidelines for Evaluations of Judicature Performance]
Box 101 Judicial Redistricting, 1958
  Junior Bar, 1963
  KBA Reporter, 1973-1976
  K Bar Research Incorporated
  Kansas Association of Plaintiff's Attorneys, 1952-1954
  Kansas Insured Titles, Inc., 1961-1962
  Kansas Law Center, 1975 -Thesis Design Study
  Kansas Law Center, 1976
  Kansas Legal Directory, 1959
  Kansas Press Service, 1952-1956
  Kansas State Chamber of Commerce, 1958-1963
Box 102 Kansas (State of)
  Aging, Conference on, 1961
  Constitutional Amendments: 1, 2, 3, 1960
  Corporation Commission, 1960
  Legislative Council, 1954
  Legislative Services, 1973-1974
  Legislature, 1962. Redistricting
  Legislature, 1974-1975
  Supreme Court. Building, 1974
  Kansas Supreme Court Reporting Service, 1959-1975
  Keough-based Retirement Plan, 1967-1969, (see also Jenkins-Keough Bill)
Box 103 Ladies' Bar Activities, 1954
  Law Firms, 1982-1984
  Law Office Management, 1981
  Lawyer Liability, 1960-1963
  Lawyer Referral-General File, 1977-1981
  Lawyer Referral-Publicity, 1967-1977
  Lawyer Referral Services, 1955-1964
Box 104 Lawyer Referral Services, 1978-1979
  Lawyers' Indemnity Funds, 1959
  Lawyers' Social Security, 1956-1958
  A Lawyer's Trust by Herbert Hawley
  Leavenworth Law Firm Bicentennial Memorial Marker, 1975-1976
  Legal Assistants, 1978
  Legal Education & Admissions, 1957
  [see also Post Graduate Legal Education & Specialization, 1976-1978]
  Legal Education & Admissions, 1964-1977
  Legal Secretary Cassette Tapes, 1971-1975
  Legislature Judicial Article, 1966
  Letters of Transmittal, 1956-1957
  Martindale-Hubbell, Inc., 1951-1956
Box 105 Media, 1975, 1978
  Media-Bar Media Awards, 1982
  Mellott, Arthur J., (see Memorials)
  Memorial-Allen, Harry K.
  Memorial-Beall, William, 1959
  Memorial-Huxman, Walter A., 1973-74
  Memorial-Mellott, Arthur J., 1958
  Mineral Law, 1980
  Mental Health, n.d.
  Mental Health, 1964-1981
  Minimum Fee Schedules, 1948-1961
Box 106 Minimum Fee Schedules, 1962-1979
  Muni-Corps, 1960-1964
  National Association of Bar Association Presidents, 1952
  National Conference of Lawyers and Realtors, 1964
  Nebraska Legislative Council, 1975
  News Media-Bar Awards, 1963-1964
  Non-Partisan District Judges, 1963
  Opening Inquiries, 1958
  Operational Survey, n.d.
  Operational Survey, 1977-1982
Box 107 Operational Survey, 1978, 1980
  Originals for Copy Material, 1958
  Paper Chase, 1981
  Partnerships, 1982
  Patent/Trademark/Copyright Law, 1980
  Patients' Rights Handbook,
  Pattern Jury Instruction Book, 1965
  Phillips Banquet, 1955
  Plaintiff's Attorneys, Kansas Association of (see Kansas Association of Plaintiff’s Attorneys)
  Point of Law radio program, 1975-1977
  Post Graduate Legal Education & Specialization, 1976-1978
  Practicing Law Institute, 1959
  Pre-Paid Legal Services, 1971
Box 108 Pre-Paid Legal Services, 1972-1975
  Presidential Liability and Succession, 1965
  Public Relations Society of Topeka, 1959
  Railway Legal Aid, 1958
  Real Estate Poll, 1967
  Reardon Report, 1968
  Referral Services, Lawyer, (see Lawyer Referral Services)
Box 109 Refund File, 1968
  Relative Value Study, 1963-1967
  Reserve Officers Association of the U.S., 1961
  Revenue Act-Emporia, 1964
  Rotary International, 1953-1962
  Russell Seminar, 1963
  Selected United States Government Publications, 1956-1963
  Smith (Justice Smith) Encomium, 1961
  Social Security, 1955
  Special Agent Inquiries, 1956-Special Agent Inquiries, 1958-1959
Box 110 Special Legislative Bulletins, 1974-1975
  Stamenov, Yves P., 1977
  Statute Book Revision, 1962-1963
  State of Judiciary Message, 1972
  Tax on Professional Services Proposal, 1969
  Third Federal Judge, 1962
  Topeka Chamber of Commerce, 1952-1962
  Topeka Public Relations Society, 1966
  Trademark Law , (see Patent/Trademark/Copyright Law, 1980)
  Traffic Code, Model, 1957
  Traffic Court and Traffic Conference, 1954-1965
Box 111 Transitional Legal Education, 1971-1972
  Treaty Law, 1953 and 1964
  True Legal Dramas Correspondence, 1952-1953
  Uniform Commercial Code, 1965-1966
  United Funds, 1963
  United States Chamber of Commerce, 1959
  United States [federal government]
  Civil Service Commission, 1963
  Congress, 1960
  Senate Bill 1165 (Armed Services Pay Schedules), 1957
  Magistrate Appointment, 1969
  Supreme Court, 1957-1960
  Supreme Court-Admission Tour
  Water use, 1975-1980
  Welfare and Reform Plans Disclosure Act, 1964
  Women's Bar Association, 1954
  Women's Court of Radio, 1953
  Workman's Compensation, 1961

Series 9 Vacations  
Box 112 1961 Post Convention Tour
  1968 Passport to Adventure
  1969 Soviet Union Trip of President McNally
  1969 Hawaiian Trip - Correspondence
  1969 Hawaiian Trip - Payment method
  1969 Majorcan Carnival
  1969 Majorcan Carnival
  1969 Mexico Trip
  1969 Mexico Trip
  1970 African Trip
  1970 African Adventure
  1971 Caribbean Cruise
  1971 London Trip
  1971 London Trip
  1972 Post Mid Year Meeting Trip- Las Vegas
  1972 Orient Adventures
  1973 Mediterranean Trip
  1975 Canary Island Trip
  1975 Canary Island Trip
  1975 Mediterranean Cruise
  1975 Spain, Morocco, Italy, Tunisia, Yugoslavia
  1979 Cuban Trip
  1980 Caribbean Cruise
  1981 Orient - Regency
  1981 Regency Travel Agency


Richmond, Robert. Requisite Learning and Good Moral Character: A History of the Kansas Bench and Bar. Topeka, Kansas: Kansas Bar Association, 1982. pp 1-25.

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