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Kansas Heritage - Autumn 1997

(Volume 5, Number 3)

Kansas Heritage, Autumn 1997

Knowing No Fear: Buffalo Soldiers of the American West

They were named for the buffalo, who "fought ferociously, displaying uncommon stamina and courage." Although the hoofbeats of the cavalry no longer resound, the legacy of these black troopers rides on.

Chautauqua: The Most American Thing in America

"Ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment, amusement, and cultural gratification, welcome to the world of Chautauqua!" Here's your ticket to a display of delightful divertissements. Let the show begin!

The Heritage Sampler: "Jumping Off To Colby"

A landscape of expansive frontiers and unadorned beauty.

Voices From the Heartland: "Grandmother's Punch"

Young Readers: "The Buffalo Soldiers: Courage Under Fire"

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History in the Making: "Sylvia Dewey Muse: With Greetings From the Past"

The Times of Our Lives

About Faces: "James Langston Hughes: Life Was Hard But 'Not Without Laughter'"

Presenting the Past: Calendar of Events

Lasting Impressions

Cruisin' on Saturday evening. Posing on a 1942 Pontiac, a group of young folks is likely headed into Beloit for a Coke or maybe a Saturday night show. In 1947, when the photo was taken in Marshall County, a fella could treat his date for a couple of bucks. In Beloit favorite postwar pastimes included ice cream at Earle's or a burger at Dutch's Cafe, dances sponsored by the VFW or American Legion, cheering the home team in the amateur baseball league, and of course a Sunday matinee at the Mainstreet and Beloit theaters.