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Kansas Heritage - Autumn 1999

(Volume 7, Number 3)

Kansas Heritage, Autumn 1999

Fido on the Frontier: Early Dog Days in Kansas

They have hunted and herded, given their labors, guarded our homes. Like the early explorers and pioneers, our canine friends also are a part of our past. Join us as we "go to the dogs" in our story about these lovable range rovers.

Fill 'er up! A Photo Essay

Top off the tank, wash the windshield, check the oil-it was all part of the pump and circumstance at the corner gas station of yesterday. So pull on in and fill 'er up with memories. We guarantee the service is friendly and the smile is free.

Field of Forgotten Dreams: The Ill-Fated Vegetarian Colony in Kansas

With hopes, dreams, and visions of plenty, they set out to discover a new life. But what they found turned hope to despair, dreams to dust, life to death. What went wrong in Utopia? Who survived? Was anyone to blame?

Lasting Impressions