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Kansas Heritage - Autumn 2000

(Volume 8, Number 3)

Kansas Heritage, Autumn 2000

The Wizard of Oz: Why Kansas?

In 1900 L. Frank Baum published a story of a fantastic world filled with "strange and glamorous people" who captured the hearts of American children. But how much of this story was fantasy, and how much told a tale of Kansas politics?

The Fruits of Our Labor: A Photo Essay

Fruits of all sorts were once common crops on family farms. Whether preserved for a sweet taste or sold for a sweet price, they were home grown and hand-picked, and the whole family helped bring in the harvest.

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Formation of local governments during the 1880s was not a peaceful matter. Winning the battle to be named county seat usually brought glory, commerce, and prosperity. Competing towns were literally in for the fight of their lives.


Heritage Explorer

Looks at CUSTOMS across the state.

History in the Making

Talks with Sista'h Queen Anyatika Quachapele, who does historic reenactments of slave women.

About Faces

Vintage Vignettes

Presenting the Past

Lasting Impressions