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Kansas Heritage - Spring 1997

(Volume 5, Number 1)

Kansas Heritage, Spring 1997

Earth, Wind, and Fire: Kansas Archeology

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As early as 10,000 B.C. the area that would become Kansas had its earliest human habitation. Archeologists have discovered artifacts and other clues for us to learn about ancient cultures of our region.

Let There Be Light! The Carnegie Libraries in Kansas

By Allen Gardiner

Some of the most beautiful structures to grace our state are the Carnegie libraries. But what ws the controversy surrounding those centers of learning so generously provided to the people of Kansas?

The Heritage Sampler: "Jumping Off To Medicine Lodge"

By Mil Penner

A paradise of brilliant red mesas and buttes.

Voices From the Heartland: "Oops-y Daisy"

By Edith Fleming Lessenden

Young Readers: "Archeology in Kansas: What's Neat Beneath Our Feet"

By Diane Good

History in the Making: "Charlie Phillips: A Rhapsody in Blues"

The Times of Our Lives

About Faces: "Little Raven: Spokesman for peace, defender of justice"

Presenting the Past: Calendar of Events