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Kansas Heritage - Spring 1999

(Volume 7, Number 1)

Kansas Heritage, Spring 1999

The Sound and the Fury: The Glory Days of Motorcycle Racing in Kansas

Amid the dust and cheering crowds, they came, lusting for speed, flirting with danger, and racing full throttle on the dirt tracks of Kansas. It was 1900--a new craze was about to strike with a sound and a fury.

Hooked on Hoops: a photo essay

No tackling, no dribbling, no slam dunks! Basketball was a different game in a different time. So join us for our own brand of March Madness. Your tickets are waiting--front-row seats, and the popcorn's on us.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Children of the Orphan Trains

Only three years old: no home, no folks, and heading out on a westbound train. Would she ride to a better life? Would he find a better world? Journey with the thousands of orphans searching for their places in the heart.

Lasting Impressions