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Kansas Heritage - Spring 2001

(Volume 9, Number 1)

Kansas Heritage, Spring 2001

Strangers in the Night

The lights appear shortly after midnight, flashing above the horizon in the western sky. A saucer-shaped craft soars toward us. Who are these night visitors? Where did they come from? Are they here to tell us that in our vast universe, we are not alone?

Some Did Not Like it Hot

Censorship, literally, was at the fingertips of the Kansas Board of Review, which could slice and splice our favorite movies---anything from Mickey Mouse to Marilyn Monroe.

Heritage Explorer

See them with new eyes as we go in search of colorful Kansans.

History in the Making

"Never Sell Yer Saddle" is the creed of cowboy Jim Gray.

the Wonderful Old. . .

With arches and trusses, bridges stand as a testament of time.

Past Snaps

"A Fare to Remember"

Vintage Vignettes

Short stories of yesteryear

About Faces

Charlie "Bird" Parker

Presenting the Past

Upcoming historical events.

Lasting Impressions