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Kansas Heritage - Summer 1999

(Volume 2, Number 2)

Kansas Heritage, Summer 1999

All Creatures Great and Small

By Gregory Liggett

Giants of the earth, dragons of the deep, titans of the air-they are all part of the amazing habitat of the West eighty million years ago. Come explore the fossil-rich badlands of Kansas in this curious creature feature.

Give Me My Boots and Saddle: A Photo Essay

The cowboy: he was the symbol of the West, the hero of legends. But behind the romance was the reality; behind the glamour was the grind. Saddle up with a few of our Kansas cowpokes for a hard day's night on the range.

All the livelong Day: The Railroad Comes to Kansas!

Smoke billows, bells rings, and the earth trembles beneath the power and glory of the "iron horse." The railroad has arrived! With it comes new life to the new frontier and promise for the promised land.

Lasting Impressions