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Kansas Heritage - Winter 1999

(Volume 7, Number 4)

Kansas Heritage, Winter 1999

We're just wheat people

Under its spacious skies, Kansas proudly displays its amber waves of grain: wheat, for which our state is famous. Join us for a tour of farms and fields as we celebrate this crop and meet some "wheat people" of Kansas.

Good ol' golden rule days: A Photo Essay

McGuffey Readers and wood stoves, recess and recitations-all memories of early school days on the frontier. Take a seat at the head of the class and enjoy today's lesson of long ago.

Toying with the past: Playthings on the Kansas Frontier

Tricycles, bicycles, tops, and trains-child's play, you say? Indeed it is! So come play with us and dig through our toybox of old-time treasures.

Lasting Impressions