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Kansas Heritage - Winter 2000

(Volume 8, Number 4)

Kansas Heritage, Winter 2000

Suckers for Sweets

In the old days a few pennies bought you chocolates or peppermints, lemon drops or carmel corn. Give in to your sweet tooth as we visit the candy stores and candymakers of long ago.

Be It Ever So Humble: A Photo Essay

There's no place like. . .a soddie, a dugout, a log cabin, or a tipi, which, however primitive, offered all the comforts of home sweet home.


Presenting: dragoons, Native Americans, buffalo soldiers, and the drama of military life. You'll find them all on the covers of the new Kansas forts books, featuring original full-color art from the brush of Kansan Jerry Thomas.

History in the Making

Talks with Daryl Nickel of Nickelodeon Restorations.

About Faces

Features Lizzie Wooster.

Vintage Vignettes

Presenting the Past

Lasting Impressions