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Kansas Heritage - Winter 2001

(Volume 9, Number 4)

Kansas Heritage, Winter 2001

Gifts of a Nation

It was 1947, but for some the war had not ended--hunger was taking a tremendous toll in Europe. But from America's heartland came the Friendship Train, loaded with goods and goodwill.

Greetings to the Good Folk of Kansas

During this holiday season, share with us a sampling of cards and greetings sent to Kansans families about a century ago.

The Heritage Explorer

Going in search of the "big" stuff history is made of.

The Wonderful Old . . .

Chicken, Chief, and Chevrolet--all signs of good times.

Past Snaps

"True Colors"

Vintage Vignettes

Short stories of yesteryear

About Faces

"Old Wash"

Presenting the Past

Upcoming historical events

Lasting Impressions

Kiss the Boys Goodbye