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Kansas State Capitol - Online tour - House of Representatives Hall

House of Representatives HallThird Level

House of Representatives Hall is home to 125 legislators who are elected every two years. Built as part of the west wing, it was completed in the early 1880s. This was the second of the Capitol’s four wings to be completed.




House of Representatives Hall murals and prominent namesIn 1999 this chamber was partially renovated to its original appearance. During the restoration process, the ceiling murals and the names above the windows were discovered. The names are those of 10 men prominent in the abolitionist or free-state movement in Kansas Territory. See biographies of these 10 men. The rest of the chamber was completed in 2008 with new electronic voting boards, desks, and chandeliers.



House of Representatives Hall muralsThe four allegorical murals were painted in 1882 by E. S. Miragoli and Company of St. Louis. 








House of Representatives Hall marbleWhile an abundance of marble was used throughout the building, the pink columns are actually plaster made to look like marble. The process is known as “scagliola.” This is the only false marble found in the Capitol. The gold on the ceiling and on top of the columns is 22-karat gold leaf.